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    FFS, Mathew, how many times have you posted this in the past ?
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    Fuck me dead. Matthew, are you bright enough to know how fucken dumb you are? It is the BM formerly known as Midnight Moon. Remember, he was Admin? His first name is Jon, so he came back as admin to fix a fuck up and used the handle Admin-j, for fucken john. He is not Parky. MM and Parky are 2 different people. Will you stop being a stupid cunt and give over with this ridiculous, childish shit. You are not even worth the entertainment value of letting everyone guess how much of a cunt you can be each day. If I were an admin, I'd boot you. Now wise the fuck up.
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    You should, How about Knobhead
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    2018 marks the centenary of the forming of the RAF, and the museum at Hendon are doing some major works to help celebrate this milestone, and because of that, about half of the whole museum is not open to the public due to works going on, but still more than enough to keep you occupied.
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    Ahhh....... of course it will be about "him,him,him,"...... the report is about the trip he is doing...... if you don't like his report...don't read it. As for him saying he got drunk... got a good shag...etc..etc....... at least that is a refreshing change from your continual whining about all things thai...... how bad the place is..... etc..etc.... as you continually post on Thai related boards sitting in your remote Indonesian jungle. How about we at least try and keep the trip report area flame free for the ones who take the time to post them. cheers
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    Hello all, my name is Gary Charlton I'll be traveling to Pattaya for the first time in November with my good pal Al McReady. Hope to meet a few you out there, cheers.
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    the back section of the ground floor of The Avenue has been cleared of all the food and other stalls. Tonight a six-member crew was washing it down. The front bottom section still has food stalls, plus more tables and chairs: A new eating section has opened on the second floor: A Thai man was celebrating his birthday with his wife and a friend. He asked me to take pics. I will email him a copy of them. Evil
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    Yes you can, you can buy baht........lol
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    As the acting senior in my unit, I was called in to see the nurse manager. Apparently a patient had complained about a conversation they had overheard and they were offended by it. I asked her if anyone else had complained, she said as far as she knew, no. So I then said, what makes this person so special that anyone has to give a shit what they think or what offends them? Everyone will eventually find something that offends them. She of course agreed with me. I then asked what the comment or comments were that so offended this soft bastard, and apparently it was some sort of sexual innuendo, and naturally my reply was it was down to them how they interpret an innuendo, and if they can find offence then perhaps they are the ones with a dirty mind, not my staff. I then asked if it was a male or female who complained-it was a female, so I said Tanya, why not just tel her to get fcuked, it may do her some good. She laughed and asked me to have a word with my staff. I then informed her that Recovery is a PC free zone, everyone (except the staff) is under the influence of opiate and other drugs so nothing anyone says would ever stand up anywhere. She again laughed and told me to piss off! Many people didn't like her, I did, her husband is a copper. Thankfully Australia is quite far behind the times in OTT PC, and the NT is even further behind. We call the Aboriginies black fellas, because that's what they call themselves, much like the Kiwi scenario, and new staff from down South are quite shocked, until they get into our ways. Funnily enough, the NT has a very, very diverse population Aboriginies (who mostly live out of town) being the most, followed by Westerners, Chinese, Filipinos, then I think Greek, then Thai, and everything else including Indians and Africans, and you know, we have zero problems with race relations, no ghettos and the only gangs are simply juveniles. I can't help thinking that our lack of PC and not sensetising everyone makes it more harmonious.
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    We need a app that detects if a member is on beer o'clock and restricts their posts
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    Here lies Matty Pissed his way to the top.
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    Maybe I could away a free bag with every funny or semi-intelligent post. I will let you know when I read one.
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    I can vouch for that having met Griffin and his lovely wife.
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    We are planning on a server upgrade to a Linux Virtual Private Server which means we will need to take the forum off line for maybe 48 hours at some point in the next few weeks. Why the move, This will enable us to have full control of our own WHM/CPanel and we will be moving onto a 2 year plan which is the best deal i can find for our use but this comes with a lot of work and down time.. I'm getting prepared now by downloading all the archives to my pc so i have less to do at the time of the move. I will post any times and dates into this thread and keep you all up to speed. All your donations has made this happen..
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    The wife had the Driving theory test app on her phone and studied and studied and then passed 1st time, I was very proud of her.
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    If I get interest here, I'll carry on with the TR, if I don't, I won't bother,up to you as the Thai's say!! The Ukrainian peace deal tour trip report..................... I'm off on an 8 day trip to the ukraine, to catch up with a few friends, and to meet someone that my friend has set me up with. No idea what will happen there, but have been chatting all day everyday for the past 6 weeks and all seems good so far! This trip will make stops in Chernivtsi, Lviv and Kiev. It's not a full on sex tour, (although there will be sex involved) so might not be a lot written about that, although my hotel in Kiev apparently has the biggest knocking shop/ strip bar in Kiev, and the lobby area is packed out with hookers, according to Tripadvisor anyway!!! The photos I add to the report had it happens, will only be from my phone, and I'll add the photos from my camera when I get back to England in 8 days time. Day 1. Up at the crack of dawn and headed into Heathrow. It's a real thick pea-Souter fog this morning, and Lufthansa have cancelled a number of flights out of T2 but luckily not mine. I really hate this terminal!!! I don't really know why, it's just god damn awful and expensive, and full of designer shops. Even on landslide, the is only a Wetherspoons and a costa coffee, nothing else to drink or eat there. Check in was a breeze, no hassles there using the machines, and it's easy to get straight to the bag drop. Choices aren't much better airside either, but the London's Pride pub does some pretty good grub there, or at least the breakfast was good. Full English, orange juice and an Earl Grey tea for £16, that's not too bad in my book. No restaurants open until 05:30am, and shops not open for another hour!!! When I worked airside at Heathrow a few years back, restaurants all used to be open at 05:00 and then most shops opened at 06:00! I guess things have changed since then. Flight from Heathrow to Munich was uneventful, the usual service from Lufthansa and no hassles. Munich airport is something different though. First time I have ever taken a "train" between one terminal and another there. That must be a new thing, although last time I travelling through Munich airport, that terminal I flew out of wasn't completed then. Not a lot of shops or bars and restaurants in Munich airport, and don't be surprised when you see the prices there for a beer, although now with the f**ked up ££££ exchange rate, beer might seem cheaper!!! Mentioned to my "friend" I was having a beer, and almost got chewed out for doing that. She must think I am her property and she can tell me what to do!!! Lol Another uneventful flight from Munich to Kiev airport, and we don't land in the snow that has been forecasted to drop here in Kiev all day. Kind of gutted by that! I wanted snow! Changed some money up here, and got 30 UAH to the pound, which give or take was what I got 2 years ago. Apparently, the UAH is not pegged to the Dollar or the Euro, so they are free to set their own exchange rate. That makes the Ukraine a great value country. BTW! The women I have have seen so far just in the airport are f**kin' smoking hot!!!!!!! (That's if you like white, long legged, tall blond women!!!!) Currently sat in the elephant pub in Kiev airport enjoy a beer or 2, so still have more travel to get to Chernivtsi for tonight......... Will update soon. More to follow...............
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