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  1. Goong tschai nam plaa (raw shrimps in fish sauce) Tom Yum Gung, some veggies in oyster sauce and New Zealand mussels. 840 Baht incl. 2 rice, 400 Baht for 2 pitcher Singha, 62 Baht service charge, total 1302 Baht. Unfortunately the crab was out, suggested the waitress to get a boat and catch some, but she said she wasn't a fisherman(-woman). Service nice, you are greeted at the entrance with something like "Welcome to the View Mare" in Thai and English. For more info and location: https://www.facebook.com/viewmare/
  2. Food was not spectacular, but I would rather go there to enjoy the location and have some food.
  3. Dinner at NaJomtien beach tonight.....View Mare.
  4. Well, usually they don't catch you but the landlord. If you need some papers from immigration and don't have any utility bills or whatever they are asking for proof of address, then I believe the only option is to get your landlord to register you and if the officer has enough time to check all dates (entry stamp, etc.) and checks the PC than the $ sign can light up in their faces.
  5. Immigration is tightening the screws again. You might know that the landlord needs to register a foreigner within 7 days of arrival (or on the same day if it is not a weekend according to Jomtien immigration, but this could depent on the office or officer.) If the foreigner is staying in a hotel, the hotel is doing this. If the foreigner is staying in an apartment or house, the landlord has to go to the immigration, fill out the TM30 form and hand it in together with a copy of the tambien baan, his ID card and copy of the foreigners passport, visa, TM card and rental contract if applicable). Can cost him 1600 Baht if the landlord fails to do so and you may not want to get your landlord upset, so better talk to him. What many don't know: The registration has to be done again if the foreigner has been travelling to another country and returns. (It is not required to file a TM30 after the foreigner is doing a trip upcountry and comes back) This was hardly checked or requested, but things are changing and since this year the immigration is looking more closely. A friend of a friend wanted to extend his visa on basis of marriage, he and his GF thought the company he was working for had registered him together with the WP. When they went to the immigration his GF had to pay 1600 fine and was told to spread the word. Further she was informed that the fee would be 4000 Bt if it was a foreigner who didn't register. Now I don't know whether the TM30 needs to be filed for those who own a condo and you are doing the 90 reporting, but you better check. There is a long thread about this on Thai visa in the Chiangmai forum, do a search for "TM 30" So if your landlord failed to register you, there are 2 options: -You could wait for until you return from a trip abroad and then tell the landlord to do the registration -You tell the landlord to do the registration as soon as possible and if the officer asks him why he hasn't registered you earlier, he could make up some excuses, such as "he just moved in" but beware that if you did some paperwork with the immigration and used the address, they might find out about it and getting pissed off.
  6. Such as golden necklaces, diamond rings and designer handbags?
  7. Chickenpeas, hmm, yes, chickpeas is correct, don't remember what was written on the menu as I was browsing it quickly. GF was hungry and didn't give me much time. In German they are called Kichererbse, kirchern means to giggle and erbse is pea, so it could be translated to gigglepeas, or giggling peas?
  8. Wasn't me. Anyway, today GF and I went to El Greco. This little Greek place run by a Greek couple has received raving reviews on boards and the PBC, so finally I gave it a try. We were the first customers when we arrived around 6:30pm, but 10 more people came shortly afterwards. Good thing is that many dishes are available as small portions, so you can try several without getting overweight. The menu is large, they have Greek food, a couple of Thai dishes, pizzas and pastas. After a free sample of Tzatziki, olives and bread our first dish arrived: pork meatballs, small portion 120 Bt. Nice crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Came with a portion of tzatziki and fries. Next was Falafel with chickenpeas. Never heard of this before but there is no chicken in this dish. It came with joghurt and some brown stuff, which was a bit like hummus, a bit bitter and dry on the tongue. Didn't like this "dressing", the falafel was ok. 130 Bt. GF had the chicken legs with lemon/mustard. Nice, small portion at 110 Bt. Then came the starter: pepperoni with feta cheese. Could have been more cheese on it. Have seen pics from others with much more cheese. Bill came to 630 incl. 2 Leo @60 Bt, a coke and a soda. Service became a bit slow at the end, a few hickups but nothing to get mad. Great to have some Greek food, I found the prices very low. Unfortunately non of the dishes made me say "Wow, I will have this again." Will try some more next time. Food is available with door2door as well. Nice: the kid of one of the guest got some pens and coloring books while waiting for the food. Check out their website: http://www.elgreco-pattaya.com/ Location: driving down Southpattaya Road from Sukhumvit, turn right into Soi 16 (Bongkot?). After a few hundred meters you reach Soi 5, the restaurant is on the right hand side.
  9. So quiet on the board lately.....almost missing Porkys shitfest with MrBluejeans and Mailoobob chipping in. This is major Tom to ground control........
  10. A good apology including sincerity, brevity, remorse, that is what makes a good man. Now try again.
  11. Just posted on Breakfast Club by Queen Victoria Inn Prime food Service Norbest Whole Turkey 475 per kilo tel Alistair 0847 789 054 or email Sales@primefoodservice.netlimited turkeys available
  12. Too lazy to cook croquettes? Bought 1 kilo @ 185 Baht at Aroi today. Was looking in the usual places, such as Friendship, but you get there maybe 3 or 4 large ones for the same price. I ordered them as fully cooked ahead to store them in the freezer and only need to reheat them in the pan (or microwave but then they won't be crispy). Normally they are availabe half fried and frozen, so you fry them further in oil.
  13. http://pattayadailynews.com/pattaya-dj-hit-and-run/ A viral video of hit and run accident spread on social media. It’s estimated that a driver might be famous DJ in Pattaya. PATTAYA – Recently [PattayaDailyNews]; A video of a male driver who slightly crashed a female motorcyclist and he almost slapped her was posted and shared on social media. It became big news in short time, plus internet users condemned this man. In addition, some claimed that he looked like a famous DJ in Pattaya. Internet users criticised that this is really bad because he didn’t only crash and flee away but he also tried to slap a woman. _________________________________ From Thaivisa: PATTAYA: — A man caught on video drunk and abusive after an accident with motorcycle is thought to be a top Pattaya DJ . The man was caught threatening a woman and about to hit her. He fled the scene of the accident after the altercation. He appeared to be drunk. Many netizens comment on the highly inappropriate behavior with many identifying the man as a radio DJ and a recognisable face on cable TV at the resort. ************************************** So, who could be this DJ? Can't be TommyDee, he would never slap a woman. Rather he would have invited her on the back seat of his car and ..........discussed the incident.
  14. Went back to Tree@sea, the waitress is now 8 month pregnant. Haven't been there for a while as they don't offer the BBQ buffet anymore, but they have some other all-you-can-eat offers (399 and 499 Bt) where you can select a few dishes from a small menu and the food will be brought to you. Our party of 3 was not very hungry, we ordered from the regular menu: fried squid, tom yum goong, steamed crabs and BBQ shrimps. The Tom Yum was again lovely, a bit on the sweet side. There was kind of film crew at site, shooting some young models on the "runway" (pier) and staged an interview with the restaurant owner. The food samples which were put on show looked fantastic. The film crew itself was not professional. The interview had to "cuuuuut" twice: first time one of the spot lights went off as the lighting technician was playing on her mobile phone, the second time the camera man stated that his memory card was full. Not sure what her job was but I wanted to make a movie with her....
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