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  1. Christmas Dinner Options 2017

    Just a question I asked earlier, are American turkeys on the menu again or still boycotted, anybody know? Also Evil, am I blind and can not see the name of the place selling the first deal above?...... I can see Robin's Nest on the second menu.....
  2. Sounds like my first time in a go go in Bangkok, walked in as a 32 year old but felt like a 10 year old in a candy shop, I am sure we were all like that the first time we hit the bar scene. Just see the Thai's/Chinese seeing snow for the first time as a little bit like being in a candy shop, just fun. Thing is you get used to it, maybe no selfies in the go go bar though!.
  3. Christmas Dinner Options 2017

    Have to agree with Alex, the 899 baht deal at Hard Rock looks outstanding together with the added entertainment etc. The pub meals at Sportsman, Jameson's just doesn't cut it for me and are too highly priced. The problem for me in costing is that most of us will be out with our other halves and the price does not reflect what they will eat or even want. OK maybe if just guys alone but with a partner the cost is just not good value. I remember about 9 years ago I went to Shenanigans for Christmas lunch, 2nd sitting. It was 1500 baht a person and too be honest was just not worth it. My wife probably ate about 200 bahts worth of food as she was a light eater but to be there it was one cost, no menu for her to choose from. Alright we did get either a glass of port or a glass of wine included but for 3000 baht it wasn't a good deal. The available food also was not what I expected, poor selection and as for the pudding it was a smidgen of Christmas pud that sat at the bottom of a champagne glass. I never returned even though invited with friends on other years. On another note are the turkeys Thai (or imported) or has the boycott on decent American birds been lifted.
  4. Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Your Hunter style chicken dish looks more like what we call Chicken New Yorker which is sold in many pub style eateries in UK. The recipes are similar and may be referred to as both names but I have tried Hunters style in the UK and it usually has mushrooms in it, maybe even only a minimal amount of cheese I.e not smothered.
  5. That's the stupid thing about it, I did an example on line and got 27 out of 30. It is hard and should have no involvement whether somebody should be granted citizenship or not. It should be what you can offer the UK as a citizen and not about knowing that Winston Churchill was voted the most famous person from history.
  6. No kidding......I had to read the title lol
  7. Definitely not relevant, you're French......unless of course you took a wife or partner to the UK then I apologise.................there may be some French bms on here who may be interested in your exploits taking a partner to France.......lol
  8. I have been reading the UK government website info, seems straight forward for getting a partner in to the country. Proof of income between the couple and doing a test, basic speaking and listening for the 2.5 year deal, a little more to extend to 5 years. Interesting about the UK government mentioning the Human Rights Act and I know Matt has quoted article 8 on occasions. People can have their interpretations about that but it is there in concrete: What is meant by family life? You have the right to enjoy family relationships without interference from government. This includes the right to live with your family and, where this is not possible, the right to regular contact. ‘Family life’ can include the relationship between an unmarried couple, an adopted child and the adoptive parent, and a foster parent and fostered child.
  9. Rise of the footsoldier franchise

    Watched the 3rd one on HDPrime, thought it was most enjoyable even if the Crag Fairbrass character antics were a little bit OTT at times. Smashing all those coppers and then just getting on a plane to/from Spain with out being picked up seems unlikely. I am sure he was a nasty character but the film at times must be an exaggeration. Still, the gratuitous violence had me hooked.
  10. I suppose the answer is what do you expect. Since you have left she has had to service 100s of other guys who may or may not be nice to her, she has had to harden to deal with the shit she has to put up with. This is part of being in the bar business, they are also led along the path by the other girls in the bar, some of which may hang off her if she is a beauty. Remember you were only her customer like all the other guys lined up after you. Whether she has hardened or not she should still give you a good time for the time and money you spend with her, that is her job.
  11. So you had a better time the second time around lol
  12. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    If you like a good drink and like to stuff your face full of food then lounge access can pay for itself especially when there are two of you. I stay in a lot of Novotels and always book executive room. I always look to see if a chain has an executive room, it is worth paying that little extra to be a hotel balloon chaser. P.S. I have booked us at the Pullman in the cheap rooms....oops
  13. Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Nice report Very nice menu. The price of the wine by 0.5 L and 1 L is very good although, no doubt, one of the regular brands such as Mont Claire. You are probably right to have concerns about it's location. I have stayed at Mercure many times and I have always be happy to walk passed those bars etc opposite the back of the Avenue. They all look a little sad and not always the cleanliest of areas. The restaurant looks nice but maybe in the wrong place; I think if it was nearer to Soi Bukhao and air con the place would be packed, looked sparse of customers the times you have been there.
  14. Marquee Bar's 100-Baht Sunday Roast

    Probably is a small loss leader, i.e they take a small loss on the overall price of the meal. I know a bar called Bobby's bar in Hua Hin soi 102 that serves Sunday roast free but only to customers whose drinks bill reaches 200 baht or more. I would think the popularity of the Marquee allows the price only to be 100 baht as they probably make a good profit on drinks. Have passed it many times when staying at LK Royal Wing, looks an inviting place.