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    I'm going to have to start getting Sunday nights off of work again.
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    I'm a big fan of Taco Taco, but I haven't been back too many times since they moved to Soi 9 off Pattaya Klang, simply because the old location, a stall in the Soi Buakhao night market, was more convenient for me. No doubt, though, that the new enclosed, air-conditioned restaurant is a far more comfortable place to have a meal than a fold-up table in front of the old stall. The menu has expanded considerably, too. I went back yesterday to try the Taco Tuesday special: And a tempting pic from Taco Taco's Facebook page: The following tacos cost 60 baht each all day Tuesday and you can mix and match as you please: You can also choose hard-shell corn tortillas or soft wheat tortillas. I picked column B and had the conchinita pibil and chicken tinga in corn tortillas and the smoky beef on a wheat tortilla. The order came with three in-house-made sauces: the iconic Mexican pico de gallo (aka salsa fresca or salsa mexicana); habanero chili hot sauce (fiery hot ) and pineapple salsa. The pork, chicken and beef in the tacos had been slow-cooked with Mexican spices. The cook didn't skimp on the chili content and the chicken tinga and smoky beef had quite a kick without the hot sauce. The conchinita pibil was a bit milder with a sweet-sour flavor to the pork. It's based on a traditional pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula and is a favorite of mine. I hope Taco Taco spins off conchinita pibil into a main dish and not just a taco filling. The meal cost 180 baht for the three tortillas and 20 baht for a bottle of water. Bottom line: Since Dave's Cantina closed, these are the best tacos in Pattaya. They aren't the biggest, but definitely the best tasting. Some other taco variations on offer on the regular menu. Taco Taco also has weekly specials and this week it's three-bean chili con carne with rice and nachos: Evil
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    Hello pattaya-live I'm newbie - in next winter i want explore that city including everything what city offers For now i collect any useful tips.
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    Posted just now I don't write often about fast-food chain restaurants in Pattaya, mostly because I don't eat in them except on very rare occasions. On an impulse, I tried Texas Chicken at Central Marina. I was pleasantly surprised; the chicken I got was better than I had expected and it qualified as good. Texas Chicken is the name Church's Chicken operates under outside North America. It's the fourth largest U.S. fried chicken chain in both number of outlets and revenue, but I can't recall ever having tried it in the U.S. as it doesn't have stores in the eastern states. I ordered the three-piece combination for take-away. It cost 159 baht and came with a small order of French fries, one biscuit and a "bottomless" cup of soft drink. I also got some mashed potatoes with gravy for 15 baht. I drank my ice tea in the restaurant; I didn't want to lug it to my hotel. Here's what I got in my take-away box: The three pieces of chicken were all white meat, not thighs and legs. They had been battered and deep-fried properly, crisp on the outside, the meat juicy and full of real chicken flavor. It was far superior to greasy KFC chicken with its soggy batter and tasteless meat. The sides were less impressive. The French fries were industrial-style and the mashed potatoes had started out as flakes from a package. The biscuit had been topped with a honey-like sweetener and had a strange texture. It wasn't bad, but reminded me more of a dough-nut hole than a traditional biscuit. Bottom line: I don't often get a hankering for U.S.-style fried chicken, but the next time I do, I wouldn't hesitate to make a return visit to Texas Chicken. The restaurant has plenty of special offers. In that sense, it lives up to its U.S. reputation as the "poor man's KFC" because of its lower prices. Evil
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    They would be if they were his.
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    Sukiya at Central Marina is the Pattaya branch of Japan's largest gyūdon (beef bowl) restaurant chain with 2,390 units in Japan and multiple branches abroad. Gyūdon consists of thin slices of beef and onions simmered in sauce of dashi, soy sauce and mirin and served on a bowl of rice. It's a popular fast-food dish in Japan, although it's not considered part of classical Japanese cuisine. I recently had the gyūdon with leeks and a softly poached egg for 109 baht. It was very good and filling enough to serve as a lunch. In addition to beef bowls, Sukiya also offers fried chicken and pork bowls as well as various noodle dishes, combinations and sides. I also tried the fried chicken bowl set with four thick slices of salmon sashimi, miso soup and four minuscule sides (corn, mushrooms, potato salad and savory egg custard). It cost 214 baht, with the sashimi pushing up the price. The same combination with eel rather than salmon cost 159 baht. The taste was good and everything was fresh. I particularly liked the Japanese-style fried chicken and savory custard. The interior is clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. The times I've been there, the other guests have been Japanese or Thais, mostly families with kids. Sukiya does a landslide business with its 10-baht soft ice cream cones. Bottom line: In terms of taste and value for money, Sukiya beats the hell out of Western fast-food places in Pattaya. Portion size is fine for me, but those with bigger appetites would probably need to order several dishes. Sukiya's slogan is "Save time and money," and that's a pretty accurate description. For a quick fix of Japanese food at a cheap price, Sukiya fills the bill. I'll include some photos of menu pages and specials to give a better idea of what's on offer. Evil
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    Disagree...How can it be a disgusting post when it's the truth ?
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    Here to help. Ps you don’t get the train from Dubai to Bangkok
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    He was released from jail in Thailand and made to serve a years jail in the UK, he was released in 2014.
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    Word on the street is dividends aren't that important to OAPs in Indonesia.
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    I have only had the specials , I used to get a normal menu in another place .. got terrible food 🥘 poisoning once so swerved Indians 😎
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    we always go there,never had a bad meal.be there soon.
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    It’s 230 before 6.00 .. had it twice in last month ,it’s tidy as you say .. Regards Charles of Chasetown
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    I know one little cunt who will be there, I may just catch up to catch up.
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    Everything's for sale in Pattaya
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    Three strikes and the Chunky Monkey on Soi Buakhao is out for me, at least when it comes to eating a main meal there. Last night I had my third mediocre meal at CM and I'm being generous to call it mediocre. I had the meatloaf, mashed potatoes with onion gravy and garden peas for 169 baht. This is the classic meatloaf meal and one I remember fondly from my childhood. My dad loved it hot with mashed potatoes and peas, or cold the next day in a sandwich, so my mom made it one night every week. It was also one of the very few school lunch dishes I liked as a child. Meatloaf is popular in home and institutional settings because it is an easy recipe that is cheap and quick to make. If newlywed brides as well as the cooks in schools, prisons, mental hospitals, homeless shelters and on military bases and aboard ships can get it right, it's a shame the cook at Chunky Monkey can't. It is indeed a large portion, but a heaping mound of mediocre food is not a positive thing in my book. It just means more of it will remain uneaten. However, I do appreciate that if someone on a tight budget cleaned that plate, they'd be getting around 1,500 calories, which is what an older person needs every day. The meatloaf screamed "no seasoning!" at me. A mixture of ground beef and pork baked with egg and bread crumbs as a binder has very little taste on its own, but there are 1,000 ways to add flavor. Any kind of sauce ( Worcestershire, BBQ, chili, steak); bacon bits; garlic; any of a number of herbs and spices; ketchup; mustard; even salt and pepper would perk up the meatloaf. The cook at the Chunky Monkey skipped all of them. Bland, bland, bland. The ground meat itself must have had a high fat content, as it was greasy with an unpleasant mouth feel. The frozen peas hadn't been boiled long enough and were quite hard. The gravy was very salty and also a bit greasy. The mashed potatoes were OK, but could have done with some sort of seasoning. To lift the meatloaf from the depths of insipidity, I made liberal use of the well-stocked condiment basket on the table. That pushed the meatloaf into the somewhat palatable category. If it hadn't been for the condiment basket, I would have rated the meatloaf as poor. North American meatloaf is almost always topped with a glaze. ranging from dollops of BBQ sauce out of a bottle or spaghetti or pizza sauce out of a can to complicated variations based on homemade tomato sauce. The Chunky Monkey's meatloaf had no glaze, so it was U.K. style. But if you read the meatloaf recipes from Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, you'll see they use a lot of seasoning and other ingredients to add flavor, which the CM's didn't have. But theirs no doubt many Pattaya residents and visitors like the Chunky Monkey. I ate at about 8.00 p.m. and there were 25 diners in the enclosed section and another 15 or so outside. Just about all of them were eating, not just drinking. I assuming that has to do with the prices and not the quality of the food. No doubt CM is a cheap way of filling your belly. There are numerous specials on top of the low everyday prices. Wow! But the prices of the Monkey Madness specials on chicken, fish & chips, sliced steak and pork chop debuted at 79 baht and are now 99 baht. It seems to me that the food and service at the Chunky Monkey has gone down steadily since it opened. In the beginning, the food was good and the staff friendly. Not so last night. The server literally threw down the menu on my table without a word of greeting or a smile, then came back 30 seconds later and asked, "What you want?" If that were to happen to me in a restaurant in North America or Europe, I would answer "Nothing" and walk out. However, in Pattaya I make allowances for language skills and work load. They were very busy last night at the CM. It's also possible several months of dealing with chea- I mean, price-conscious, budget-minded customers- has left the wait staff jaded. It does appear the service at CM is getting close to the infamous "service with a scowl" at the original cheap-Charlie bastion, the Sailor Restaurant. Bottom line: I won't be back to the Chunky Monkey unless I have strong reason to believe the food has improved. Evil I'm including a few pics of the menu to give a better idea of what's on offer and how much it costs.
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    I haven't tried it yet but I will, hopefully this week. Evil