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  1. If that is an importer/refurbisher they have for sure sold some here in BKG as I see a few around town. Could be a huge money maker if they took the refurbished ones to San Fran Bay area as the vintage Vespa seems to be a big thing amongst the millennial tech millionaires.
  2. And obviously there are some Canucks who notice and are very alarmed! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/13/canada-mosque-shooter-alexandre-bissonnette-trudeau-trump-refugees-travel-ban
  3. Sad for our frozen yank friends to the North but Justin Trudeau has done an Angela Merkel and really fooked the next generation and surrendered their culture. EU has a population of what when Angela opened the doors to the "asylum" seekers.....well Canada population is only 37 million and he opened the doors last year for 5 million ME asylum seekers to come in. Do the math on how they reproduce compared to the avg Canadian and Montreal will look more like Tehran in 20 years. Europe and UK it took more than 40 years before the problem became maybe past the point of control....Angela's folly surely wasn't the start, but it has escalated the inevitable math with geometric progression. Reality is, for America the real problem in the future might lie on the Northern Border, not the Mexican border. It is already being addressed somewhat, but doesn't get much ink!
  4. It is truly one of the greatest gems on the rock. Should be on everyone's N. American bucket list. Imagine Paris without the arrogance.
  5. Blasphemy....where is the Rockhouse? One of the longest running establishments in Pattaya, one of the pioneer business on a once sleepy lil cul de sac called Metro LK.....seriously that map needs some fixing, or maybe it is my eyesight??
  6. Best stripper bars on the Planet.....Montreal, Canada!
  7. And correct me if my memory serves me incorrectly, but wasn't it in the fabulous UK NHS system where you picked up the infection? Like I told you the other night, great to see you looking so good, cuz that day I saw you in the hospital recovering, it was certainly iffy looking if you were going to come out the other side.
  8. This looks like a right mess, but the ortho and physical therapists here performed an absolute miracle being able to piece this together and allowing me to continue with somewhat a normal life. Not only that, but best sponge baths on face of the planet are here in Thai hospitals.....like anywhere in world the quality of health and dental care varies practitioner to practitioner, but the good ones in Thailand are as good as anywhere and the bang for the buck is unrivalled.
  9. Really great shots and skill capturing the vibe. Instanbul without question seems to be one of those places that blow people's expectations away when they visit for the first time!
  10. Again, I think the root cause of this real estate transaction is security, protocol, and beuracracy. Nothing to do with idiotic inprudent inept government fiscal policy or mgt. The Brits, like the US, and most other countries have certain security protocols they must follow for embassy operations. Even though foreigners can't own the sacred dirt of Thailand, foreign Embassies are allowed to in order to operate with sovereignity. Some do, and some don't. Some, like Sweeden have sold their dirt back to Thai govt and lease the space back because it made financial sense and I guess the Swedes aren't that focused on having sovereign dirt in Thailand. And than in some cases plots of dirt that once passed security criteria may no longer pass because of development in the surrounding area. I suspect that is what has happenned with the Brit dirt in Ploenchit. Much like the US Embassy in London moved in recent years. I don't believe a foreign government is allowed to own land for anything else in Thailand, so if they need to move location of an Embassy for security reasons they also have to sell the dirt. A few years back the Japanese sold their dirt on corner of New Pretchaburi Rd and Asoke to Singha and moved their Embassy to Wireless Rd right down the street from the Gringo's. I think this is what has happenned in the case of the Brit Embassy here. And from what I hear, the new digs are going to be really nice!
  11. From a pure real estate perspective, in a few years they will regret giving up that chunk of sovereign dirt. It is in prime time, finite inventory territory and will continue to rise in value. I am guessing due to location and surrounding towers it is a security concern. Much like the disposed of London, US Embassy that Trumpy was complaining about the bad deal on.
  12. if I had to guess I would also say 100% real Just seemed abit surreal.
  13. no doubt people have words on forums.....still doesn't mean 100% it was real and not a staged event. Only people who would know for sure is Rob and Tommy. The rest of us, it is all speculation. If it was real, it would be sad if that is how they left things. The perception here was they were tight mates and on the forum made a great satire team. Back in the day they had some hilarious exchanges.......
  14. Maybe the big fella should make you an Admin. He has already said he doesn't like turning dials he doesn't know. Lanzalad from what we have been told is over it, but out of being a good guy and a personal favor to Alex has agreed to be the pay pal portal and do emergency repairs as they crop up. Tommy,.....well seems like he might of left the fold....I still can't reconcile if his public spat with Rob Jones staged or for real? Tons of story line. But reality is, maybe a new Admin is needed to work with Mulph if above assertions are correct????
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