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  1. Just.for fun I tried this LIUK test (training simulation) on line. Many questions are completely non relevant, I am sure many Brits would fail it..Of course I failed, but it looks like it has been designed with that purpose.
  2. Matthew, a year ago was on a business trip in Austria with some HKG chinese, we organized a short visit for them in the mountains, as they had never seen snow. Bunch of 35 / 40 y old playing like 10 y old kids in the snow.... Not mentionning the 100's of selfies....
  3. Haha....You couldn't resist.... Ever thought about setting up a marriage / visa / travel agency ? You could always take Matty on as consultant....
  4. Switzerland sounds more HiSo....probably the main reason !
  5. Who dreams of America....Living in the middle of a herd of buffalos ?
  6. Buckshit at his best.... Matty dont even answer to this scumbag...
  7. Christmas Dinner Options 2017

  8. Matty, not meaning to be disrespectfull, but you mentioned somewhere before about about her speaking English ok, but struggling with the grammary. Now, when I see your writing style on here, I am not sure you are really qualified to teach her in that field ? Another thing, I guess she is working in a Thai restaurant ? Means she speaks mostly Thai all day ? If it is the case, this is not gonna help neither. Now, as mentionned by others her ONLY and SOLE target should be to pass this test. Otherwhile you are just both heading to more problems and stress. Pretty visible in your posts the last 6 months. And she may also one day say "feck it, I am going back to Thailand..." It is nice to speak my love, my lovely..etc....but sometimes one need to think more effectively. IMO, and sorry for being blunt but the human right thing is close to begging....and not a long term viable option. Another (far stretched) possible idea would be to have a kid TOGETHER, I think they would maybe hesitate to kick out the mother of a British baby ? Anyway, other thai women managed the test, so there is NO reason she can not do it ? It's not like she failed once.or twice for Christ sake...10 times ! Sorry mate, just talking straight.
  9. Agreed ! And moving to Thailand Matty ? I could see this going one way only....stop dreaming. Sorry fo T.F.
  10. Shit,.thats about 1700 euro a month.. Not sure net salary or basic, but still sure leaves a lot of people out.
  11. Tongue,.thats why I dont bring it up. Tread is about UK.
  12. Matthy,.share your experience about.the YOUR case. Mine is in France lage 90's so not really relevant. And completely different circumstances.
  13. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Company legal reports, balance etc yes.. But websites like Seeking Alpha, and similar where members write articles and comments are not easy to find. Had a.french friend working for Bloomberg here and he rather agreed that for non-pro information is more difficult to find. Had a good laugh.with another guy, trader at a major french bank when he told me (only half joking) "Be carefull JM, you have no idea how much money we spend to fxck you small investors" And most rating agencies are to be taken with a pinch of salt as well.
  14. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Good idea. Personally I trade.on the NYSE through HSBC HK. Mainly because I have my account there, no tax, and my portfolio balance.is considered in my global balance. Did a bit on HKSE, but the.problem is the lack of information, websites, news on HK stocks in English. But may give it another try, as the 12 h time difference with NY is a pain,.and difficult to do some instant trades. Except staying up. French market,.forget, too high capital gains taxation. Plus I prefer to stay the poor pensioner I am.in the eyes of the tax authorities.
  15. Haha...nearly pissed myself...I hope it is tong in cheek or a joke ? "Come back when blablabla..." And of course dont forget to keep in touch with the good girl by Skype or other (W.U.) while you are away.... Problem is that during your absence she has taken a 100 cocks of all age, and been told the same BS by most of her customers. Seducing (haha, another tongue in cheek) a hardcore always been my challenge. When you get along well, it can be good fun. Just dont mention the word "love" every 15 min....