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  • Good news for all the lottery syndicate players - - - Yet again this week and last week... scooping winnings two weeks in a row now.... Good news for all the lottery syndicate players - - - Yet again this week and last week... scooping winnings two weeks in a row now.... Good news for all the lottery syndicate players - - - Yet again this week and last week... scooping winnings two weeks in a row now.... Good news for all the lottery syndicate players - - - Yet again this week and last week... scooping winnings two weeks in a row now....

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  1. Yesterday
  2. biometrics are done mate.now we wait and her status remains as before until a decision is made.can work,healthcare and access public funds although that will never happen.its normality and a waiting game.happy Christmas mate.
  3. Last week
  4. I don't know ,it should be another 3 year term,but it could be ten.we are in their hands.as we are applying outside of the rules.we had discretionary leave to remain and are looking to extend that on a a basis of a right to a family life.this includes my rights too.ive always been treated fairly by the home office,but who knows we both pay tax and ni so anything could happen.makes me sick to the core in all honesty.the application is in and hasn't been returned as incorrect.that they have acknowledged.timescales.????.last time it took 6 weeks.pretty hopeful of a get away fairly soon.im on dangerous ground but people have rights too.hopefully that is respected.
  5. Christmas Dinner Options 2017

    Another expensive option, this time at the Holiday Inn: Santa Penevil
  6. Matt, I've read that you guy are waiting for the biometrics but I'm unsure what your wife's status will be after this. Is this her getting a British passport and an end of your problems or do you have more hoops to jump through after this?
  7. The EU is a club where the labour can go and work in any membership country. So UK citizens can go work in Germany, France or Poland and citizens from these countries can go work in the UK. Under the same conditions as the locals (supposedly). Once Brexit is fully implemented this will probably not be the case anymore (depending on what agreements are made between the UK and EU). That is the reason a Polish carpenter can come and enter the UK system and a Thai or Philippine cannot - they are not in "the club". You can write your MP and see if he/she will campaign to make a similar club with Thailand but I doubt you will have much success. Somewhat related - I wish Denmark would also leave the EU and get free trade agreements instead and I am sure this is a wish shared with many in the EU. Most common people have a hard time remembering when we voted to accept open borders to Eastern European builders and service workers. This has already given Germany the "gift" of working poor people and only the richest 10% benefits from it.
  8. I will say what I think now.we are about to pay the corrupt eu 39 billion.their people come here and pay nothing. I knew dave had paid it and now know phils has.its disgusting.why don't the eu lot pay it.this is racial towards UK people.
  9. I totally agree,its just one big payout every few years.people don't realise that obtaining a visa is an indication of a lot of payouts ahead.
  10. Yes i can understand it for the first visa but if someone has been paying into the system for nearly all of the first visa and is going to continue for the second visa why should they have to pay the 500 pounds for the second half...
  11. luckily I didn't pay that.i do understand what you are saying though.but we had no healthcare during our fiancé visa and the initial 2 years.
  12. many people think obtaining a visa in Thailand is easy.its not.try the UK at croyden.i will continue this thread for the time being,as I think its worthwhile.
  13. back on topic.we are basically waiting.biometrics done and the forms .the good thing is it wasn't returned to me.ive heard of people waiting 6 months to have their biometrics done,it took 9 days.discretionary leave and human rights are a whole different ballgame.
  14. glad this thread is still running,im also glad to have shown restraint,otherwise= a ban,thats not me.
  15. Switzerland and Germany in my experience are the two counties Thai's I have met seem to want to either visit or reside in. Thailand has some historical connections to each country particularly through the royal institution. Many Thais including the younger generation are infatuated with K-Pop, Korean and Japense culture.
  16. I laughed when I read America in the same sentence in world leader. Some craic that guy. 😂😂😂
  17. im always around on sundays mate.any other day for that matter except when im working.enjoy your sunday and leave the thread be.thanks
  18. Tesco has a 4 pack of special brew for a fiver I'm sure you'll be back online later.
  19. move on.sorry fella im not biting today
  20. if you carefully read the thread,you will see she has been to college.i also assure you I take my responsibilities for my family seriously.i have made no mistakes only improvement to mine and my families lives.
  21. Uprooting a woman and taking her to a foreign country is a big responsibility. She is leaving her family and in many cases children behind to live with someone she might not even know well. Different language, different food, different culture are all a shock The spouse has a responsibility to take care of her and this includes the immigration requirements. Matthew failed in this area but won't admit it and wants to come on here and give advice. Man up on your mistakes and move on
  22. You should have put her in school or helped her prepare better. In my opinion it's 100% your fault. Others didn't have the problem take some responsibility for your mistakes.
  23. really.????.my wife took the test not me,thats doesn't stop my knowledge of the system as I have gone down avanues many haven't heard of.so my knowledge has in actual fact increased.thanks for your input.
  24. Failing 10 times then Matty coming on here wanting to give out advice is irresponsible to say the least. As far as a living in Thailand test it's almost impossible for a foreigner to get Thai citizenship or PR they don't give it out to every filth and scum like the UK does.Not a good example.
  25. The UK has a duty of care to ensure the people coming are genuine , there are unscrupulous men who marry girls from overseas then send them grafting shall we say , so the ponce lives of her earnings which is illegal in UK. Clearly Matty's marriage is genuine the number or years and other documents whois they are partners, the test is clearly designed to capture the ponces and women who are abused by these scum...
  26. It does indeed. I dont disagree with having some form of test, but the questions should be more relevant to today and actually Living in the UK. many of the historical questions have NO relevance to the UK today unless studying history. IMO there are dozens of questions which are irrelevant. What IS relevant, is about living and working in the UK. Our transport system, our system of democracy, our system of government, our system of law, our culture etc etc etc. Let us just imagine for a minute, one of us having to do a Living in Thailand test, all in written Thai, including questions about Thai history going back a number of centuries. I wonder how many would pass ?
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    • Needed to do a visa run, so used the opportunity to visit Yangon together with Mrs. CampariO and her sister in law.
      Applied for an E-visa which arrived 1 day after, the ladies can get a visa exempt at the immigration in Yangon. Booked Air Asia for 2200 Bt/person, drove by car to Don Muang.

      Day 1: Flight from BKK to Yangon, Visit Shwedagon Pagoda and park

      The terminal 2 is now open

      Between terminal 1 and 2 is a large food court with a good choice of eateries.

      Checked in online, there is a remark on top of the boarding pass to do the document check (checking the e-visa) which is done in BKK at the gate while in Yangon at the baggage drop.

      Since when do they have the flight info in Chinese?

      • 74 replies
    • We have a small (54 rai) farm adjacent to Erawan shrine at the border of NBLP and Loei provinces. It is mostly orchards, e.g., Tamarinds, Kefir, Rubber, and Maoberry but last year we started dairy farming with an initial small seed herd of 25 Heifers with a business plan to build it up to 100 milkers within 5 years.

      One year into the BP we are at 30 milkers with another 8 coming of age in a few months and a total including calves of 45 with new ones arriving every month ... including the baby bull in brown and white in one of the pictures below. Any way, a few shots from this morning after some early hours helping momma deliver the new guy. Momma has some "splaining" to do ... she's one of the black & whites being chased in another photo and the little guy is brown and white like a longhorn ... maybe momma is getting some strange on the side.

      My mate Ziva ... a 5-month old Labrador.

      Some of the bovines including new mom and brown-colored stranger
      • 1,499 replies
    • I'm sat on my balcony tpying away watch my girl wrap her head in cling film..... god knows why....
      • 9,340 replies