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    I am sitting in a Walmart DC in Baytown, Texas. It is a suburb of Houston. Just waiting to be unloaded. Then it is off to an obscure little town in the wilds of easern Montana with some crap and after that on to North Dakota for a pick up down to Arkansas. It is all bloody go isn't it?? Anyway, after some prompting by Mulphy, Parky and Matthew I have come back. Looks like I won't have to defend my immigration to the USA anymore or be pilloried for standing next to and up for Mulphy. It would seem that maybe order has been restored. Sure hope so. Maybe an explanation for those that don't know me. I am a Brit who left for America in 1984. To say I know something about the USA would be an understatement. I have traveled all of it and continue to do so I am always discovering new things and seeing stuff that takes the breath away. My opinions of America are colored by my origin in the UK. A down to earth take so to speak. Just like so many of you I have traveled the world and have a connection with Thailand. Stick around and I hope I can put something here that you will like. All the best Izi
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    Well guys I have been back here for 9 days. In that time have revived the blog, offered to set up a media locker with TV, audio books and movies, made a contribution, put a shit load of content on here and been threatened by a Dutch hitman - guess he is going to hunt the earth for me. Sounds like a movie title - The Blog Killer. I have to concentrate on work now and have some medical stuff to do. So I am going to take a break for a few days. When I return I will have a lot more material and hopefully the locker will be set up and stocked. Tons more material to post. All the best Izi (The Smelly Trucker)
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    I can vouch for that having met Griffin and his lovely wife.
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    What I will do with this entry is speak about my life on the road in America. I will just keep continually updating it. It seems to me that nobody new to Pattaya Live is reading any of this. It is just old forum members who are aware of my strange life. However for the sake of a fresh start I will outline things a bit. Unlike the majority of American truckers I actually live in my truck. It is not just my place of work but also my home. I have lived in a truck since 2008 on and off and it was the move into a truck that in its own way started this first thread now blog of Snapshot. It was originally called A Small Snapshot Of The Future. It got abbreviated to Snapshot as time went by. The reason for the original title was because I was on the edge of losing everything and I could see that the coming storm was going to envelope Europe too. That what was about to happen to me was going to come to many Pattaya Live board members too. Turned out I was right back in early 2008. The financial crisis happened and for many the world was stood on its head. I went from being an electrical engineering technician at Motorola specializing in RF and oscillators to being a truck driver. My struggle of a middle class life in Fort Lauderdale with year round sunshine, swimming pools, beaches and Cuban 'cuisine' teetered. Then it fell all the while using PL as an outlet for frustration and one final (so I thought) beano in Thailand. However I seem to have a knack of survival and this was no exception. I started driving for others then bought a truck and finally started my own business. There have been some upsets and stupid mistakes over the last couple of years but it had stabilized until 2018. The old truck just gave me the finger one too many times and I bought a new one about a month ago. It cleaned me out. I see hope and a future but it has wiped me out. AGAIN. The trouble with moving trucks is that the money wheel must keep spinning. Otherwise it is all over. Therefore time for adapting the truck into a home can be a real struggle to find. I was in the old truck for a long time and didn't realize just how much I had done until I had to make the move. At the beginning you throw what you think you'll need into the new truck and launch yourself out onto the highways of America to get the money flowing. It is uncomfortable and very frustrating. Slowly you find homes for everything. You make improvements and that truck turns from being a jumble sale into a home. Just as with a house the problem is divided into sections. Kitchen, living quarters, bedroom, entertainment office and bathroom. It can be done but it is slow and tedious and meanwhile you live in what seems like a garden shed. There are cables and boxes everywhere. Milk crates are temporary cabinets and always that elusive tool you need ends up being lost. As time goes by I will show the work that I do to the truck and you will see the changes take place. Believe it or not it takes a lot of woodworking. Yes you wouldn't think that was involved but it is. By using the original Freightliner stuff I can create some beautiful cabinets with sliding drawers. As each box of crap finds its home the truck life becomes easier. Things stop being in the way. It becomes ordered. I have a storage bay in Mississippi and it has turned into a woodworking shop. It is where I make the stuff for the truck. At the moment there is a commode sitting there that I need to put the finishing touches to and bring onboard the truck. I made it for the old one but as luck would have it it is a perfect fit in the new one. I have to creatively make liners for the inside of the walls of the cabinets then shelves then drawers. All the while trying to pay all the bills. It is a challenge. The passenger seat must be removed the airlines tapped off and the cabinet for the fridge installed. Frankly I don't think I have the energy but I must try. I was in Mississippi about a week and a half ago. Taking care of loose ends and paperwork. I threw some more stuff from one truck into the other and headed out pronto. Tupelo where Elvis was born to Memphis then down to Houston Texas. From there up to a remote town called Circle in Montana and then right across North Dakota to Grand Forks which is where I am now. I have a load of Unilever crap to pick up on Monday for Independence Missouri. Kansas City way. I am tired. Driving is tiring. The truck is ok but needs work. Just adjustments. Hopefully I can have the winter without any mishaps. As I said I will update this thread within the blog for trucking stuff.
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    mate youve been away too long and youve missed a lot of what has gone on . it would take too long for me to explain it all to you but the clues and snippets are out there . its not all roses and love hearts on these forums mate , some of us are not friends , some of us have suffered at the hands of others and therefor bad blood exists . im for curing it , its always good for bad blood to be bled , hence why i often say to anyone with a problem with me dont bad mouth me on a forum or facebook group , come and insult me , lie about me , slander me , and make threats to me direct to me . im not difficult to find . on the other hand if any person has not done these things to me i ll greet them with a warm smile , a big hug and a firm handshake and you can be sure a beer will be in front of you in no time . thats how id much rather it was with everyone mate , but it cant be like that because we are dealing with people and people can be pricks . i know you understand about people being pricks because i see you writing about pricks trying to fuck you over on your truck repairs and haulage companies were pricks fuck with your load and black pricks in certain parts of america and of course a subject close to your heart muslim pricks . despite being knifed in the back after i settled down , i went out of my way to keep the friendship between lanzalad and myself but as lanzalad has placed at least 2 people who dislike me in positions of authority on his new forum , i am being fucked around when i try to post on that forum , despite that being the last thing that would maintain the friendship im trying to keep . lanzalad could cure it in seconds . but lets leave that behind on your blog and answer your questions re the forum , the members , post counts etc . answer is all pattaya forums are well down on how popular they were several years ago mate , facebook diluted the interest , too many forums diluted the members and content and the fact many ex posters are dead , moved away or no longer visit pattaya dilutes it even more . believe it or not pattaya-live is actually probably busier this last 6 months than its been in years . the fact the membership dug in to pay for its costs proves some people enjoy it here , dont want it to end and proves some people have a loyalty . you missed it but only 2 months ago a board member found themselves in a very serious problem and ended up in jail here and could have faced years in that jail had the members here not very quickly put a hat round and paid away his problem and had him repatriated to the uk . that showed community spirit , caring and empathy . thats what forums are all about . apart from the few who want to upset and cause trouble in the community , friendship is what its all about mate . blogs are few and far between on pattaya forums and your is outstanding on any forum , you write it well and its interesting stuff , but you can only get access on this forum to those that read it . thats just the way it is . yes id love to see more members make more posts just like you , but i cant make them . despite all of that , this forum is alive and well and your blog is another string to its bow . take that as a compliment .
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    I know what you mean. I have reached a point where I don't ever really get drunk. I drink then go to sleep and wake up feeling like shit. What is the point? I used to get a buzz on but nowadays nothing. I can drink a whole bottle of sherry or a 6 pack of beer and it is the same. Liquor is the same. Pointless. I need to feel sober in the mornings. It is why alcohol is so strictly banned by the feds. Alcohol is not allowed on the truck. Not even in an unopened bottle buried in luggage. Even if it is a gift. You are not allowed to go to a bar, drink 1 beer and return to the truck. The fact you have the keys in your hand is enough to lose your license. Saying you are parked for the night is no defense. The penalties are SEVERE. I have seen one guy in Maryland led away in handcuffs. Yet they sell it in many truck stops. It is such a temptation. I have an addiction which I conquered back in the 80s but it flares up. My goal is to once again completely remove this pointless habit from my life. Fortunately the real addiction was fought and beaten in the 80s as I have said. That was a painful nasty affair. 12 years zero alcohol then I started again in 1999 in Penang. Never stopped since. It peaked then settled right down. Now I can put the stuff down for long periods of time. Doesn't bother me. I can't keep up with Pattaya meetups I have no desire to drink that much. Again I say pointless. I don't criticise anyone else I only talk for myself. I think my health is going. I now have mild type 2 diabetes and on a basic medication. That is not the problem. I strongly suspect I have something serious wrong with me. It has been going on for two and a half years. Alcohol doesn't help. So I am trying to completely eradicate it from my life. It is going well. I don't suppose I should even talk about this. It is just that I have found a way to live after I retire and I was looking forward to it. You may remember some of those photos I put on facebook and my explanation. One thing is for sure alcohol has outlived its usefulness and attraction.
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    Great to be reading your trials and tribulations again as well as your travels on the road. As I said to you before, when I'm reading your stories I'm seeing it all in my mind. Whether its 1, 2, or 3 years away I'm looking forward to a few beers with you.
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    Thank you for that great response. I really enjoy smart responses. I agree with all you have said. I do not have knowledge of the Pattaya forums of late and of course know nothing of your traffic stats that only you can see. So I cannot comment. All I know is what I see. Today I have seen more life here than in the last week. Maybe because it is Sunday I don't know. The number of active posters is less than I have ever seen before and I have a suspicion that it is because many have moved to the new forum. However it was quiet before I left. At that time the things I said in the OP applied and from what I have seen lately still do only more so. Once there were several thousand members of PL now only a few and of that few a fraction post. Then of that few actual ongoing efforts are none. My blog entry was not aimed specifically at you. Partially yes but not exclusively. The original intent of this forum was to drive foot traffic to the Rockhouse and why not. You stumped up the money so you should see some return. It went sideways though. Money caused it. Now that problem is largely solved by a core loyal (I think) group. Do you not agree that it would be best to avoid conflict with another forum and strengthen this one working with what we have? Should I not encourage this hairy mob to take a hand in not just survival of their community but to make it hum? Go visit Costa Rica Ticas they got a thing going on. Been going for years. Quite a forum. Addicts is so polluted with advertising it is unusable. Chat closed years ago. Never been a fan of Secrets or teak door. I think Thai Visa is weird. So there is this little place. And why not? I just think it could be more. I know about Saints and it is great what you all did. I stick by what I have said. Clearly you cannot force anybody to do anything but encouragement never hurt anything. Personally I have been asked to visit the other forum and I have politely said I am not interested. This is where I shall stay. If I am going to be on a forum then it will be this one - far too much water and beer under the bridge to change now. Why go elsewhere? I am going to occasionally push a little though Alex. Meanwhile I will keep my end of this social bargain. Snapshot is back and I will attempt to make it as interesting as I can.
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    The muse is upon me again and tonight I shall tackle a particular American thingy that I have not noticed with Brits. So bugger off muse and leave me alone. I got this. Before I launch into another epic diatribe a bit about today. I am so bent buggered and bewildered that my head was literally spinning after I parked. Today I drove from just north west of Houston to Kansas. In fact at the moment I am the city that gave rise to the Wizard of Oz legend. This is Liberal, Kansas and supposedly the home of Dorothy (and your little dog too). It was about 650 miles through Texas into the Oklahoma panhandle and out into Kansas. I am trying to diet and I haven't touched alcohol for 5 days. I have developed mild type 2 diabetes and have a number of mystery pains that I fear is cancer. We will see. Colonoscopy on the 15th Oct. Been hitting the salads lately and was so tired by the drive that I decided to break ranks and eat at a Wendys. Coming out my head was spinning and I decided to stay put and not use the last 45 minutes on my clock. I am DONE. Then I checked this place. Oh well. I am trying. Ok the subject I refer to in the title is a question that an angry American trucker asked me on my trucking forum. It was in a response I made to a PTSD comment which I will tackle in a different blog entry. He was asking me how long did I serve in the military. I replied smartly that I served in the 2nd Finchley Wolf Cub pack and did 5 years behind the woggle boy and slightly older boy. Sir yes sir. I informed him that I was decorated with badges in fire lighting, knot tying and personal hygiene. I was awarded an official pocket knife the enhanced model with the attachment for removing boy scouts from horses hooves. He was not amused. I would go so far as to say he was angry at me. Which is why, I think, he referred to me as a cunt. I wear the name with pride. Mission accomplished. So what pissed him off exactly? Well it is a trait in America that is hard to exactly get your head around. There is a thing here about patriotism and service to ones country. To national pride, loyalty and the willingness to defend ones country. These are things that most English people don't really know anything about but if you could just walk with me a little you'll see how it can all go horribly wrong. There is nothing wrong with patriotism. It is a good thing but it is possible to go a bit too far with it. In fact Benjamin Franklin - he of kite flying fame in lighting storms (prat) - is quoted as saying that "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" or words to that effect. In other words it is a nice cover up for all sorts of other things. The patriotism is usually represented by the military service thing. So logically it follows, that if you were a member of the military, when you returned to civilian life - if you ever were a civilian - you now have become George Washington. It is your right nay duty to vie with others over how patriotic you are. To stand in corners with others of similar mindset and discuss your patriotism comparing medals and ribbons and to measure each others flag to see who has the biggest one. Anybody who has not - gasp - "served his country" is to be looked down upon and demeaned because as everybody knows 12 years in the catering corp making scrambled eggs is a mans life. I am so tired of these wannabe patriots. I have been since I came to the states oh so long ago. Don't get me wrong people who serve in the military deserve a thumbs up and I have bought a drink for service people quite a few times at this point. However it bears closer examination. In America it is not uncommon to have a family tradition of joining the mob or the skates. Sons will join up because the family expects it. That is one reason and if the young fellow is up for it and isn't being pressured too badly it is probably not a bad thing. Another reason that people join is because they want to learn a trade. It is always computers isn't it? Then they become an armorer and wonder why civilian life just doesn't seem to have the opportunities they require. Then I think the biggest one. They are clueless numbnuts who basically don't have any opportunities in their little podunk town so join so they can at least have a job. I say good luck to all these people. Hats off. ESPECIALLY if during their sojourn in the world of khaki or green and nowadays a fetching sand color they are actually whisked off to bumf**k planet earth to kill and be killed. The essence of the thing you might say. I have the deepest respect for them. My problem is that after Gomer Pyle gets out he suddenly becomes one of the flag raisers on Iwo Jima and that now he "served" his country defending freedom and the American way. They then spend the rest of their lives reliving those days in the motor pool, marching in parades and basking in the glory of PATRIOTISM. Oh and let us not forget looking down their noses at anybody who sold insurance or worked in a factory. Some of this kind of reminds me of Al Bundy. Nothing wrong with any of these things so long as a sense of proportion is retained and maybe just maybe a little self honesty as to why they joined up in the first place. As I say this isn't something you see with British people as all ex servicemen seem to be quite modest about their stint. Especially if they have seen action. My best friends dad wouldn't say a peep about his time in the desert banged up in a tank fighting Rommel. I do know he saw horrible things. This seems to be a very British attitude. Course nowadays you would have trouble finding anybody willing to do what me mates dad did - too busy shaving their head and maintaining their body piercings. So I am not sure if this piece came out the way I wanted it to - let me know what you think. Oh and deep respects to Plaka - Our hero of the South Atlantic - Phil.
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    It has been 2 years plus since I walked away after some appalling shit on here. Parky and Mulphy have suggested several times for me to come back. The pair of them have just finished me off and so I am reintroducing myself. I am not going to go into details as all will become clear as time goes by. I was one of the founding members of this forum and stuck by it through thick and thin. I am a sincere and old friend of Mulphy and will stick by him. As anybody who remembers me will attest to, I bring a somewhat different perspective to this place and actually write CONTENT not "wotcha mate see you in the boozer". Let's see how it goes. It will be a pleasure to get to know the new folk here and say hello to my old acquaintances.
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    I will. I'm angling for a wee side trip to pattaya a next week to "look at golf courses" but nae sure yet lol
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    Eatigo is a restaurant reservation app that gives users discounts up to 50% ,depending on the time of dining. Eatigo doesn't require prepayment or credit card information; all you need to sign up is a valid email address and a smart phone. It's easy to use once installed. Just select the restaurant, time you want to eat (30-minute slots) and the number of people who will be dining. Click the tab and you get an immediate confirmation code that you show to the restaurant staff when you arrive. That's all there is to it. There's no real downside or disadvantage for the user with Eatigo. Its shortcoming is the lack of relevance at present for many potential users. Pattaya has well over 1,000 restaurants but only 48 are listed on Eatigo. That's less than 5% of the total and not all the Eatigo restaurants are in central Pattaya. Some are a considerable distance, as far as 35 kilometers. Moreover, nearly two thirds of them (30 restaurants) are attached to three- to five-star hotels. The food in hotel restaurants is almost always more expensive than the equivalent food in stand-alone restaurants If we exclude the hotel and far-away restaurants, we're left with the following options: Six Indian restaurants in central Pattaya (Karma, Crown of India, Shalimar; Alibaba; Nisha and Suruchi), as well as the Robin Hood Tavern; The Kitchen (two restaurants); Retox Game On; Domino's Pizza on Pattaya Tai; Dicey Reilly's; La Strada; Kasalong; Easy Health; and Pizza Plaza in central Pattaya; Livv on the Darkside and the 8 Horseshoes Tavern in Jomtien. Some of the independent restaurants are specialized and wouldn't be of much interest in terms of everyday dining. Then there's the timing of the discounts. Only off-peak times yield a 50% discount, while the most popular times will give you 10% or 20% off, depending on the restaurant's location. Certainly 10% off is better than a kick in the nuts, but it won't make the big hotel buffets affordable to many punters. Also, the Eatigo discount applies ONLY to food, NOT beverages. That won't matter at restaurants like Retox Game On, Robin Hood and The Kitchen, but the hotel restaurants can charge 140 baht for a bottle of water- and that's their cheapest option. Any specials or promotions on food are excluded from the Eatigo discount. It only applies to regular menu prices. Finally, it is ++ pricing in many Eatigo-listed restaurants. Service and VAT are added, which usually increases the cost by about 17%. Bottom line: Eatigo is still a good deal if you want to eat in any of the restaurants listed, but is of limited use to most visitors and foreign residents in Pattaya. In its current form, it won't revolutionize Sin City dining. Eatigo lists about 650 restaurants in Bangkok, so it's of more use there. Nineteen restaurants in Chiang Mai are included on the Pattaya app. Eatigo also lists restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and Malaysia. Evil
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    I am a huge fan of Tommy. I send him $100 a month to help his family and fight the good fight. I would send a $1,000 if I could. He is the bravest man in Britain and I wish I could fight any f**ker that comes near him. I am 63 and a peaceful man but I tell you what if I was at one of those demos and anyone went near him I would attack like a rabid dog. Sky News part of the slime that laughingly calls itself the news media has issued an apology for the editing slash and burn job they did on him. Utter cunts that they are. He put a video up on Facebook saying this and they have blocked it. All main stream media should burn in hell. Behead anyone who opposes Tommy and righteous Brits. Go to hell Treason May. Burn all mosques and the **** inside. I got yer hijab right here bitch. I wish there was more I could do but all I can do is be an idiot on the internet and send money. It is not enough. I need to be shipping guns over there if I thought anyone would use them. I say this stuff here because it feels like a relief. I have been stifled on Facebook. Banned 3 times for 30 days apiece and a few before that for less. I speak to Americans about all this and I get amazing results. In a bar on the border of Idaho and Montana in the middle of nowhere. Cowboys and truckers. They all knew about Tommy. They all thought it was disgusting. A guy from Wyoming a bull hauler said they make people like muslims disappear where he comes from. That is a BIG range he said. They still hang horse thieves there. They know Tommy and they know they are next. The difference is they carry guns and if these bearded pieces of shit start around them look out. They are not playing. I will update this with all news I see about Tommy and this insane struggle we are all in.
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    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I see the fight taking place between the owners of these 2 forums and I wonder. I have stated why I left and how annoyed I was. Generally speaking though I am over it. I am willing to try again although I am not sure that this is going anywhere. So what is the point of this entry to my blog? Just some suggestions. I had some before but they were ignored in much the same manner that Mulphy seems to be being treated now. So I would like to give my view. Now please remember that I walked 2 years ago so I am not up to speed on all the infighting that has taken place. I suggest a different approach. Firstly the donation idea seems to have worked so that eliminates a big problem. When I am convinced that I want to stay I will throw $100 in but not until. So what is the problem? It is simple really. Not enough members. You can hear the crickets in here. I do not think it matters that Lanzalad has split the membership and started a new forum. It is irrelevant. It is probably a good thing in its own way. I think that belonging to 2 forums is a bit silly but that is for each individual to decide. You see at the end of the day the market will decide. Yes the market. If you have something that people want to join, something attractive and interesting people will come. If on the other hand constant fighting is taking place and physical threats talked about even if it is not aimed at the visitor what kind of impression do you think that conveys? How does that encourage growth and input? It doesn't. Threatening to 'level' people is a bit like that old thing in sales where you never criticize your competitor. It leaves a bad taste. I think this all needs to be looked at from another perspective. What is done is done but a certain amount of loyalty is needed. Or maybe at least honest neutrality. If you have taken the trouble to be a member of Pattaya Live and made a donation maybe two then how about digging in? Make the forum grow and prosper by contributing. Evil Penevil was great at reviewing restaurants. Why has that stopped? Where is he? Why isn't he running a blog strictly for restaurant reviews? Has he left PL for the new forum? Well ok then maybe somebody else who lives in Pattaya or who is a steady visitor can substitute. When I was here before it would sicken me to keep seeing people here constantly say that we needed more content we needed more content. Especially annoying because I was the only one providing any content. Yes ME with Snapshot. Best example I can give is He Who Shall Not Be Named. He would seriously talk about adding content and yet with a job in quasi showbiz he did absolutely nothing except come onto the forum and be a smart mouth. Clever!! NOT. The tools and talent were there but nothing was done. The few core members that are left seem to be much more interested in fighting the other forum instead of ignoring that distraction and instead doing something to add spice to THIS forum. Yes I mean YOU the guy who is reading this right now. Snapshot is a little magazine blog with a couple of specialties inside a larger forum. I did and I will keep it up with pieces and pictures and (I hope) interesting commentary. Why can't YOU do that too? Not enough time? Who cares, if you put something in there once a month and enough people run enough specialty blogs and threads then that in conjunction with the regular forum will provide interest to ALL visitors. In other words I suppose you get out what you care to put in. Why did you make a donation????????? Why contribute to keep Pattaya Live afloat???????? If you don't care about the survival of this forum why did you bother????? The trouble is that all of you wait for somebody else to amuse you. Problem is that this is an online community of sorts and the idea is that you put in not just take out. There are dozens of things that can be championed all you have to do is pick a subject and make it your own. How hard is that? You have seen me do it for many years. So you aren't Ernest Hemingway so what. Do your best and use your intellect to make something from nothing. If you do this then the forum will generate interest and new members. If you do not it will slowly die further until you will be left swinging handbags at each other as you slither off the deck of the sinking Titanic. Another idea that I had was a repository for a book and movie of the month. Downloadable to paying members of Pattaya Live. Password changing every month with a new movie and audio book every month with reviews and synopsis. Fighting and arguing is not the answer. Healthy competition is. I am here right now, I write. I would like to stay. Make me stay. Support this forum selflessly give and it will survive and I do not mean money. Put in don't just one liner it and expect somebody else to do the heavy lifting. Here are some subjects that could be championed. Tommy Robinson. News on the muslim horde. Restaurants. Movies and books. Hotel reviews. A charity support thread. The list is endless. Pick something do your bit and maybe just maybe this place will survive. Otherwise forget it. Now I will shut up.
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    When the muslims take over and they are going to take over the left PC douchebags, the perverts and appeasing politicians are going to be the first ones the bearded ***** execute. The biggest jaw dropper are the poofs and dykes. Frankly I didn't know that we had so many twisted people amongst us. When the islamic rats take complete control these dimwits are going to be executed out of hand. Islam isn't a great believer in 'diversity'. Only in using it to get their own way. The only thing that can save ALL of us and I include America is serious ethnic cleansing. If not they will continue to take power one way or another as they have done in Sweden. I think a Hitler solution is the only answer. I include in that anybody who supports them. You can have no sympathy with them. Rational, adult methods don't work. There comes a time with a child whether you like it or not you have to give it a fourpenny one. Everywhere these people have gone they cause trouble and split the community. They get expelled from Myanmar the world is aghast. Then the truth comes out. They were a source of trouble forever. They messed with the wrong people. The military government in Myanmar will persuade you using new improved death !! The Balkans the same thing. We were led to believe that there was terrible goings on with the poor muslims. Turns out they were cunts and had been for decades. The population was on a slow simmer then up she goes. These people ask for it. I have gone off in the wrong place I should address this in a piece but my views are so extreme that I don't think they would be welcome even here.
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    This present bunch of lads here are sterling ....we will support you sir xxx
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    Firstly price. Yes they can be cheap. Not difficult to buy a truck for $10k and start work. It depends on the market. Also make and year. The market for 2nd hand trucks moves in direct relation to the economy of the country. Far closer than anything else you can name. Cornflakes or DVDs are nowhere near as close a barometer. I said in the old Snapshot that trucking is in step with the country to the tune of 6 months. America runs on trucking. So if people have a need for a job you see the prices go up. When the economy is hurting they go down. As I have said before the world of trucking in America is one of the very few things you can do where you can start with nothing and become a millionaire. The OLD America. A business you can get into at a reasonable price. Everything is controlled by the market. If you have the courage to ride the wave the rewards can be great. Engines are usually 12 or 14 liter. Not sure what my new one is. The old one was 12 I think. They have scienced the shit out of them nowadays. They can do more with less. Completely infested with computers and stuff that most truckers hate like EGR systems. I have a full on EGR system which normally hits fuel economy HARD. My new truck is so efficient that it is the opposite. I will explain about EGR and that asshole state of California in a future blog entry.
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    Izif it's nothing to be ashamed about. It sounds to me like you don't like the relationship you have with alcohol, maybe speak to somebody about it. Best wishes on whatever happens.
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    No really a Newbie, but just re-found this Forum so haven’t been around for a while. Up to January 2017 was a Regular almost annual visitor to Thailand, mainly staying at the Markland Soi 1 for 3 - 6 month stays. First came to Pattaya in 1962 when I was living in Bangkok, visited a few times for short 2 week holidays then from late 1990s came for longer periods. Sadly after my last visit in 2017 I developed a heart problem which at the moment curtails my travelling but I am hopeful that next year I should be fit. Meanwhile I hope to monitor this forum to keep me in touch. Well done Admin for getting the board up and running agai. Be grateful if you would grant me status to access your Gold part so that I get to read all the news. Choc Dee
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    Ok, so as some remember - if you remember correctly that far back - there were several reasons why I quit Pattaya Live in 2016. It would seem those reasons have largely scuttled off which I was informed about by Parky. Therefore I returned after quite some thought. Parky knows this better than many I think. It was discussed at length. One was the debacle over subscriptions and me having the gall, the down right nerve to support the owner of this forum. There was a childish interlude regarding donations and how much. This morphed into what seemed to me a coup d'etat. All input was to be silenced, posts were deleted and my membership contribution was refunded. I had some ideas but they were not welcome. Oh well that is life. I protested loudly but to no avail. I was going to carry on BUT !! One thing frosted my butt badly. It was to do with my immigration to the USA. To America, to a place I have come to love and is my adult homeland. Somewhere that has given me a life and a freedom I could never have had in the UK. I complain sometimes and anybody who is encountering the Iz will wonder what the hell I have to bitch about. It is complicated. All will be revealed to new readers as time goes by. I have never been shy about revealing my life on Pattaya Live. My immigration to the USA was compared to the way the current vermin is pouring into the UK. This made me more angry than you can imagine and right now I am going to explain why from both a UK and a USA point of view. I hope this brings a little light to the problem, and there is a problem no matter what any snowflake lefty might say, highlighting the both muslim and the Latin angle. So how did I end up here 34 years plus ago, a lifetime ago? It was the toss of a coin. It came up heads in a grungy shitty apartment in Maidstone in Kent. That meant America or should I rightly say North America because I wasn't fussy about where exactly. Tails would have been Australia and I sometimes wonder if I lost that coin toss. What followed was a crazy tale that went from Pyramids to drug dealers and Miami Vice to a Cuban wife. It was a helter skelter that I still sometimes think happened to somebody else. The finish was that I ended up a legal resident of the USA in fact sometime after a full blown citizen. So yes I can say cheers mate the same as most of you without you ever knowing that I live Stateside but I can also switch to Texas or Mississippi country at the drop of a hat. Also I carry a gun and yes indeedy I can vote for Trump. You guys wish you had Trump I actually do. lol. So let's talk about immigration and why it pissed me off. It is true that in my own way I came into America by the backdoor. Above board but sneaky. Kind of the same way that muslims have flooded the UK and Europe in general. I didn't force my way in though. I was legal. I didn't throw rocks at a trucker or try to slit open his canopy and hide. I came in with skills, money, education and lots of experience. I fitted in. I didn't try to make people conform to me I conformed to them. It was difficult at times but I did it. This is a bilingual country so I learned Spanish. I am not perfect as Elway can attest to but I am a high functioner. I switch between the two easily. The first real job I got here was simply because I could speak some French. I came with a full basket in other words. To compare me to a welfare seeking breeding machine from Somalia with 2 wives hald a dozen sprogs and totally unemployable would be a tough stretch. And yet !! That was the comparison made by one doofus on PL. I left. I have to go pop this trailer into a door so I will continue this blog entry a little later. I want to talk about Mexico, Central America and the immigration crisis that faces both our countries regarding the survival of our very race. Later
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    Ok guys here we go. There are many things that piss me off in this bright new world that I woke up to in about 2000 or so. Actually I don't think MANY actually sufficiently describes it. One of the things that maked me want to kill people is the advent of so called 'service dogs'. Or hamsters or budgies or gerbils. Nothing against the animal they are innocent in all this and probably think what the f**k is this idiot doing putting this coat on me. No, no it is the moronic owners. Look when I grew up in Britain we had guide dogs for blind people and it was obviously a marvelous step forward. In America they call them seeing eye dogs but it is the same thing. For a person who is blind or is disabled in a wheelchair a well trained dog that is smarter than the average isn't a pet per se but a life giver. It is a way for that person to enjoy life and make a bad situation just that little bit easier. However unfortunately this snowflake generation of fairy faggots, so called 'men' who have to drink soy milk and women who scream shrilly 'rape' as someone brushes by them in a crowded train have turned this boon to mankind into a f**king farce. I actually saw a video on YT of a prat who was outraged and looking for sympathy because a guy gave him a justified hard time in a coffee shop bakery. What had he done I hear you ask?? He took a "service dog" complete with little coat into a food shop. So he was crippled or blind right?? NOPE!!! He had a stutter !!! I shit you not. The guy told him you are a tool get your goddamn pooch out of this restaurant ! Are you nuts? He filmed everything as they do - self defense by camera - saying he was going to post it on YT. The guy told him to stick up his ass. He actually then tried to defend this bullshit by posting the video and you would be shocked at the number of pussies that rushed to his defense. I torn him an ass. I called him the wanker that he was. I was the bad guy. Watch Izi. Be like Izi. lol These pricks have taken something that is good and useful and turned it into a ridiculous thing. It is equivalent to the footer players nowadays who dropped to the ground grasping their leg like they just stepped on a landmine. Then they rush out there with medical bags, oxygen, life support equipment and stretchers. My old PE teacher would have walked up to you and kicked you in the balls. I had a friend in Kentucky who's daughter has a girl in her class who has to have a dog in the class with her. WHY I hear your plaintive cry?? Because she has anxiety. She has been 'diagnosed' with anxiety by some idiot 'doctor' who got his medical degree from the bottom of a cornflakes box. So she has to have a service dog. OMG!!! Some of the self entitled bastards I have seen on planes with their so called service dogs make you want to just walk up to them and punch then right in the mouth. I include women in fact they are the worst. f**k everybody else I am special and nothing says special like a service dog. I am handicapped I have a lazy eye. The worst of this is that it demeans the role of that dog who makes a blind persons life just a little bit easier - you know, someone who actually needs a bit of help. These millennial milksops make me sick. Told you I was back Wait wait there is more sure to piss off LOTS of people.
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    Thank you Parky. This forum has a blog section so I have just restarted Snapshot. I will try to make it interesting. Trucks, cowboys, history, technology, politics and of course Thailand. Let's see if we can actually add some CONTENT her not just piffle.
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    Championship by a mile Murchie, I can’t wait for next weeks game. I think I said in here last year I wasn’t disapppointed we were relegated, but it’s early days, we are in a great position. And we shouldn’t have lost at Middleborough ( they scored in the 94 min I think) or our first home game against Bolton. I’m really happy with the seat I have got and am discussing right now about block booking most of the rest of this seasons home games.