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    2018 marks the centenary of the forming of the RAF, and the museum at Hendon are doing some major works to help celebrate this milestone, and because of that, about half of the whole museum is not open to the public due to works going on, but still more than enough to keep you occupied.
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    Ahhh....... of course it will be about "him,him,him,"...... the report is about the trip he is doing...... if you don't like his report...don't read it. As for him saying he got drunk... got a good shag...etc..etc....... at least that is a refreshing change from your continual whining about all things thai...... how bad the place is..... etc..etc.... as you continually post on Thai related boards sitting in your remote Indonesian jungle. How about we at least try and keep the trip report area flame free for the ones who take the time to post them. cheers
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    Yes you can, you can buy baht........lol
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    Hay guys its about the baht and not each other.. Please can we keep on the topic
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    used to live in bangkok back in the day, lapsed member here
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    Day off work and nice weather meant i could get a day out and walk down by the river from Hammersmith all the way to Westminster Its further than you realise at 17km!!!!
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    Posting rights was given to none members in the open section of the forum to encourage them the sign up. The only way a guest can post is to login using social media accounts and then they could only post into the open section until today. As from today that has been removed and now only signed up members can now post onto any part of the forum.
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    I’ve finally got all my days off given back to me at last.(been working 65 hour weeks and 1 day off). About time they started to honour their contract!! So, I’m having a weekend in Amsterdam before going back to London in Tuesday abs then flying back to Munich next weekend. Amsterdam busy as fcuk right now, can’t move for tourists!
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    Them bstards wouldn’t let me marry my soul mate that I met in a bar, she was 23 and I was 81 but we loved each other and they wanted to destroy our future happiness with this ridiculous rule
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    Together 16 years for us too and 15 years of wedded bliss this coming Saturday.
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    Buckshit at his best.... Matty dont even answer to this scumbag...
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    The wife had the Driving theory test app on her phone and studied and studied and then passed 1st time, I was very proud of her.
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    only about half of them .
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    You lot got about as much chance at winning the WC as we do 😉
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    So one of the main problems is we are on a business server package which we was told would work fine for us and we wouldn't have any issues. This was assured by viewing our past usage on the server by the hosting company. We are on our limits of bandwidth and functions we need to control within WHM So this means the forum will not get any faster or work any better unless i migrate the forum to a VPS... This can be done but its a weeks work with moving Cpanel and its contents.. the uploads i would need to download them month by month then upload them to the new server after the move has happens.. I will take the forum down at some point and migrate Cpanel and its contents over night and this way we get to keep are IP Address so they'll be no problems with browsers or finding the forum. This will happen over the next month or so...
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    Is that our Matty trying to quietly sneak through the curtains in the first picture ??? ...anything for a nice cold cider
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    the days of this forum being about mongering are long gone . this forum these days is a general forum were people can just about talk about anything they want .
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    I understand a lot about the subject matter and that subject matter is Isaan and Thailand, I couldn't care less about your personal circumstances although, no doubt, it still bothers you. What you need to understand is that your constant cheap shots about Isaan, it's women and culture is going to continue to receive critique from me. If you expect us to just sit here and stay silent while you denigrate a great people, many of us whose lives are intertwined with, because of your own personal history issues then you are wrong. You live in Indonesia with your choice of partner so good for you, I offer you my respect, but you are here on a Thailand based forum so you need to understand that every time you generalise your personal issue in black and white as if it applies to all of us there is likely to be a response. You are right I don't understand your personal situation and nor do I want to but you also know nothing about all of us who live in Thailand and have relationships with girls not just from Isaan but all over Thailand so, my friend, I believe it is you who needs to drop the subject. Just move on and offer something positive to this forum instead of your constant digs about everything Thai. As we say in the UK, don't tar everybody with the same brush.
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    Which means you have wasted all your time money and years because you're stubborn. I remember having a conversation with you on Shhh years ago about it. Sit down with her learn the book and do the multiple choice questions till they stick in both your minds.. Thai girls I know here have done it in a month of solid studying even if it takes you six studying every night surely it's worth it than wondering WTF is going to happen after 10. You could have had a British passport by now. Good Luck.
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    Sorry but you may have joined the wrong forum. Those of us married to girls from Isaan have been totally rinsed and don't have a pot to piss in. All our finances are spent on the next case of Leo.
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    Unfortunately I had an insomniac next to me who insisted having his reading light on for most of the first eight hours of the flight. At which point I'd given up trying to sleep. So when he finally put it off I put mine on opened the windows and gave him a kick to wake up every time I went for a walk to get another whisky. I'd also been kind and allowed him use of the arm rest but from then on it was mine.
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    Hello Thanks for having me on the board. Decided to join a forum again.. haven't been on one for a while usually in Pattaya 4 or 5 times a year.. maybe a little less these days. First visited in 1964. But visited regularly since 1990.... still enjoy it.. but i must say its not what it used to be..thinking of Cambodia next trip at least for some of the time.