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  1. Well done for you for sharing that with us , thing is most of us are middle aged and above and most of us on this forum have more then the average intake of the good life and may well have gone over the health advisory limit for alcohol consumption for example.. Worth having things checked out and anything tackled at an early stage.. Now I must follow my own advice and get down the doc's who I have not seen for many a year to get an MOT...Lately I have been totally f**ked fatigued , food blender shit and not feeling 100%..Googled up the symptoms, could be anything, ibs , big C ( not the shop ) diabetes , pancreatic problem etc ..Now I would guess my problem would most likely be alcohol related but I can't let on to the doc my weekly recommended units most likely exceed two months on his his sensible drinking in moderation chart .. Anyway I am long overdue for a check up so maybe as soon as this weekends over I shall get along and do so..
  2. Oh dear, no Red Tube porn for Som na na then...Look on the bright side, your eyesight will improve and you won't have to wear an eye patch like the villain in Thunderball..
  3. As it happens there are few aircraft engineers that I have seen on the ramp that I would think were Muslim..Mostly white , especially the licensed ones not the tyre and oil changers..More chance of the aircraft cleaners that are contractors and predominatly of ethnic background to be a risk to the security of the aircraft..Of course there will always be Muslim engineers at Muslim majority outstations..Risk is always there that a rouge engineer could endanger the aircraft but almost any tampering can be detected on the flightdeck ..
  4. The rule of averages does not work like that with an airline...The more an airline spends on fleet maintenance, training and safety lessens the chances of an incident or air accident ..BA would make more profit if they kept to the minimal aviation guidelines , but they choose to invest in safety ..
  5. Excatly . Passenger Flog and his family of Flogettes should be happy and assured that a higher proportion of his ticket price has been spent on training and safety then a lesser airline would of..The Asian / Middle Eastern might employ cheaper labour that can smile a bit more and give an ice cream service and maybe a toothpick , but when the crunch comes it's BA you want to be with in the event of an incident in the air. Yes I might be a little biased as my future pension relies on BA doing well and I doubt if they could even match the service of the likes of Emirates, Singapore etc but believe me when it come's safety , they take no commercial risks.., the slightest technical issue on any of their aircraft and they would rather make a loss and accommodate and reflight passengers then compromise safety.. I know that the first and economy product have been enhanced on Ba 's fleet of Airbus 380 aircraft and the Club World is the next project to do so and needs updating ..In the meantime it is quite right that Mr Flog complains about his experience and what he feels was poor value for money..That's what the customer relations dept is for .. Complaint's like his are recorded and acted upon and eventually hopefully improves the service..
  6. Roberts the wonderkid is a great signing for Man C...I mentioned him last year..Only young but he's fast , skilfull and a top footballers brain ..He's in the England under 19's at the moment but won't be long before he's in the adult squad..
  7. This Cnut of an I pad and this forum...Do you know it's 0445 in the morning and I should be in bed
  8. As far as I'm concerned I like anything Asia.. That includes the war museums in Vietnam , which I've been to as well...Anything Asia includes the land the culture , the people , how I should interact..What to expect , what I am expected to do ...I appreciate any tips , I appreciate any info ..When it goes well , when it goes wrong....Tittillating trip reports...Trip reports that alert us..Infact any subject matter on Asia and in particular Thailand interests me..
  9. I'm glad you stepped in just in the nick..I was just about to mention that you have already said this is NOT a mongerers forum in the Past..Me for one ! I like to read read interesting trip reports as much as the tales of x f**ks y up the ass in soi 6 with no lube.. Just as we'll in my opinion as I would be boring in that aspect if it was..I can only f**k so much and drink so much ..
  10. Rule of thumb for me..No matter what the view...Never take a room on a floor beyond the maximum range of the local fire trucks ladder range...Especially in Pattaya or Jomtien where your neighbours are high fire hazards..
  11. Have i rooted my Android phone.???I can get porn and sex chat lines on my Android phone but it's never got me that excited that I want to have have sex with it..
  12. Been told the day's of the Russian dream are over..The rouble is on the slide and their man Putin is making Brownie points internally but causing havoc on the Russian economy...Heard a few Russian tourist agency's have gone bust leaving Ruski's stranded on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand.. Could be positive news for us as many have put deposits on the new condo's springing up in the area and now with no means to complete the buying ....
  13. Does not matter about the location of any Fuji in Thailand from what I have seen ..Once you get inside the glass door they are all the same with the same menu's....must be a franchise concern...Mafiousa has a discount card with them so I let her do the honours,, This is the only time I do green tea as well and it's refilled ... I don't know , I know most of the stuff is good for you , though I often have a beer or two as well.which upsets the healthy balance,..but I often come out thinking I'm gong to have to eat again later...
  14. It's not about budget it's about health , you can't go on the razz every night .Well you can but your not on the razz, you need the will power to stay of the booze..I totally agree with Lanzalad, a night in every now and then can only do you more good then harm..Saying that I still have not managed to stay in one single night on any trip even when I have not been feeling to clever..I'm hoping if I ever do stay in Thailand for longer periods , this will change..
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