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  1. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    I very seldom eat a full farang breakfast in Pattaya as I never seem to be hungry in the morning. A cup of yogurt, some fresh fruit or a small bowl of rice soup does me fine until noon. But on rare occasions, I am hungry early on and will have a bacon-and-egg breakfast. A few days ago I felt very hungry at 9.30 a.m. and decided to try the breakfast at Smokin' Joe's BBQ on Soi Lengkee. I had the "Standard Breakfast" for 95 baht. The quality of the ingredients was good and the portion was enough for me. I got two eggs cooked sunny-side-up at my request; a link of pork sausage; two extra-wide rashers of streaky bacon; two pieces of toast with butter; and a cup of coffee. You have a choice of back or streaky bacon. The rashers looked as if they might have been sliced in-house from a slab of bacon. The coffee was good and tea was available. I also had a small glass of fresh orange juice for 50 baht, so 145 baht all-in. I was happy with the Standard Breakfast, but Smokin' Joe's had many more options. I'll be back sometime to try the buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup; the Eggs Benedict and the Breakfast Burrito, but probably as lunch rather than breakfast. From Smokin' Joe's Facebook page: I'm not much concerned with a restaurant's ambiance in Pattaya. I do want it to be clean, well-lit, air-conditioned. smoke-free and without loud music. SJ's ticked all those boxes. It also offers free Wi-Fi. If you like to spend some time over breakfast reading a newspaper or catching up on the Internet, SJ's is a comfortable place for a leisurely morning meal. Bottom line: If you're looking for a small breakfast with good quality, Smokin' Joe's Standard Breakfast is an excellent option. If you want a much bigger breakfast for just a few baht more, then you're better off continuing on Soi Lengkee to Retox. Smokin' Joe's is best known for its U.S.-style BQQ and Tex-Mex dishes. Some of the daily specials: Evil
  2. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Last night I tried the 99-baht hamburger at Harry's, the second of the restaurant's summer specials. It was a tasty burger. Considering the price and that it came with plenty of crispy skinny fries, it was excellent value for money. It had a bit too much dressing for my taste, but that's a matter of personal preference. If you have a big appetite, the portion may not be large enough. I saw one guy scarf the burger and fries quickly, then order the other 99-baht summer special (the minute steak in post #91), which he ate at a more leisurely pace. That's a fair amount of food for 198 baht. Bottom line: Harry's two summer specials (hamburger or minute steak) at 99 baht each are good options if you want something cheap and quick in the LK Metro area. Evil
  3. Evil Penevil

    Buakao Bistro on Soi Bukhao

    Buakao Bistro has been open about six weeks. It's located on the stretch of Soi Bukhao between Soi Diana and LK Metro and across the street from Oasis A Go Go and Soi Chaiyapoon. As its sign proclaims, Buakao Bistro offers international and Thai cuisine. There's everything on the menu from pad thai and Chinese steamed dumplings through hamburgers. pizza and pasta to steaks, onion soup and a French open-faced sandwich. Prices are mid-range, with plenty of main dishes under 200 and 300 baht. The owner/manager is a very friendly French man who enjoys talking with his customers. He told he had been in the restaurant business in Pattaya for 11 years and was previously associated with The Kitchen on Beach Road. The veranda is a good spot for people watching. I prefer to sit in the covered section of the restaurant, but I still had a clear view of the street. What struck me most is the number of near traffic accidents I saw. That crazy intersection of Soi Diana, Soi Lenkee and Soi Diana leads to some hair-raising left and right turns. The restaurant has a selection of bottled Belgian beer. I like lambic fruit beers and was pleased to see St Louis Premium Framboise (raspberry) on the menu. Fruit lambics go very well with spicy foods, so I ordered the penne arabiata at 160 baht. It was indeed spicy, but very good. One nice touch is the free pate and bread that comes with some of Buakao Bistro main dishes. The pate is homemade and tasty. I next tried the parma ham tartine, an open-faced French sandwich. It wasn't cheap at 220 baht, but then neither is parma ham in Thailand. Again, very good but not particularly filling. I've also had the fish burger and fries at 210 baht ... and the smoked salmon wrap at 180 baht. No complaints about either. The fish fillet in the burger had been nicely breaded and season, while the taste of the smoked salmon wasn't overwhelmed by the other ingredients. Bottom line: Good food at a good location. Evil
  4. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Another update on White Pines. The other night I had the Crispy Chicken Burger at 220 baht. I never tried it in the "good ol' days" at White Pines, so I can't make a direct comparison. I can say that the burger I got was indeed good. i'm not a fan of "busy" burgers of any sort that have unnecessary toppings, but it wasn't much of a hassle to pull off two onion rings. The fried chicken breast was substantial and cooked well- lightly breaded and crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. It was topped with a modest amount of cheese and underneath was the customary lettuce and tomato slices. The bun was nicely toasted. The French fries were also good. The onion rings needed a few seconds longer in the fryer, but since I don't like onion rings much, that didn't matter to me. I began to wish the chicken breast had been served on a plate with mashed potatoes, gravy and peas. That would have been an excellent meal! Bottom line: White Pines continues to recover. From what I've observed in the restaurant itself and read online, more of its old customers are giving it a second chance. Evil
  5. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    I'm tried this one: Harry's is located on Soi Diana between Soi Bukhao and LK Metro. The"99er" minute steak was excellent, especially considering the price. The word "minced" in the Facebook blurb is a bit of a mistranslation. It's a Swedish-style minute steak, pure and simple. There is nothing "minced" about it. In Swedish, it's called lövbiff. Minute steak is a thin slice of top round (sometimes sirloin) that is then pounded to tenderize it. Swedish lövbiff tends to be thinner than a U.S. minute steak. The one I got at Harry's last night was about as thick as a 10-baht coin. The crucial factor with minute steak is not to cook it too long. When it is as thin as at Harry's, it only needs a few seconds each side on a very hot griddle. More than that and it will be frazzled, tough and basically inedible. The minute steak at Harry's was done properly, even a bit pink on the inside. It was tender and had plenty of beef flavor. The skinny fries were also good and even the slices of tomato were tastier than a lot you get on your plate in Pattaya. I was well-pleased with my meal and have no problem in recommending it. I'm sure I'll have it again several times before the summer is over. Was the portion big enough to satisfy a lumberjack who's just come back from eight hours of chopping trees? No, it wasn't. But for those of us who have sedentary lifestyles, it's sufficient. And if it isn't. the price is cheap enough to order a salad or other dish to fill up, maybe even the 99-baht hamburger. A couple more photos with the knife and fork on the plate so you get a better idea of the portion size. Bottom line: Go for it! Evil
  6. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    I hadn't been into White Pines for several months because of some disappointing meals in the wake of last year's staff hassles. However, I'd heard about the new chef and wanted to try his food. At 11.00 p.m., I was the only customer- not a good sign- although one other person entered while I was there. I didn't have to wait long for my meal- I ordered the salmon with garlic rice- and it was quite good, especially the garlic rice. The salmon was fresh and cooked properly, not at all dry. The garlic "chips" atop the rice has also been fried perfectly and added a nice accent. The dill sauce was also good. This meal harked back to the White Pines of the past. When White Pines opened in November, 2016, it gained a reputation for offering excellent food at bargain prices. The female chef at the time clearly knew how to make Western food, Italian in particular. White Pines' location also made it very convenient for visitors to Walking Street. However, when the chef left WP in October last year, the quality of the food slid significantly and the recovery process has been bumpy to say the least. It wasn't the biggest piece of salmon I've had in Pattaya, but at 195 baht, it was good value for money thanks to the quality. This was only one meal, but it was certainly encouraging, enough so that I'll be back. Next time I'll try the calamari to see if it has regained its previous heights. I couldn't fault the service in any way. At the end of the meal, the chef came out of the kitchen and asked via the waitress if everything had been O.K. I said yes and complimented him on the sauce and garlic chips. White Pines has printed up a new menu, but the offerings don't seem to have changed up. It's now open between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. , but closed Tuesdays. Photos of some of the menu pages. This is real fusion cooking for you: Tom Yum Quinoa and Krapow Quinoa with salmon. I'm sure the early Andean people would be proud. Physically, not much has changed with White Pines since it opened 16 months ago. It's still clean, well-lit and comfortable. . Bottom line: I haven't abandoned hope for White Pines and will be back to see if the improvement is lasting. Evil
  7. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    For those of you who like big burgers and especially Australian-style burgers with beetroot, fried egg and grilled pineapple, Kilkenny's has added to its menu the Ozzie Works burger. Kilkenny does a good job with farang comfort food and its daily specials are great value for money. From Kilkenny's FB page: I had the Ozzie burger at Kilkenny on Australia Day as I continue to meander along Coronary Lane. That was quite an impressive burger for 185 baht including fries. It consisted of a thick beef patty topped with cheese, fried onions, side bacon, fried egg and a slice of grilled pineapple. The beef patty rested on a layer of pickled beets, a couple of slices of tomato and a lettuce leaf. A toasted bun held this hefty concoction together. The fried egg had been splashed with HP Sauce, but there wasn't any other dressing on the burger.a The cook sure didn't skimp on any of the ingredients; there was a lot of beef, cheese, bacon and beetroot, making it a very filling meal. I'm not a fan of pineapple on burgers, so I pushed the slice aside and had it as a mini-dessert when I had finished the rest. There are a lot of theories about how beetroot, fried egg and grilled pineapple came to be added to hamburgers, One popular version claims it was a prank played on U.S. servicemen in Australia during both WW II and the Viet Nam War. There may be some truth in that story, but Australian food historians say beetroot, a very popular vegetable in Australia, had been added to hamburgers since the 1930s, a decade before the arrival of U.S. troops. The most likely explanation may be that it was a combination of toppings that caught on with the Australia public. When I tried it, the Ozzy burger had been a one-day special at the Kilkenny in honor of Australia Day. I liked it because it tasted fine and I enjoy trying burgers that are different from the ones you'd get at a truck stop in Norman, Oklahoma or Frog Leap, Tennessee. Maybe I'll have another Ozzy Burger next year on Jan. 28. Evil
  8. This is a list of Trip Advisor's top 59 restaurants out of 944 in Pattaya as of Jan. 28, 2017. It was supposed to be a list of 60, but Mai Thai Cuisine at #9 fell by the wayside while I was formatting the list. My apologies to Mai Thai. You can find the T A ranking's for Pattaya here, However, T A continuously updates its rankings, so what you read today may differ from the lists below. And the top 10 in more detail: These 60 restaurants were placed highest by Trip Advisor's algorithm for ranking restaurants based on reviews by anonymous posters. It is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a list of the best restaurants in Pattaya as it doesn't feature objective standards for quality. Even if such standards could be established, it would be impossible to apply them to anonymous reviews. Basically, the list is a mishmash of the most popular Pattaya restaurants according to Trip Advisor's set of rules for calculating rankings. It's a very flawed approach that is wide open to manipulation. Just consider the recent case of the fake restaurant listed as #1 in London: How An Entirely Fake Restaurant Became London's Hottest Reservation. But even if the ranking algorithm were perfectly fair, there's still an inherent contradiction which can't be overcome. How do you compare a fine dining restaurant to a casual budget restaurant? Or a pizzeria to a seafood restaurant? Or a classic French restaurant to an Indian or Tex Mex restaurant and say which is better? It's impossible. That said, there's no denying T A is hugely influential and contains some excellent reviews and tips on restaurants. It's a matter of using it carefully and sorting the fake reviews from the genuine. Keep in mind, too, that restaurant reviews are always subjective and reflect personal preferences. Diners have different priorities when it comes to restaurant meals. Some are most concerned with portion size and price; if they get a lot of food for a little money, they are happy. Others are focused on the quality of the food and the total dining experience, which goes beyond the food on the plate. A few things jump out regarding the list of the top restaurants. It's not surprising to find places like Cafe des Amis, Bruno's, Livv, Moonlight, Horizon and Casa Pascal among the top 10; fine dining restaurants always do well in ranking lists. It's surprising, though, that Five Star J comes in at #3 and absolutely mind-boggling Caravan, a Russian-Uzbek (!!!) restaurant, would place third. Surprising and mind-bogging, that is, until you take into account how T A compiles its rankings. Both Five Star J and Caravan appeal to limited groups of customers- Five Star to vegans and vegetarians; Caravan to Russian and Chinese tourists. Within those groups there's more uniformity of opinion about the restaurant's food, so it gets a high number of positive ratings. Those who don't like vegetarian or Russian food aren't likely to eat there at all and it therefore doesn't get a lot of low ratings. It's a bit more complicated that that, but without going into a lot of detail, it's safe to say the high rankings of Five Star J and Caravan are largely quirks of the T A system. I also found it surprising that Hooters ranked in 32nd place, one notch above Pattaya Beer Garden. Considering how much hatred is expressed on the punter boards over Hooters, I'm astounded it's done so well in the T A reviews. A comment in of one of those reviews made me chuckle: "The biggest Hooters I've ever seen." I found it strange that very popular Thai seafood restaurants like Mum Aroi and Pupen didn't make the top 60, nor did popular Thai chains like MK. But that may simply be due to Thais not writing reviews on T A. Over the years, I've eaten in about 40 of the 60 restaurants. Anyway, what restaurants do you feel shouldn't be in the top 60 and which are glaring by their omission? Remember, the list is about popularity, not quality. Evil
  9. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    MC Burger on Soi Bukhao is a recent entry in Pattaya's crowded field of hamburger restaurants. It's located roughly halfway between Pattaya Tai and LK Metro, about 50 meters south of, and on the same side of the road, as the ill-named Action Street. It's a small single-shop restaurant without a large external sign, so it's easy to miss if you're riding the baht bus. It has three tables for four inside and one table outside, plus a low table flanked by sofas. The walls are decorated with rather garnish graffiti-style paintings. But what the hell. This is a hamburger joint in Pattaya, so garnish isn't really out of place. This is the menu that has been posted on MC Burger's Web site, along with a photo of one of the items, the Frisco Melt. It's a small and straight-forward menu, featuring hamburger variations and curly or French fries. There are a few non-burger sandwiches listed on the menu inside the restaurant as well as chicken tenders and wings. MC Club also has a "build-your-own-burger" option. All the burgers are 200 baht and include a small basket of fries. I went with the Frisco Melt last night and wasn't disappointed. It's a decent recreation of the iconic Frisco Melt, the signature burger of the U.S. Steak n Shake chain. The MC Burger variation consisted of two beef patties, two slices of cheese, bacon and Frisco Sauce on toasted sourdough bread. Frisco Sauce, at least in the U.S., is a combination of Thousand Island and French dressings, plus ketchup. It's not a favorite of mine as it has a sweetness I don't think goes well with a burger, but many say that's what gives the Frisco Melt it's distinctive flavor. The fries appeared to be hand cut and were cooked as they should be, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the outside. They were lightly dusted with a seasoning I couldn't identify, maybe a paprika blend? The Frisco Melt I got on my plate was very close to the picture on the Web site. It was good, but next time I'll ask them to skip the Frisco Sauce. Earlier this week I had the Six Days BBQ Burger. It was a single patty of beef topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw and BBQ sauce on a toasted bun. The curly fries were excellent, even crispier than the straight-cut fries I got with the Frisco Melt. I'm a big fan of crispy fries! The burger was OK, but not as good as the Frisco Melt. It was a bit "busy," too many flavors and the coleslaw had a sweetness I didn't like. I think it would have been better with the coleslaw and maybe even the cheese to allow the pulled pork to stand out, but that's just my preference. Bottom line: I'll be back to try some of the other MC Club variations, although I'm sure the Frisco Melt will remain my favorite. Pattaya probably has more burger outlets per square kilometer than New York City. The burgers in Pattaya range from luxury wagyu burgers through the standardized transnational chain burgers and down to budget variations at 150 baht or less. The standard burger with lettuce, tomato and onion I find boring and never order it. If I'm going to eat unhealthy food, I want it to be honestly unhealthy. Lettuce and tomato on the side (maybe), but not on the burger, thank you. MC Burger has added a bit of originality to the Pattya burger avalanche and I appreciate that. It's possible that the young guys who run MC Burger may want to adjust some of their recipes in the future as creativity shouldn't overpower flavor, but they are definitely trying. Some other observations: Bottled beer is 75 baht; water 20 baht and soft drinks 30 bat. Cocktails and shots are available. Service was fast and friendly, with everything cooked to order in an open kitchen space. The first night I was there, the place was full, four diners at all the tables except mine. The second night I was the only customer, but it was late, about 11.00 p.m. MC Burger is open from noon to midnight. Evil
  10. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Tonight I had the Sunday roast lamb at Kilkenny. Delicious and great value for money at the price (199 baht). It appears to be very popular as well. I ate at Kilkenny between 6.00 and 7.00 p.m. and at least 15 other customers were also having the lamb special. I got a generous portion of lamb (imported from Australia, according to the Kilkenny web site); a large roast potato; mashed potatoes; Yorkshire pudding; and the Kilkenny trio of vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Top marks on the lamb, tender and tasty. The mashed potatoes and veggies were also a big I was less impressed with the roast potato. It was fluffy on the inside, but didn't have a crispy outer layer. It seemed more like a skinless baked potato. I don't think it had been coated in oil prior to roasting. It's probably a lot less calories and healthier that way, but it didn't have the texture and taste I associate with roast potato. The Yorkshire pudding was better than most you get in Pattaya. It could have been a bit lighter, but that's hard to achieve if it isn't served straight from the oven, which is difficult for any restaurant. I also wish the gravy hadn't been poured over the lamb, although that's a personal preference of mine and most likely isn't shared by most of the other diners at Kilkenny. There was a lot of food on the plate and I couldn't finish all of it. Just by glancing around, I didn't see anyone who had cleaned his plate and some of those gentlemen didn't look to be light eaters. Bottom line: Kilkenny is an excellent option for a Sunday roast lamb dinner. I can't recall having had a better one in Pattaya at that price. Evil
  11. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Last night I had the pork chop special for 169 baht at Kilkenny Bar & Guesthouse on LK Metro. For the price, it was a good meal. It came with mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables. It was a substantial chop, not thick but large. The portions of mash and veggies were larger than you usually get in Pattaya restaurants. My bottle of SML cost 60 baht, so I got a very filling meal for 229 baht. The pork chop had been fried nicely. The vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and carrots) hadn't been boiled too long and tasted quite fresh. The mash was excellent and the cook hadn't skimped on the butter, that's for sure. The gravy was the weakest link; not much flavor and too salty. Thankfully it came on the side in a gravy boat and not on the plate. I left the gravy alone and tucked into the rest with an occasional thought to Kenny McCormick and South Park. I ate at Kilkenny around 10 p.m. and it was busy. About 80% of the seats were taken inside and out. Bottom line: I won't hesitate to try another special at Kilkenny. The rest of the menu wasn't particularly inspiring, the usual collection of pub food and Thai standard dishes.
  12. Evil Penevil

    Firepork Thailand at The Avenue on 2nd Road

    There are a lot of cool free fonts based on foreign writing systems. Evil
  13. Evil Penevil

    Firepork Thailand at The Avenue on 2nd Road

    The piece of pork belly had been grilled in the kitchen and arrived at the table ready to be finished along with the raw vegetables. It was a substantial chunk, more calories than should be consumed at one sitting. The waitress used kitchen sheers to cut the pork into bite-sized pieces, which were then grilled together with the vegetables. In Korea, grilled pork belly is traditionally eaten as part of a bite-sized wrap. The meat is dipped in the sauce or condiment, then place at the center of a lettuce leaf. Some slices of garlic or chili pepper can be added. The lettuce leaf is then folded into a small package and popped into the mouth. I didn't much bother with the lettuce, just ate the pork after dipping. Bottom line: Good grilled pork belly, but too much fatty content and too many calories for one person. That dish should be split among two or more diners. I won't order it again as a solo diner. And if Firepork doesn't add more variety to its menu, there won't be any point in going back. My meal cost 395 baht for the grilled pork and accompaniments, plus 40 baht for the Coke Zero. To that 435 baht had been added 7% VAT (31 baht) but no service charge. I left 20 baht of the change from my 500-baht note on the tray and gave the girl who did the "grilling" 40 baht in her hand. Evil
  14. Firepork Thailand is a new Korean barbecue restaurant under the Robin Hood Tavern at The Avenue Shopping Plaza on 2nd Road. The premises had previously been occupied by a branch of Au Bon Pain. Firepork had only been open a few days when I ate there last week. It's specialized in grilled pork, namely samgyupsal gui (grilled pork belly), a very popular dish in Korea. If you don't like or can't eat pork belly, there's no point in going to Firepork as there isn't much else on the menu. As soon as I stepped in, before I even sat down, the attractive hostess showed me the menu and explained it was limited because Firepork was still in its early days. I could choose between grilled pork belly or grilled pork neck as main dishes along with some appetizers and sides, maybe ten dishes in all. That was it. She said they would be adding more dishes in time. I like grilled pork belly and hadn't eaten any for a very long time, so Firepork's limited menu was no problem for me. I chose the full version, which included vegetables, dipping sauces, etc., for 395 baht. My can of Coke Zero was 40 baht. The restaurant itself has been done up very nicely. It's spacious and well-lit, two important factors in my eyes. It looked to me as if quality furnishings and fittings had been used, not stuff from IKEA or Home Depot. The reason new restaurants. hotels, rental condos, bars, etc., start looking so shabby so fast is that hospitality-grade furnishings and equipment which can stand up to harsh treatment, haven't been used The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I was their ONLY customer the entire time I was there between 10 and 11 pm. I have a feeling that unless Firepork can attract South Korean tourists in Pattaya, it is really going to struggle for customers. It's too specialized to attract a broad customer base. Not many farang want to eat a full meal consisting of pork belly. More mainstream Korean dishes like bulgogi or bibimbap need to be added to the menu. You certainly won't lack for choice from their bar. But how do they reach the top-shelf booze? Here's how it works at Firepork. Each table has an electric stone grill. As accompaniments to the grilled pork belly, diners get vegetables (mushrooms, onion. asparagus); dipping sauces and condiments; a bowl of kimchi; Asian-style "salad;" and a plate of lettuce leaves to use as wrappers for the dressed-up pork belly. The second part of the review is on the way.
  15. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    M If you are tired of Christmas food, you still have a few days left to get a nice chili cheeseburger as GASCO's December special. It costs 245 baht. Chili cheese dogs, chili fries and bowls of chili are also specials. It's a great-tasting burger with a good chili topping. I've yet to have a burger or sandwich I didn't like at GASCO. That's why it distressed me to see this notice on their Web site: I sure hope GASCO will continue to serve up its U.S.-style food. It is a welcome addition to the food scene in central Pattaya. Evil