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  1. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    Which is why I said "I can only go by my experience, which was 6 months ago, so it might all have change" Remind me not to bother trying to help in the future...
  2. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    When I extended my SETV they wanted to see this. (Not mine....i found it online...) As I said, I collected mine from jomtien immigration having shown them various documents relating to my address. It was part of the address registration form I had to fill in, and they checked against their computer records.
  3. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    My experience was 5 months ago. I was given the TM30 (it's a slip of paper smaller than a5) at jomtien immigration as part of the extension process. All they are doing is checking that the lardlord has registered you at their address. as Tommy says, it's a good earner for them. If you haven't been registered by the landlord, they will fine you 1600. They give you a receipt and tell you to claim back from your landlord. It doesn't stop you getting a TM30 receipt, which is what they want (or wanted) to see for the extension
  4. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    I can only go by my experience, which was 6 months ago, so it might all have change... After 58 days in country on a SETV I went to jomtien, taking a copy of my condo contract, a copy of the owner's ownership papers (?and a photo). I filled in form, about where I lived, and joined a queue. When my number was called I presented paperwork to attractive young lady. She tapped details into computer, confirmed I had been registered by the juristic person, and gave me the receipt. I returned to main reception, filled in a visa extension form, joined another queue. When my number was called I presented form, receipt, pic and passport to a grumpy bloke, who gave me 30 days extension. Easy, if time consuming waiting in queues. When I went to extend my 2nd SETV I used the same receipt and there were no checks on address. In and out in 20 minutes.
  5. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    No. The hotel won't give you a copy, but will give you the paperwork (contract, copy of ownership papers) for you to get the receipt when you go to jomtien immigration office. I did read one story of a condo owner getting the receipt from jomtien for the tenant, but presumably they (the owner) went to register the tenants arrival in person and didn t do it online
  6. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    Getting a SETV before you fly is easy. You don't need proof of address. Just apply to local consulate or embassy. When I did it it was a form, a photo and a postal order. Upon arrival, your hotel will register you. Or by law, they should. It's done on line. When you want to extend, you go to your local immigration office in Thailand. From memory, you need a copy of your "contract" with the place you are staying, a copy of their ownership papers and a photo. Any hotel or condo juristic office will know what is needed. The receipt is given to you after the local immigration office has checked your arrival was registered. From hearsay, smaller guesthouses are more unreliable at registering you upon arrival, which is when you have the fine to pay . Process was easy, although slightly time consuming as the queue was long.
  7. painter

    TM-30 and Jomtien immigration

    As I understand it, your landlord (hotel, guesthouse or condo) should register you online within 24 hours of you arriving. Providing this is done, when you go to extend your SETV they will check, and if all is ok you will get a receipt. This receipt will get you the extension. If it's not been done, they will fine your landlord 1600b, but as you are there they make you pay it, and still give you the receipt, so you can extend your SETV. In theory, you can claim the 1600 back from your landlord
  8. painter


    If you join one of these clubs, is it possible to leave, or does your leaving need approval from the leadership ?
  9. Maybe, but we won't have lost our house over it...
  10. And if Colin and bawbag AREN'T Pete, you've lost two new members. Is one new member every few years ok?
  11. Not sure how you can say a new member is Pete from just one post though.
  12. Maybe, but maybe new members need to be treated as new members until they are definitely prooved to be a retread. A welcome like that is enough to scare many a new member off for good. I was seen as being Pete for months when I started. Several times I thought it would be better to give up. Some probably wish I had... Whoever he is, he has a point about the new members he listed not hanging around
  13. Maybe, just maybe, Colin is not Pete. Just a thought...
  14. painter

    Premium Economy class

    My first few trips were out of LHR on a similar 747. Sat right in the pointy bit. Great seats, loads of space, and only minimally less than economy
  15. painter

    Premium Economy class

    I used to use Eva's premium economy a lot...more leg room, a slightly wider seat, but for me the biggest advantage was having a double arm rest between me and the next seat, so wasn't always fighting my neighbour for it. I'm surprised more airline don't include it.