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    Istanbul.......... Part 2

    Really great shots and skill capturing the vibe. Instanbul without question seems to be one of those places that blow people's expectations away when they visit for the first time!

    British Embassy Bangkok To Move

    Again, I think the root cause of this real estate transaction is security, protocol, and beuracracy. Nothing to do with idiotic inprudent inept government fiscal policy or mgt. The Brits, like the US, and most other countries have certain security protocols they must follow for embassy operations. Even though foreigners can't own the sacred dirt of Thailand, foreign Embassies are allowed to in order to operate with sovereignity. Some do, and some don't. Some, like Sweeden have sold their dirt back to Thai govt and lease the space back because it made financial sense and I guess the Swedes aren't that focused on having sovereign dirt in Thailand. And than in some cases plots of dirt that once passed security criteria may no longer pass because of development in the surrounding area. I suspect that is what has happenned with the Brit dirt in Ploenchit. Much like the US Embassy in London moved in recent years. I don't believe a foreign government is allowed to own land for anything else in Thailand, so if they need to move location of an Embassy for security reasons they also have to sell the dirt. A few years back the Japanese sold their dirt on corner of New Pretchaburi Rd and Asoke to Singha and moved their Embassy to Wireless Rd right down the street from the Gringo's. I think this is what has happenned in the case of the Brit Embassy here. And from what I hear, the new digs are going to be really nice!

    British Embassy Bangkok To Move

    From a pure real estate perspective, in a few years they will regret giving up that chunk of sovereign dirt. It is in prime time, finite inventory territory and will continue to rise in value. I am guessing due to location and surrounding towers it is a security concern. Much like the disposed of London, US Embassy that Trumpy was complaining about the bad deal on.
  4. if I had to guess I would also say 100% real Just seemed abit surreal.
  5. no doubt people have words on forums.....still doesn't mean 100% it was real and not a staged event. Only people who would know for sure is Rob and Tommy. The rest of us, it is all speculation. If it was real, it would be sad if that is how they left things. The perception here was they were tight mates and on the forum made a great satire team. Back in the day they had some hilarious exchanges.......
  6. Maybe the big fella should make you an Admin. He has already said he doesn't like turning dials he doesn't know. Lanzalad from what we have been told is over it, but out of being a good guy and a personal favor to Alex has agreed to be the pay pal portal and do emergency repairs as they crop up. Tommy,.....well seems like he might of left the fold....I still can't reconcile if his public spat with Rob Jones staged or for real? Tons of story line. But reality is, maybe a new Admin is needed to work with Mulph if above assertions are correct????
  7. Matthew, as far as your board persona, ... if you can ever figure out how to stay that lovely, gentle, warm, embracing soul you show at times ,for a stretch longer than 5 posts, this board will be a better place. Regardless, if Pattaya Live shutters up shop because not enought 2018 sponsors come to the table, you Matthew, you will go down as a LEGEND!
  8. I agree with your post....which makes it more confounding why the owners (ANYONE WITH ADMIN POWER) of our old favorite bar would not even get the fire extinquisher out, never mind ring the alarms and call the fire department. Mind boggling.
  9. I hope so! But that said and done, Phil has been on line multiple times since the malaria breakout? I believe you agree it is not healthy for an already ailing board. Mulph trusts you. Ask him if he can grant you temp access. I am pretty sure you can save Phil the hassle. And we should be more respectful of Phil's wishes. He really doesn't want to be here anyway. He made that clear. He has reinstalled the paypal portal as a personal favor to Mulph. Let's not push it and ask him to be cleaning up on aisle 7. No???
  10. that is probably a decent educated guess, but not sure how you could know that for sure. I am as technically ignorant as one gets. I would be shocked if I was given admin and/or root admin access and passwords right now that it would take me more than a few moments to figure out how to close the hole back up. You I think are much more technically adept than I, (just an assumption)...if you were granted access to help solve the problem it would take you about 12 seconds to plug the hole. So,.....why is the hole still open?
  11. Yeah, I think we already covered this. Someone with ADMIN powers opened the hole and anyone with ADMIN powers could close it whenever they wanted to.
  12. I agree, 1000010% about Phil. But who is the Admin who allowed them past the register and be approved before posting door? But even more perplexing to a numbskull like me is why none of the current Admins don't go ban the current influx of guest posters and turn the register and approve button back on? That is the 64 million dollar question.
  13. no but he is part of a gilded club that according to him takes alot more than just a forum donation to get in. Maybe those who are accepted into the secret society are given priviledges that even the mods don't know about. According to the honest and straight as die Matthew, sounds like some members who don't show to be a forum contributor and don't have their board name gilded in gold are also in this gilded rarified air.
  14. of course not....you are not Admin. I would not be surprised if you were not even gilded or get all the gilded benefits like Matthew. This is an inside job perpetuated and allowed to continue by an Admin Known Admins - Mulphy, Tommy, Phil Known Past Admins - Kolobos (deceased) Tony (deceased) Phil
  15. Was a seppo (Los Angeles) centric shout out. RIP CHICK HEARNS....the butter is getting hard and the jello be a jiggling! (Go to 50 second mark)
  16. How do you know what the top guy thinks....he has surely said that he will take the board off line if funds are not raised, but I don't recall him ever sayng he didn't think they would. Just 3 days ago, my beloved Georgia Bulldogs made the greatest comeback in the 100 plus year old Rose Bowl. The victory pits them against the Alabama Tide next week in the National Championship Game. We have until March until next payment is due. Georgia had only 30 minutes in the second half to mount their historic comeback. Plenty of time left.....don't shut the regrifgerator just yet, the butter is not hard.
  17. But why would Admin allow it in the first place? Not good for the board. Next time you are on a device that is not yours or you don't have PL on, punch up Pattaya Live and tell me can you figure out, if you were indeed a potential new member can you find the button on how to register? Really this is an INSIDE job. Wouldn't matter if the target was you, me, or man in the moon. Totally puts us at risk.....you think the porn on your computer is a poor issue, wait until unregistered guests start going article 112 on us.....we are all f**kED. ADMIN......step up and undo what you have done! Why you have done it, now that would make for a great thread.
  18. Admin needs to turn the register and be approved before posting button back on that they turned off. This guest poster stuff is not good, and there will only be one ending. I can't believe Admin wants this, especially when it is targeting yourself. But we are talking 3 days of it now, why won't Admin turn the function back on that could end it in a nano second. Part of me wonders if this could be self inflicted for shites and giggles......

    Life is good.

    Actually u are correct for the most part,......my bad!!!!....it was actually two martini's the IRS capped as max deduction. I think a lot of companies have self regluated it down to zero. But than again I do not, nor have I worked in USA for almost 25 years now. How the heck would I know.

    Life is good.

    I was not referring to company policy, but rather national regulation. And when corprocracy started to get evilized and looked at as the greed mongers alot of companies in USA self regulated / self censored and abolished the practice with internal policy long before the FED and IRS said no mas amigos!

    Life is good.

    Crap in the USA, up until not so long ago you could write off 2 martini's per head on your lunch bill as a tax deductible expense.

    Life is good.

    Gorgeous shots Firth. One of the many benefits of being a Food Dude. You can travel the world at your own pace and get paid for it!
  23. Dude, the result of your marriage was you hate a person, you hate an entrie race of people and their way of life. You are right, disastorous it was not. I am not sure there is a word for it. Have fun, not hating, not having anger, but yet setting out to MAKE SURE things get worse for her...Spicey that is disgusting way of thinking! No check that, it is repulsive! Rightfully so, you rave about your kids. I have only met one. They have essentially been nutured from childhood, into adolescence, and onwards to young adulthood by their mother. Core values are instilled predominantly by whoever the primary caretaker is, be it the father, or the mother in a single parent household. I have never met your ex, I have heard you do nothing but HATE on her over and over and over. You generalize and denigerate an entire countries people because you had a failed marriage. Without even meeting her I suspect your ex is one hell of a woman, one hell of a mother, well rounded, intelligent, adapatable and just someone who wanted a bit more than you could provide. Financial Contribution is not all it takes to keep a woman engaged and interested! Get over it bro. Life is to short and we are both well into the back nine as it is!
  24. When I think hard about this, in my first and second degree social circles the only person I know who has had a "disasterous" marriage with a Thai is our very own Frech Spice. I can think of 10 gringo's from my HK days alone who are very happily married to a Thai and most of them have been married longer than I. 90% of my social circle here in Thailand are non Thai guys married to Thai girls. Americans, Europeans, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, and I don't know a one of them who is in a "problem" relationship. A few of them are on the total opposite side, being married into very wealthy Thai families and living a lush life us mere mortals can only dream about... From HK, I have quite an expansive circle of guys who are married to Filipino's as well. Again, can only think of one where it hasn't worked out, and my friend the husband would say it was he that f**ked up, not her!
  25. 17.5 and 16.25 for me Mr. Dave!!!!!! Can't see anything happenning except those two numbers continue to climb until Death Do Us Part!