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  1. What are you watching on TV

    Just got caught up with McMafia, it had only started as I was leaving for my last trip. Had read the book a few years ago, which was excellent, so know the series would be decent, factual, of the state of organised crime in the world today. Last episode tomorrow night. Think the UK Government are starting to look at all the Russian gangsters laundering their money over here. Then started Gomorrah series 3 earlier, gonna watch a bit more tonight as not much on. Good few things on my planner to watch, House of Saud, about the new Crown Prince, is he serious about reform, corruption, and if so, will be allowed to do it? Britannia, haven't started that yet, downloaded, ready to go, love historical stuff, and Jamestown series 2.
  2. Kenny

    Scotland havn't produced a real quality player since the days of Dalglish, Hanson, Souness. Barry Ferguson was decent, but not in the same league as any of the above.
  3. Istanbul.......... Part 2

    Great pics, always somewhere where I have wanted to go, as I think I was destined for a harem of concubines. Then see Midnight Express, and scared the life outta me. Funny enough, my missus loves Turkish food. And I'm not talking about the odd doner. Where we live in NE London, huge Turkish community, split for choice with decent Turkish restaurants.
  4. Football podcasts

    I give the Heart and Hand podcast a listen when something of interest is going on.
  5. A Pattaya Live thread, if ever there was one ...
  6. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    No chance a tramadol would stop an addict from rattling for days on end, especially a slow release. They have to take their methadone daily, which is tailor made for the job. It gets used much like DF118's were before, helps take the edge off, but no way would it hold someone who has a full blown habit. In London they go for about 50p, same as morphine tablets. Possibly more dependent on the strength. They maybe buy/take them for the buzz where you are from if they haven't got a habit, or as a last resort if they do and no gear.
  7. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    I've seen the 2nd one, if it includes the vigilantes. Tramadol, like various others are opiates. The US currently has a serious opiate problem, mostly from big pharma who manufacture such drugs advertising and aggressively pushing them. Now it's been recognised, cut back a bit, lots of opiate addicted people who can't get them are buying street heroin. We had 3 US medical students give a presentation on it now so long ago.
  8. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    Not sure where you're getting £8 a capsule for tramadol. 80p if you're lucky. Street methadone or subutex don't even cost that. For £8 you could get a bag of smack, the real thing. Why buy a substitute if you can get the real thing. Maybe she did know, maybe she didn't, no one on here certainly knows for sure. Anyways, she'll not be doing it again.
  9. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    More than 10 years mate, that was just in Thailand. About the same as myself, 15 years of not more clean and sober. Aye, bang! Space of 2/3 months, your life f**ked. But there's lapses and relapses. After the initial night/weekend/ few days session, once he woke up, came round, he was at a crossroads. Sadly he chose to continue. I'd have been straight to the first NA or AA meet I could get to, plenty in Pattaya, plenty I'm Thailand. Spoke at it, explained what happened, how I was extremely vulnerable and fragile. Undoubtedly he would have had plenty offers of non judgmental help. But all that's easy for me to say, it wasn't me who's addiction took over again, and I can only hope I am never in that situation and stop kinda judging him, what he should of shouldn't have done. Poor cunt is a genuine nice guy, scary and sad in equal measure.
  10. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    Aye, you respect the Laws of wherever you are, then generally you have no problems. It's naive and silly to do otherwise, and therein lies the problem for some. If her story makes more people aware, then all the better. I just pity her, I don't see her as a drug dealer in any sense of deserving of the sentence and conditions she now finds herself in. f**k getting involved with drugs in Thailand either. A guy I knew from recovery NA meetings in London was doing well for himself, got qualified as a counselor, landed a job at a flash rehab in Thailand. Anyway, had been living in Thailand for about 10 years, doing PT work as well, living mostly on Samui. Relapsed a few months ago, ended up in Pattaya, now in remand in Pattaya Jail for selling ice, probably end up getting life. Scary as f**k. Genuinely good guy, helped lots of people voluntarily, but his addiction took over again, and in a very short space of time his life is f**ked. Trying to get it organised to go see him next month. Shouldn't tempt fate and say this, but that is never, ever going to happen to me.
  11. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    Naive and silly to the risk, what she was doing. She wouldn't have received the pills in the original boxs, that would have had a sticker on them with someone else's name. So she had to put them in something, who's to say they were hidden just because she put them in another box the same size? Anyway, no one on here will know for sure, and I still think it's harsh. But as you say, being gullible and stupid is no defense in Law. It might explain her actions, but unfortunately for her, doesn't excuse them.
  12. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    Naive and silly, but I think she genuinely thought she would be helping her boyfriend's pain. Whether that would have been the case, if he even had any back pain, is another issue. Think it's very harsh on her. But she's the not the first, not will she be the last ...
  13. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    My issue would be more taking them out, if bringing home a few sleeper type tablets for return flight etc.
  14. Guest Members Posting

    Certainly unique!
  15. I’m new here

    Hi Paul, What makes you think all relationships in Thailand end up with the guy losing his shirt? It's possible to meet a girl anywhere and make it work. Why don't you ask her what she likes to do, where she likes to go, it's where she lives. Or give us a wee bit more info on her, so we can help point you in the right direction? I'll be in Thailand around that time myself. A few days off from what, golfing and the like? Good luck!