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  1. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    The FCO have issued a travel advice regarding medicines coming into Thailand. Possibly highlighted by the case of the British woman jailed in Egypt for carrying Tramadol into the country it is worth noting that a lot of medicines on prescription in UK may be banned in Thailand. Having a prescription with you is most helpful but checking what is prohibited is worth checking out from the advisory. https://www.gov.UK/foreign-travel-advice/thailand
  2. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    I can believe all you say. I was prescribed Tramadol many years back but I had a really bad reaction to it, it was psychedelic man! However in small doses it worked ok if given with paracetamol. Must admit for pain Tylenol works for me but I see why many take Tramadol in lieu of other drugs availability.
  3. Now don't worry the title indicates a long trip to Delhi for the application but according to the link it is only the decision making part that is being relocated. Business as usual if I read it right, still apply via Bangkok and Chiang Mai for the handing in of docs etc during appointment. https://www.gov.UK/government/news/UK-visa-immigration-to-relocate-visa-application-centres-from-bangkok-to-new-delhi
  4. Now the personal face I will agree with you....
  5. But you are getting the same level of service............ I actually have nothing against businesses trying to save money as long as the same level of service is offered to the end user. In fact all businesses try to save costs while increasing profits, the trouble is some do it quite admirably while others suck at it. If the British Embassy believe the technology is in place to offer the same level of service at the decision stage I have no issue with that. It will still be a British Embassy official making that decision, there should be no difference in that process whether the decision maker is in Nairobi, New Delhi, New York or Bangkok, the same criteria allowing a decision to be made is still in evidence. The only difference I could see would be if the visa offices selling their services guaranteeing you a visa for your partner actually do have contacts within the British Embassy; of course the British Embassy deny categorically this is possible or fact and they will say their decision making is not influenced in any way by using a paid visa service. If there was influence then those contacts would have been within the British Embassy in Bangkok, I doubt they would stretch as far as the embassy in New Delhi.
  6. Matt, it has already been explained to you that it is the decision making that will be removed to New Delhi, everything else is the same, appointments etc are the same, payment in Thailand, visiting Trendy building is the same I don't understand why you are making things up that are not true, just deal with the words of the advisory which have given an undertaking. If and when anything proves different we will all wait for your words of wisdom. For your info when I applied for my daughters British passport the forms were accepted, processed and then the new passport was delivered to my home in Thailand all within 10 days of arriving at Trendy building to start that application, now that isn't bad. Try sometimes to see positives in things rather than always negatives otherwise you may be heading for an early grave lol I forgot to say that my passport was actually delivered from Liverpool......which makes the turn around even more impressive, I was very pleased with my experience.
  7. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    Just catching up on YouTube, going through a whole load of videos, I particularly like the VICE videos, was actually watching some Mexican cartel ones when I bumped into the two below.. Now this really throws a curve ball into why the woman took in Tramadol and why her boyfriend wanted it. The first video was released in 2016, this is not a new problem. I was actually watching the second video and a whole segment started talking about Tramadol being taken in lieu of harder drugs (see from 12.15). She really made a mistake taking in this drug. As much as the second one is about the Gaza strip the drugs are smuggled in via Egypt using the same tunnels used for smuggling weapons.
  8. When I first saw the advisory I got worried but after reading every word it is indeed another outsourced scenario. Now they say it won't affect times of turn around etc but only once implemented will it really offer a positive or negative view of the move. The VFS in Bangkok only do preliminaries before the docs/application gets passed to the embassy staff, I assume now the pertinent docs will be sent electronically and of course the application form has already been filled in online.
  9. A British person decides Matt.......
  10. Nothing wrong with saving a pound or two lol
  11. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    Deserves to be where she is then.
  12. Just read the actual wording, it doesn't affect application processing, it is just the decision making removed from Bangkok to New Delhi. There will be no delays to turn around times.
  13. Bringing medicines to Thailand

    I am shocked you can buy co-codimol as I tried everywhere to get hold of some when I had my sciatica in June and July. I was told only hospitals could prescribe it yet my local hospital would not give it to me despite me asking (and showing my empty prescription box from my GP). I could buy Ultracet in Watsons which has 37.5mg of Tramadol per tablet but taking Tylenol worked better for me. The lady arrested did indeed have about 137 tablets which were for her boyfriend; how she came by that many and probably also without a prescription was her downfall. I believe having a prescription should see you OK but if it is banned it is better to check with the authorities. I doubt they would be too happy with foreigners bringing in marijuana even if they got it on prescription for medicinal purposes.
  14. Firepork Thailand at The Avenue on 2nd Road

    Thanks as always for your review and especially to your tip 'if you don't like pork belly don't go'. It was there where I was able to stop reading. Thanks anyway, I am sure others will appreciate what is on offer.
  15. Just was wiling away a few hours watching football videos on YouTube and came across this gem, they don't make em like they used to lol
  16. The dirty side of Man U vs Arsenal

    Saw him play a few times, thankfully when he was playing for my team, Chelsea..
  17. The big switch over to digital

    I would think any girl being sponsored would have had a flat screen TV with digital long ago.....
  18. Life is good.

    Good stuff mate, pleased for you....
  19. thai sleeper trains thoughts experences

    Really helpful post about Thai trains, thanks for the info
  20. I understand a lot about the subject matter and that subject matter is Isaan and Thailand, I couldn't care less about your personal circumstances although, no doubt, it still bothers you. What you need to understand is that your constant cheap shots about Isaan, it's women and culture is going to continue to receive critique from me. If you expect us to just sit here and stay silent while you denigrate a great people, many of us whose lives are intertwined with, because of your own personal history issues then you are wrong. You live in Indonesia with your choice of partner so good for you, I offer you my respect, but you are here on a Thailand based forum so you need to understand that every time you generalise your personal issue in black and white as if it applies to all of us there is likely to be a response. You are right I don't understand your personal situation and nor do I want to but you also know nothing about all of us who live in Thailand and have relationships with girls not just from Isaan but all over Thailand so, my friend, I believe it is you who needs to drop the subject. Just move on and offer something positive to this forum instead of your constant digs about everything Thai. As we say in the UK, don't tar everybody with the same brush.
  21. Sorry for me you still have issues as it shows not just in posts about your wife but anything really to do with Thailand. Just your reply says it still bothers you. Just make a break mate and concentrate on your present family. They are your future, why dwell on the past. All us guys in Isaan would welcome you, you would feel right at home. Lol
  22. Totally true, the day I divorced I told my ex wife by phone this would be the last time we ever will communicate, I have been true to that word since 13 Dec 2011. If I did need to keep in touch because of kids (I had none) I would hope I don't have anger issues that continue to want to make my ex wife's life hell, I don't understand that. That to me says that the guy still has issues while the partner probably couldn't give a fcuk...... Chilled of Isaan..lol
  23. Christmas Dinner Options 2017

    Just a question I asked earlier, are American turkeys on the menu again or still boycotted, anybody know? Also Evil, am I blind and can not see the name of the place selling the first deal above?...... I can see Robin's Nest on the second menu.....
  24. Sounds like my first time in a go go in Bangkok, walked in as a 32 year old but felt like a 10 year old in a candy shop, I am sure we were all like that the first time we hit the bar scene. Just see the Thai's/Chinese seeing snow for the first time as a little bit like being in a candy shop, just fun. Thing is you get used to it, maybe no selfies in the go go bar though!.