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Evil Penevil

Bite Me Bistro On 3Rd Road

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Inspired by reviews on FB and some of the Pattaya boards, a friend and I ate dinner last night at Bite Me Bisto. It's a newly opened small restaurant on the corner of Soi Lengkee and 3rd Road, so very convenient to the LK Metro area.


I agree with what others have said in various reviews: Bite Me Bistro is a welcome addition to the Pattaya food scene. In terms of flavor, seasoning, freshness of ingredients, preparation and presentation, BMB is punching way above its weight class for such a modestly priced restaurant. I've had much less expertly prepared food at far higher prices in Pattaya.

Bottom line: Both my friend and I thought it was one of the better meals we've had in Pattaya in the 450-550 baht range (two courses and a bottle of beer). The owner, Ewan from Scotland, is very friendly and more than happy to talk about his plans for BMB. He has wisely chosen a limited menu (four starters, eight mains and three desserts) that he plans to change frequently.

Bruschetta and seared tuna are both favs of mine and that's what I had. The bruschetta was excellent; thin slices of grilled bread topped with tomatoes and roasted eggplant and onions. It had a subtle hint of herbs which I liked. But it has to mentioned that this isn't the chopped tomato bruschetta with which many people are familiar. It was a touch heavy on the olive oil for my taste, but nothing serious. I would also have preferred slightly thicker bread as the base, but focaccia, the type of bread most often associated with bruschetta, comes in many forms. In all, the bruschetta was reasonable at 150 baht.




The sesame seared rare tuna was my "main dish," although I took it in starter size at 195 baht. Fresh, high-qaulity fish on a salad of pickled vegetables with ponzu dressing. Ponzu is a Japanese citrus-and vinager-based sauce that perfectly complements (but doesn't overwhelm) the flavor of the tuna.





My friend had the sea bass fillet with white wine dill sauce and Mediterranean vegetables. He eats a lot of fish in Pattaya and really enjoyed that it was poached and not fried. It cost 290 baht for a substantial slice of fish.



He also had the strawberry shortbread dessert and enjoyed it very much. He gave me a little piece and it was indeed good. It cost 120 baht.




I didn't have dessert but contented myself with an excellent glass (not cup) of coffee latte.


I'll definitely be back to try more of the main courses, with the lamb and the New York strip steak at the top of the list. A big thumbup.gif and clap1.gif from me.

Some small points to note: BMB has six tables that seat four each, so I imagine it could fill up at times. I can also imagine parking could be a problem, but I believe you can find a space on Soi Lengkee



The latest menu, nicked from the Net. There have already been changes from the menu I saw yesterday.




Also a daily set menu:


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Thanks for the review Evil. Looks the business and......as I mentioned on FB.....the chef is the correct nationality.

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Thanks for the review Evil. Looks the business and......as I mentioned on FB.....the chef is the correct nationality.

Judging by the food and style I would have thought he is French. :harhar:

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I had the lamb burger special last night, advertised as "Moroccan Lamb Burger with Houmous and a Yoghurt and Mint Dressed Slaw." It was delicious and well worth the 250 baht.





My only criticism would be that the burger could have done with a bit more hummus (Br spelling houmous) and the hummus could have used a touch of lemon to add some acidity.



All the components of the burger (meat, bun and vegetables) were high quality and well seasoned to bring out the flavor. The lamb patty was juicy and properly grilled.



For dessert, I had the strawberry cheesecake. I enjoyed it a lot, but Americans should be aware that it is European-style cheesecake: lighter, more cake-like and not as sweet as its creamier U.S. cousin. The fresh strawberries and compote really made it special.





A glass of latte was the perfect complement to the cheesecake.


My bill was 510 baht in total (lamb burger, 250 baht; SML, 75 baht; strawberry cheesecake, 120 baht; and latte, 65 baht). I ate at Bite Me around 6 p.m. and most of the tables were already taken, so you might want to call ahead to reserve a table to avoid disappointment.



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Heading up there right now.

Tremendous value, 490 Baht for 3 Courses and a glass of Wine (or Beer or Soft Drink included)





There was an Aussie in there that was so impressed he literally licked his plate clean!

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Hearing great reviews from various friends about this place.

Apparently the Scottish chef is also taking over another restaurant La Saigon.

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Hearing great reviews from various friends about this place.

Apparently the Scottish chef is also taking over another restaurant La Saigon.

Yes, he is also turning the upper floor above the Bistro into a production kitchen turning out ready cooked meals for takeaway/freezing.

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Looks great and for what looks like quality and presentation cheap as chips ..

Yup, for the quality of the food, he is punching well above his price point.

What I also find fascinating about Bite Me Bistro is that I haven't read one single bad review of the place on the Pattaya boards, TripAdvisor or the FB food groups. Amazing! I've never seen that happen before. No matter how good a restaurant is, you'll usually have someone slamming it on general principle.


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Patience EP - that will surely come.

It's not certain - but maybe if we ask Gabor ;-D

Seriously the owner/chef seems a wizard at social media customer handling - as well as with his pots and pans.

Posted from my mobile so I blame any spelling errors on that.

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I had the daily special yesterday at Bite Me as I have a particular fondness for German sausage, potato salad and sauerkraut. I had a vague idea of following up the special with a crepe suzette, but I changed my mind once I had the menu in front of me. I decided to have the arancini as a starter and skip dessert.


Arancini means "little oranges" in Italian, but are stuffed and breaded rice balls which are then fried. It's a dish that goes back more than 1,000 years to the days when Arabs ruled Sicily. There are dozens of different fillings and flavorings used in arancini, ranging from small chunks of cheese to ragu (tomato-flavored meat). Bite Me went with wild mushrooms and parmesan, with the beetroot aioli adding a nice accent.


Good arancini have a paper-thin crunchy exteriors and a creamy interiors. The contrast in textures, or mouthfeel, is a big part of the experience of eating arancini. Because it is a fiddly dish to make that depends on perfect preparation and deep-frying, you don't often see it on menus in Pattaya. If the breading is too thick or it's fried too long, it becomes more like little golf balls than little oranges. Ewan definitely got the texture and flavor right, so if you're a long-time arancini fan or never tried it before, you won't be disappointed at Bite Me. It cost 150 baht for five balls.


The special consisted of four sausages (two pork, one veal and one beef) on a bed of warm potato salad, with creamed sauerkraut and a generous dollop of German mustard (senf) on the side. It all went together very well, with the flavor of the sausages enhanced by the tang of the mustard and the mildness of the potato salad and the creamed sauerkraut.


The sausages, the star of the meal, had a good meaty flavor without any chemical aftertaste. Ewan said they came from a local producer, but I didn't quit catch which one it was.


The emphasis at Bite Me is on quality fresh ingredients that have been seasoned to bring out their natural flavors. I'm personally a fan of big, bold flavors, but balance is also important. The components on the plate should complement each other, not battle for domination. With some main ingredients, it's important that the vegetables or starches that come along with it dance lightly on the tongue. That's where Ewan excels; he is a master at balancing component flavors to create a satisfying whole.



If you prefer German sausage, sauerkraut and potato salad served traditional style in big, hearty portions, that is widely available in Pattaya. Bite Me is alone in offering this classic dish in a dressed-up form.


The total cost of the meal was 405 baht (150 baht for the arancini; 195 baht for the sausage special; and 60 baht for a Singha Light).

Again, another recommended meal from Bite Me.



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Another fantastic review EP, you certainly know your food.

Can't wait to get back to Pattaya to try this place.

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Today's special (250 baht) at Bite Me was black coq au vin, slow-cooked wine and cherry marinated Silkie chicken with straw carrots and Mediterranean couscous.


Not only does the Silkie chicken from China have a rather different appearance, it's skin is black, while the meat and bones are a dark grey.


Not your grandma's KFC!


It was quiet around 2 pm at Bite Me, only four other guests.

This was the day's special, black coq au vin with Mediterranean couscous. It cost 250 baht and a bottle of SML was 75 baht.




The couscous, which also contained quinoa, was outstanding.


The color of the chicken is unusual, but the taste is great. Coq au vin is a French dish that goes back to the Gauls and Romans. It's traditionally been a way to prepare the meat of older, tougher birds like roosters by braising them in wine, with lardons and mushrooms for added flavor. It's come down through the years as a rustic dish that became popular in the 20th century.



However, it can be difficult these days to find roosters and other 'tougher" poultry that has a lot of connective tissue and stand up well to hours of slow cooking. That's why silkie chicken is a good substitute. It has a bit more gamey taste than agribusiness chicken which adds to the overall taste of the dish.


The cherry and wine marinade, as well as the slow cooking, tamed the gamey-ness but still left the meat with a lot of flavor.


The bones were only thing left on my plate.


Bite Me has distinguished itself by giving traditional dishes a new twist through creative use of non-traditional ingredients. The presentation of its dishes has also been striking. It terms of both taste and value for money, it's one of the best places to eat in Pattaya.

And if you've ever been curious about a bit of black cock- I mean rooster- Bite Me's coq au vin would be a good place to start.


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Sorry, I have an aversion to black coq.

I love the Bite Me Bistro, great food, great value, but not sure I could eat that one.

Did you have a bad experience previously with a black coq ?

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I love coq au vin when properly prepared.

And my miss admitted having enjoyed black cock more then once, so I'll have her try it !

Haha, mad and drunk at 07.00 am ...

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