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  1. Think I did a one way with them or it could have been Air India through Mumbai - never again. Was an 8 hour stopover and even though I paid for lounge access it was a hideous ordeal.
  2. You will have to be a bit smartish during transfer. It's a big airport - 20 mins to get off the plane, nice long walk then wait at security and you barely have time for a piss. On the positive side, the last couple of times I did the quick transit through there they held the plane for other passengers to board from connecting flights. Also whatever shit happens it is far better than going through Mumbai.
  3. Not sure the bike could take any extra weight 😁
  4. I know how much you are into your motorbikes mate so I thought I would pass on this opportunity for you to purchase a rare classic. The vendor needs cash for her gambling habit and is open to offers. Apparently farangs "lak mak mak" this type of bike, so if you aren't interested maybe you know someone who might be. 🤣😉😉😉😀 It is a vintage Lifan 😎 I tried my best to not be disrespectful but just couldn't help bursting out in laughter when I saw it. Was laughing all the way round the block when I took it for a spin.
  5. No not me either but I expect Mrs smiler and the kids will want to go. Certainly won't be flying half way round the world to go to a kin mall. Pattaya will always be sin city for me. When I was single I enjoyed the sleeze, debauchery and cheap sex. Life moves on and apart from a few friends who live there some of the time, the place holds no interest for me. So yeah I will be back soon
  6. Could be used as a bargaining chip if you are trying to buy the place. Question is does your landlord want to sell??
  7. Not sure who is taking the piss out of who anymore ......... ..
  8. I am guessing it may be a bit too far away for this mob. They've done a good job in fairness but he did have someone watch over them so that is bound to make a difference. On the flip side there were some things not in the contract that only came to light when the build was almost complete : Only I metre of concrete around the house, he extended to 2 and of course this was "an extra over" and he paid top dollar for it. There was no water run off plans. He paid extra for guttering and drainage again at a premium. Cost just under 2 million Baht and the guy is very pleased. Not my style but I am not going to live there
  9. Where abouts are you looking to build Nick? Mate has just had a place built up here in the Jungle 25 Kms north east of Udon. Canny job as it happens. They delivered exactly what they said they would, stage payments etc.
  10. Yep that goes back a long way. Altogether now: We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and etc etc Miss you wiggy if you read this
  11. Scummers and the skates may not get headlines but there is a fierce hatred between them that goes beyond football. Southampton and Portsmouth for those who don't know.
  12. Bastards. Can't stop singing it now. Do do do do do do do Do
  13. Smiler

    OH GEE!

    He posted the anal video as well.
  14. Last time I looked which would have been September last year, they were in fact dearer than most including Thai Emirates and BA
  15. Same as - new planes, good IFE, good food, decent French red wine and handy short stopovers. What is not to like?
  16. Reckon I must have about £400 worth of 20s with numbers or other writing on that I have accumulated over the years. Keep saying next time I go back I will take them ...... When does the new £20 note come out? Not declare itself gay, I mean when does it go into circulation?
  17. My mate was talking about that. Not sure I would want to be doing it with a big suitcase though. I have done the trip from swampy by rail onto the reservation (soi 4) a few times travelling light. Was painless and quick enough but meh Taxi mostly because it's so kin easy.
  18. That is a fair old stretch of the legs. Great pics as usual, thanks for posting.
  19. Great pictures, thanks for posting and Happy New Year
  20. i was chatting to a couple of long term expats about this very subject at the weekend. Not sure if the metric can be applied all over the world but it would appear that if a marriage lasts in Thailand longer than 5 years then it is likely to continue...... Interesting that a lot of the guys we spoke about were on their second or third marriage (not necessarily 2nd or 3rd to Thai wives) and I wonder if this has a bearing. For myself I married the first mrs smiler at 21 and with hindsight it was probably a bit too early (for me anyway). Again speaking for myself I took a long time in between the first and second mrs smilers. I was looking for someone special and got lucky - 11 years for us and it just keeps getting better
  21. https://www.bbc.co.UK/news/amp/UK-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-42358339?__twitter_impression=true Out sourcing has to make a profit , even though their decisions make no any sense what-so-ever. Apply again it is only £2k.
  22. Yes I agree. There should also be a right to a "family life". Only a dried up bitch like that f**king May creature, who has no kids, could make up a law that would tear families apart. At the same time the right to appeal in court was also removed. They also outsourced the entry clearence staff to the shower of shite vfs.
  23. There are an estimated 30,000 british children who will be apart from one of their parents this Christmas because of the cruel and nasty immigration rules introduced in 2012. Good luck with the human rights route Matty. Not sure why it would apply to your thai wife and not a british childs mother or father but it is worth a try.
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