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  1. biometrics are done mate.now we wait and her status remains as before until a decision is made.can work,healthcare and access public funds although that will never happen.its normality and a waiting game.happy Christmas mate.
  2. im not an immigration solicitor and I don't proclaim to be.i do know how it works after obtaining 2 visas,and being turned down once.im happy to help people here.remember"this is an immigration thread and not a thread about me and my family".getting your partner to the UK is just the first step.please share your knowledge and tips.seen a lot of comments lately on other threads and so here is one of its own.
  3. I don't know ,it should be another 3 year term,but it could be ten.we are in their hands.as we are applying outside of the rules.we had discretionary leave to remain and are looking to extend that on a a basis of a right to a family life.this includes my rights too.ive always been treated fairly by the home office,but who knows we both pay tax and ni so anything could happen.makes me sick to the core in all honesty.the application is in and hasn't been returned as incorrect.that they have acknowledged.timescales.????.last time it took 6 weeks.pretty hopeful of a get away fairly soon.im on dangerous ground but people have rights too.hopefully that is respected.
  4. I will say what I think now.we are about to pay the corrupt eu 39 billion.their people come here and pay nothing. I knew dave had paid it and now know phils has.its disgusting.why don't the eu lot pay it.this is racial towards UK people.
  5. I totally agree,its just one big payout every few years.people don't realise that obtaining a visa is an indication of a lot of payouts ahead.
  6. luckily I didn't pay that.i do understand what you are saying though.but we had no healthcare during our fiancé visa and the initial 2 years.
  7. many people think obtaining a visa in Thailand is easy.its not.try the UK at croyden.i will continue this thread for the time being,as I think its worthwhile.
  8. back on topic.we are basically waiting.biometrics done and the forms .the good thing is it wasn't returned to me.ive heard of people waiting 6 months to have their biometrics done,it took 9 days.discretionary leave and human rights are a whole different ballgame.
  9. glad this thread is still running,im also glad to have shown restraint,otherwise= a ban,thats not me.
  10. im always around on sundays mate.any other day for that matter except when im working.enjoy your sunday and leave the thread be.thanks
  11. move on.sorry fella im not biting today
  12. if you carefully read the thread,you will see she has been to college.i also assure you I take my responsibilities for my family seriously.i have made no mistakes only improvement to mine and my families lives.
  13. really.????.my wife took the test not me,thats doesn't stop my knowledge of the system as I have gone down avanues many haven't heard of.so my knowledge has in actual fact increased.thanks for your input.
  14. I cant sit the test for her,which I hasten to add she doesn't have to do now.meaw has been here on a multi entry family visit visa.yes I was declined once.so what.some people will never meet the criteria to put an application in"not meaning you"
  15. I don't call nearly 10 years and a family visit visa a failure.do you.??.even if turned down we can appeal which takes years.i wont be beaten and have failed only once.
  16. the point im getting at is that thais do adjust to cold weather.best not say what I said.
  17. currently outside in a dressing gown photographing the snow .FFS.!
  18. I think its very importent to let this fred run,as it does help other freds and people.just saying like.may give a snippet soon.x
  19. well it is and it isn't,please elaborate.i agree at present its in a state
  20. that may be the case but every person and every country is different.that I respect.i guess a lot depends on who they are going overseas with.?
  21. my family doctor is English,i have central heating,i accept initially that the language can be a problem.if I had an accident I would love to be seen by a paki doctor,some of whom are very very clever or the wouldn't be in the UK.it really is swings and round abouts.thats why I started the thread.
  22. various reasons some benefitial to the partner,but also to the thai.ie a decent wage,healthcare,different climate and culture and a home and family life.
  23. as the mrs had 3 years discretionary leave it was the route we had to take,as the said discretionary leave was issued by the home office"outside of the rules".did it myself and had a letter and the mrs has done her biometrics.i never pay solicitors.
  24. Christmas Dinner Options 2017

    come on you two.its Christmas.