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  1. Istanbul................. Part 3

    I'm a bit bewildered by that comment and can see no relevance to any of my background or academic skills. What makes you think I won't move on somewhere? Just because I've made this part of Australia my home, my financial base, my area of stability, does not mean I won't move on. That was indeed the main reason for my diversionary trips in the Philippines, particularly to Baguio, which unfortunately was not quite cold enough for me. Fortunately I have a myriad of options, even within Australia, or New Zealand. So 2 minutes of writing and I still wonder WTF the science vs construction thing is all about. I don't suppose you'd care to explain?
  2. Istanbul................. Part 3

    But don't forget you wouldn't be crawling in freezing rain and snow, unless you were as pissed as a frog. You'd be in your heated home, or driving your heated car, and in heated bars and restaurants, looking out at the snow, and not sweating your bollocks off.
  3. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    The name of the photo describes it. If it says 'another Mines view', that's what it is. I have already said I don't do photos. I don't stand there and think....mmm, great photo opportunity. I just do the occasional snap so I will remember if I was really there or just dreaming. I tried resizing and it still won't let me post in a thread, don't know why, don't care, it's an admin thing, and seeing as there's no admin around, it's not going to get fixed.
  4. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    It's a good album by The Pet Shop Boys.
  5. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    I've already posted the few pics I have in the Gallery, as stated a few posts back. Check All Activity and you'll find them. Oh, I have net Parky in real life, he's a loud-mouthed cunt there too.
  6. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    The only person who has to move on is you. Promoting friendships? Catch a grip, you go out of your way to attack everyone new to the board as you think they are all me or another retread, and anyone you take a dislike to. You really are one of the most hypocritical people I have ever encountered. The board isn't going to thrive, it's going to close in 2 months because of lack of funds and because everyone has been driven away by your incessant sniping and regurgitation of the same old shit. Get over yourself.
  7. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    Thanks for the nice comments. You know some people, well maybe one, goes on about the ethos of the board' like its main goal is to protect the identity of posters, you know some sort of special place where someone can abuse the f**k out of everyone and hide behind 'the ethos'. Well as far as I am concerned the board is not about that. Most of us know its origins, Mulphy being banned from Secrets, the three Musketeers, Mulphy, Casper and Kolobos getting together to make this board which had many intended desires, admitted or not. Promotion for businesses, sharing information about Pattaya and elsewhere and a place for like-minded people to have a bit of a laugh, hopefully meeting online buddies IRL sometime later. The old board was a robust place, and it was sink or swim, whether that was good or bad, but everyone was a member of the board for one reason-mongering, perhaps more specifically mongering in Pattaya. Trip reports were always an important part as it gave people an insight into places and people they may like to go to or meet.A TR was always written from the perspective of the writer, their own story, and the board was a place where one could 'spill the beans' . I find it sad then that our Frog in the jungle saw fit to criticise my lack of photos, and then to make a comment about my latest 'love'. It wasn't exactly mongering, but I offered a lady money to be my tour guide and sex buddy. What I got was a lady who rocked my boat sexually, no mean feat anymore as I am getting bored with sex. I mentioned her because she was part of my story, and yes, I'll miss her. A caring lady who speaks English, Arabic and 2 Filipino dialects, who gets paid 400 Pessos/day. No matter what people think about me, I am basically a people lover at heart and I do care that nice people get a bad deal fairly often, especially in poor countries. So I make no excuse for saying it will be hard to get over her. What TS said was out of line, but that is to be expected, and doesn't phase me, it's just really f**ken poor form. I will continue to write some observations about my trip to the Philippines and I hope you find them useful or at least interesting reading.
  8. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    Thanks mate. As I said, I am not a big photo taker so there's no point. Now if I were a Filipino female, I'd need 1TB for selfies.
  9. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    No idea, I uploaded some photos to the gallery, that was easy enough. I'm not a big photo taker so don'rt expect much.
  10. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    Even on my laptop it says this: Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 0.1MB
  11. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    Maybe I am restricted.it won't even let me upload the screenshot thatsays I am limited to 102.4 kb. I'll have to try my laptop
  12. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    I tried to upload some photos but they are all around 2.2 mb and too big to upload. If I could be arsed resizing them I might.
  13. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    Baguio is a different world. I have some photos but can't upload at the moment because Parky has given me the shakes. They aren't very good anyway. I searched for cool (temp) places in the Philippines and found quite a few, including Baguio, the Summer Capital. Most of the country's vegies are grown there. It's a 6-8 hour coach ride from Manilla, which isn't as bad as it sounds. I could never get the first class, but the ordinary air con is fine, better seats than any plane and 3 stops for pee breaks and food. It is up in the mountains, and thank f**k, it is cooler up there, we re talking about 24, maybe less in the daytime. Beautiful, except for one thing. Hills, the whole f**ken place is full of hills. You seem to go up and down a bit than up again, and even 24C makes a fat cunt sweat!. It's the Philippines, it has a lot of people-I saw 4 other Caucasions when I was there, but like all the Filipinos and the Philippines, they are so f**ken polite. Manila (shit hole), Davao, Siargao, Baguio, whatever, so polite and even saying Salamat po gets a big smile. Flippers, apart from the nasty cunts around Manilla are such lovely people, not like the surley Thais. I had prearranged a tour guide/f**k buddy. I tried the same for Davao but wasn't succesful. This girl, Rov, actually answered my post and said sjhe is in Manilla but was born in Baguio and knows it well, and was up for sex. I have to say, in all my years, and even with my missus who is f**ken beautiful, this girl, 39 year old, was the best f**k I have ever had. Sometimes she would just climb on me and talk about premature ejaculation-not me , her, Christ, 20 seconds she was a mess!. Skinny as f**k, I mean really skinny, I could hardly even grab her arse, so I just used her hips. Kissed like a woman in love. f**ken dreadful stretch marks even for a skinny girl and pancake tits, but on the journey up on the bus I spent 3 hours with my hands on them. It was on of those things that after a day you realised it would have to be a financial relationship, nothing more. One night when drunk she said to me that if I didn't have a vasectomy she would be OK to have my baby. I've got to say, skinny body, tooo skinny, a bit of an old face, all compared to my missus, but fantastic English, a caregiver, who had worked in Qatar for 2 years and she had a FB chat with a friend there and she was speaking fluent Arabic, I was thinking, thank f**k I am paying this girl money. But there you go, she gets paid 400P as a caregiver in Manila, just left her job, I offered her 2K as a guide plus sex. Day 3 I got some money and paid her in advance, told her I would be giving her a pay increase because of her kissing, so I gave her 15K. She didn't look at at until about 5 hours later and she tried to give me change! What can I say? I asked her and she loves sex. Would she have taken the 2K/day. most definitely, but you know when 24/7 someone is willing to mount you, albeit a skinny wee thing, WTF? I jhope to catch up with jer again sometime though she may be in the Middle East, Singapore or HK. Anyway, Baguio. Like Davao, which I didn't mention, honest taxi drivers, strange in the PH. Starting rate there 35 pessos. 100 is $2.50. I never gave less than 100 or 200 because f**k me these guys are honest, use the meter, don't refuse a fare, and are so thankful. It's funny as they all drive with the windows open, beanies on and a jacket. It's also funny to see people walking around in beanies and jackets. Now the internet claimed the temp was sometimes 14C, was it f**k, although Rov was always cold, but I was sweating, probably because of the f**ken hills. There are a few attractions like Mines lookout, the park, Burnham I think, and a few others you can find online, but Baguio is different. People there have respect for their city. On my first night there, Rov and I walked onto a road and an old man said " Sir, Miss, no jaywalking in Baguio". FAF, we used that line the entire 5 days as we jaywalked. But here's a thing, a zebra crossing anywhere in the Philippines means somewhere you can get knocked down, in Baguio it almost means something! For those who like Jollibee, 7 inside 400M, come on. Lots of places to eat and drink, nice mountain views lovely people, cool, compared to the rest of Asia, a great place to visit. Getting over Rov will be difficult.
  14. Siargao, Davao and Baguio

    Mate the eco stuff looks great, they have mountain biking ona zip line, wait until you hear about Baguio.