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Welcome to Pattaya Live, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of Pattaya Live by signing in or creating an account.
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  3. Its something we can't really change the colours at the moment but i've made a few text changes which im hoping to looks more clear to the members. As you can see the first post in the bronze section shown as a "General Discussion" The 2nd post is in silver and now marked with the word "SILVER" and the same to the 3rd post in gold as marked with the word "GOLD" Both silver and gold DO NOT use the word "general" no more...
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    Guest Members Posting

    Anyone who chooses not to sign into the forum will see this at the bottom of every post:- As you can see this will tell you that you need to be a member to post, this has always been the case. As you can see you can also sign in using Facebook and a Twitter account but this will show as a guest user. This has come into play since the last update.
  5. Posting rights was given to none members in the open section of the forum to encourage them the sign up. The only way a guest can post is to login using social media accounts and then they could only post into the open section until today. As from today that has been removed and now only signed up members can now post onto any part of the forum.
  6. To all members Due to the current situation we are now monitoring BM's post more that before and if we feel the need to censor a BM's posting then we will do so. This means you will be warned that your post will need to be approved by admin or mods before its posted onto the forum. This is normally set for 12 hours but its easy to extend there restrictions. Thanks Lanzalad First one is matthew.. You have a censored Moderate Content on your profile All of your content posted by the your self until the 19-10-2016 at 06.00 GMT (12.00 +6) will need to be manually approved by admin or a moderator before it can be viewed by the forum.
  7. Welcome to the Pattaya Live Forum which for the purposes of this page may be referred to as “Pattaya Live” or simply as PL PL is a forum intended to be fun, entertaining and informative for registered members over the age of 18, where you, as a member, can share stories, reports and information of interest to other members, make friends and become a part of a community that doesn’t accept baiting, flaming or aggressive insults but does welcome banter, humour and fun. PL Forum is free to join, your details are not shared with other forum members unless you choose to do so. When you register you choose a user name that is unique to you and a password that protects your content from being read by others on your computer. That password should be protected . From the start you can post questions, read discussions and take part, that’s how PL works, PL is a community, As a community we don’t tolerate abuse: nor any posting regarding the Thai Royal family, anti government or military, we monitor the board on a regular basis and anyone violating these simple rules is either suspended or banned as a member. We are not the police, and don’t have the time or man power to put up with the small minority that may make the board uncomfortable for others. We have different levels: The lower levels up to and including Bronze are totally flame free and new and existing members need to be aware that these levels are our welcome platforms for visitors. Rudeness in these levels is considered as anti social and these are the areas that we moderate heavily in order that our new members feel comfortable to post. Once you are an established poster, you may be invited to other levels within the PL Board. The easiest way to access these is to post and make yourself known and then contact the admins or mods. A visit to the Rock House in LK Metro and a chat with any of the mods or Alex will often give you quicker access to the other levels too Business Owners are welcome to post: and we recommend using the business areas within the flame free region of the board, (Bronze and below). Other members are of course entitled to post in your threads, they can post positive and negative experiences but will not be allowed to flame your business in your post area (thread). PL recognizes that times are not easy for business in the city and posting here may gain you free exposure, extra customers and feedback that you may be able to take on board to improve your business. HARD AND FAST BOARD RULES 1.. the rules may change: this is an evolving board with diverse membership and interests. Moderators (those who oversee the board) may choose to hide or delete any post, at their discretion, in the interest of the community. Their decisions are in most cases final, but they may choose to discuss your post with you and offer you the chance to amend it. 2..We ask you not to share passwords or content with non board members: Harmony is key for all and protecting fellow members by not sharing posts or photographs encourages more contant and posts of interest 3..NO DISCUSSION IS PERMITTED on the following subjects: HM the King of Thailand, The Monarchy or members of The Thai Royal Family. 4..NO DISRESPECTFUL posts are acceptable with reference to: the Thai Government, its agencies, authorities or armed forces. No Mention of GAMBLING or ILLEGAL SEX ACTS is allowed on this forum 5..SERIOUS ABUSE OF OTHER BOARD MEMBERS: simply put, that’s not going to happen. Fun is fun but trolling , chasing, attacking, bullying, attacks on business posts, Questioning Moderation (openly), Quoting posts from senior levels in Junior levels ( ie silver to Bronze) or posting lies intended to cause damage or injury to others is not tolerated. Any posting considered to be Abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, obscene, profane, threatening, vulgar or illegal in Thailand or the hosting nation of this forum will lead to penalties and/or expulsion 6. SPAMMING: no spamming is allowed. No warning will be given, Spammers are simply blocked 7..EXPOSURE OF REAL NAMES: You are given the choice to use a “user name” when you sign up. This may or may not be your real name. In the event that you choose to use a name other than your own, ( provided that it does not purport to be that of another member). No other member may address you by your real name without your permission publicly on the forum, nor will your email address ever be revealed unless by you 8.. DUPLICATE MEMBERSHIP: you may have only ONE membership to this board 9..Intended Religious or Racial slurs against another board member are unacceptable 10..Posting of material to which you do not have copyright is not accepted, such as photographs or cut/paste from other forums 11. by joining or posting in PL you agree to the above and to hold PL harmless for any and all content you post. In the event that PL is approached by a legal entity and it is considered that a member has posted illicit material we WILL divulge all details available to us at that time and subsequently 12… PL reserves the right to reproduce or share anything that is posted on our site but will respect your privacy with regard to pictures and/or identities.