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  1. What the fuck you babbling about. I would never accept you, or even something 10% as slimey and scummy.
  2. there you go! Daughter of one of tycoons whose company built Mall of Myramar was the franchisor. Wonder if the whole Mall went tits up or just the HRC? Kind of thought it was a bit ambitious.
  3. I have not been in 8 years but a good mate is there every week for business and has been for more than 10 years. According to him the place is un recognizable from even a few years ago so much growth. For sure you won't find p4p nightlife, but some of the newer hotels a rub n tug can be found in the massage shop. Decent night life he says, a variety of clubs and styles, but surely not in the qty you are used to. I know the Hard Rock is doing some big numbers since they opened. If you end up going let me know and I can get some specific names for clubs and restaurants and hotels from mate.
  4. Hey I just noticed Midnight Moon is not showing as an Administrator any longer. Haven't seen him post much as of late either. Who is the Admin now? Maybe that is part of the problem. Hope I am reading wrong...reality it is only my opinion of course, but when MM was wearing his mod hat in addition to the admin duties, he might of been the fairest and most consistent one we have ever had. To be honest, to me it was a big surprise, his objectiveness when he wore that hat. I pleasant surprise, but a big one. Did I miss something....what happened with him? Enquiring minds want to know! (OK, nosey fooks like me)
  5. Whilst I surely believe part of any solution is the ability to validate the problem, and visual validation is surely most effective means, in this case I am not convinced the process would have the intended desired effect. Maybe the non visual validation as already presented will suffice and the problem will be investigated and remedied. For sure a correction could increase traffic and that indeed would be positive.
  6. Couple weeks ago I was going to make a video of opening tabs on PL and a Competitive site at same time and showing how drastic the difference is but scrapped the idea knowing the lather it would generate.
  7. Yep...just waited over a minute waiting for above to post. Closed the site, reopened and tried again and got it to go through.
  8. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who experiences this problem. For myself anyway, it is not a little problem but a huge problem. Took nearly 1 minute just to open this thread and there is more than a 50% chance when I hit submit reply I will close the site and just give up b4 it posts it takes so long. And not a short term problem...been lie this for a few months. My assumption has been austerity measures have the board hosted by an inferior server not up to the task.
  9. If that is an importer/refurbisher they have for sure sold some here in BKG as I see a few around town. Could be a huge money maker if they took the refurbished ones to San Fran Bay area as the vintage Vespa seems to be a big thing amongst the millennial tech millionaires.
  10. And obviously there are some Canucks who notice and are very alarmed! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/13/canada-mosque-shooter-alexandre-bissonnette-trudeau-trump-refugees-travel-ban
  11. Sad for our frozen yank friends to the North but Justin Trudeau has done an Angela Merkel and really fooked the next generation and surrendered their culture. EU has a population of what when Angela opened the doors to the "asylum" seekers.....well Canada population is only 37 million and he opened the doors last year for 5 million ME asylum seekers to come in. Do the math on how they reproduce compared to the avg Canadian and Montreal will look more like Tehran in 20 years. Europe and UK it took more than 40 years before the problem became maybe past the point of control....Angela's folly surely wasn't the start, but it has escalated the inevitable math with geometric progression. Reality is, for America the real problem in the future might lie on the Northern Border, not the Mexican border. It is already being addressed somewhat, but doesn't get much ink!
  12. It is truly one of the greatest gems on the rock. Should be on everyone's N. American bucket list. Imagine Paris without the arrogance.
  13. Blasphemy....where is the Rockhouse? One of the longest running establishments in Pattaya, one of the pioneer business on a once sleepy lil cul de sac called Metro LK.....seriously that map needs some fixing, or maybe it is my eyesight??
  14. Best stripper bars on the Planet.....Montreal, Canada!
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