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  1. Of course you do, sweetlips If you had any money, I would take it all off you in a single wager But I'm guessing you have about as much money as you have brains Mailed same to several clients in EU ME SEA a couple minutes after posting here - check time stamps Within 10 minutes we received several intelligent responses - as opposed to your-room-temperature-IQ drivel begin ..... Kindly confirm that the seller will provide all of the following Documents: • 1) Certificate of Purity, • 2) Packing List. • 3) Certificate of Ownership • 4) Warehouse Safekeeping Receipt (S.K.R.) • 5) Certificate of Origin • 6) Commercial Invoice • 7) All Export documents • 8) Tax Clearance including Declaration that the Product is free from liens and encumbrances. Tony ... end Thought Secrets new mod-squad had a firm grip on all the morons - appears I was mistaken - one escaped the monkey cage To show there are no hard feelings, I will transfer $10k to 'Mulphy - the Rock House owner - please correct me if I am wrong here - for him to spend as he sees fit - treat all to a great evening - make sure y'all serve a wee dram of Jack - as soon as we liquidate this first tranche .... a caveat or two - need a Dickhead hat for you to wear & need to invite a couple good ol' boys from secrets to said bash - Wombat, GT, KGB, GGL, Sa-Teef, and of course Larry Regards Jack
  2. I have always believed in wealth creation, and sharing - was merely wondering if any expats had a decent business network they could tap into to make a bunch of money, very easily, as we do all the heavy lifting Posting scams is highly illegal and not advised - every conversation is monitored - think Snowden/NSA There is also zero excuse for not knowing if any activity/scam is illegal .... its called due diligence Be advised to stay away from all those sites that promote any/all fraudulent activity One of our sovereign-state aerospace clients needs to pay for goods - this is part of their collection of assets Our bankers confirmed the documents as being authentic, or I would not have posted same here As I said to KGB one day - even if you personally dont have the ability to negotiate the deal, perhaps one of your close associates, favorite nephew or a rich uncle does - or knows who can - thats why we network. All you have to do is run it by me - we do the rest - we do this every day, all over the world ..... Regards Jack
  3. Greetings Gold for sale - bring RWA client, we do the rest - liberal comm - add to nest egg, buy that beach shack, go-go bar Good for when all those fiat currencies fail - a rainy day fund First Tranche - WT 5 Tons Sovereign or Private buyer OK - usual restrictions - NCND available Buyer needs world top ten bank POF/MT799/etc UBS Confirmation docs - all lodged with our bank CD# SKR# UBS,AG Zurich CH ........... PM moi Regards Jack
  4. Hey ... Check this out - as y'all hypothesizing right now - its a tiny bespoke piece of kit that is interesting ... help with initiation Regards Jack http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=openelec
  5. Well done - clearly it works as you have also stopped your annoying whinge & whine about font colors Regards Jack
  6. C'mon folks – time to fess-up …. who of you out there still use a dumbphone or more importantly, who of you miss your ol' dumbphones …. I don’t – I still have mine, much to NSA/Google chagrin. I use an 'ol Motorola Razr – the battery lasts for weeks I am not a FB, Tweet, Linkedin, Yelp kind of a moron – my people dont hang on social media, dont buy anything on that channel, never will – neither will yours, so let it go – its a scam – phuque NSA Social media has helped destroy bars, meetings, social get togethers etc – folks dont talk to each other any more, so how do you expect to buy some hot babe a drink or get laid, enjoy a great meal with her Social media also wastes time – and thats all we have – a little bit of time before we pass-on Dont waste it – it is a very precious commodity – and very limited Here's a freebie, a no-brainer – lose that smartphone, get rid of it, dump it now – when my bank has finished processing, clearing the L/C, they call me – which is why I have and use a mobile device All you are doing is making Google, Facebook, et al, richer – a lot richer – and you poorer I even took email off my dumbphone – it will be on my network when I am done with gym, bike, or getting laid – ya cant make money on social media, ya can waste time & money on it though – this excludes devs, of course, who are making money, big bucks, if they get lucky with Zuckface. As smartphones have become ubiquitous, a growing body of work has attempted to reconcile the consequences of constant connectivity. In Nicholas Carr’s 2010 book “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains,” he argues that constant Web browsing has diminished the brain’s ability to sustain focus and think interpretively. (Carr uses a dumbphone.) Researchers have found that smartphones can cause stress and make it harder to sleep. David Meyer, a University of Michigan psychologist who studies multitasking, has seen first hand the downsides of the smartphone: he started using one a year ago, when a frustrated friend bought one for him. Meyer agrees with Carr’s assessment of the repercussions of those habits: “Your smartphone has turned you into a dumb organism,” he said. Sara Pritchard, a historian of technology at Cornell University, says her dumbphone helps her to be more productive and forces her to be more thoughtful about how she spends her time. Like most dumbphone users, she feels like it allows her to be “present” — rather than spending dinner with a friend splitting time between the real world and the screen. But she said there are other advantages. She has a dirt cheap pay-as-you-go plan. AT&T offers a $40 per month plan, half the price of a similar contract for a smartphone. Her phone is 7 years old and works perfectly well, she said, although the logo has worn off and she has no idea who manufactured it. “I could probably use it as a weapon,” she said. “It charges in five minutes and I can go days without charging it again.” Plus, the phone’s lack of GPS alleviates her concerns about surveillance. Infinite BatteryDumphones are fusion powered. Charging it is a was ceremony – th battery would last for weeks on that last bar - could take it on a week long hike and never worry about conserving battery for emergency situations - never ever think of taking a charger anywhere In contrast, a smartphone is like a Humvee with a gas tank the size of a champagne glass. That’s nothing new, but the real issue isn’t the power itself, it’s the opportunities to waste it. As you may already know, smartphones can be used for activities of widely varying importance: like scrolling through @EarthPics twitter feed vs. letting your roommate know you’ve locked yourself outside. Stronger Than SteelThrow a dumbphone at the wall in anger, drop it while crossing the street, or keep it in a pocket during an ultimate frisbee game Practical Human SkillsUsed to know where things were, and which streets were one-way, learned mental maps of bus lines, and use things like intuition to get around. More importantly, used to talk to people when help was needed - talk to bus drivers, old people on benches, and cute girls at the crosswalk - do crazy things like roll down the window to ask the driver next to me for directions. Theft-ProofWho steals a dumbphone? Who buys a dumbphone? That’s right. No one. Mental QuietIn the absence of notifications, feeds, and inboxes to consume – one can simply reflect. When alone with down time, look around, be aware, and let ones mind truly wander. There was nothing to check, was free to process thoughts and think about bigger things. Creativity and OriginalityUltimately, true creativity comes from having the time to digest all that data – most of which is useless, so while there are a lot more interesting inputs, consuming them eats at time one has to process and be creative with said data. There is zero to be gained from having a smartphone, one has zero Peace of mind. Each aspect of having a smartphone just give one more things to manage, more things to worry about, and less space to process what’s important. End of rant Peace Jack PS - apologize for the formatting [lack]
  7. Havent used it in a coons age - it was rather limited, kludgey even when I last played with it - but why pay say $10 bucks for their Premium edition when its free from Debian or Mint - last time we checked Zorin only had LXE and Gnome GUI, which are rather anal and limiting - no gingerbread - all uber plain jain Mint - an Ubuntu [Debian] clone - is extremely popular because it mimics XP so well - I dont like any of them personally, as they dont think I am old enough or capable of running as superuser [root] - sounds like a massive big brother complex, to wit I also find them very slow and over-protective - the O/S is supposed to be fast on a production machine Regards Jack http://linuxmint.com/
  8. Amen, Sir Tim - take a bow Regards Jack http://finance.yahoo.com/news/emirates-airline-annual-profit-jumps-40-percent-081154843--finance.html
  9. One of the worst was Air France # 447 - A330 to France - the cockpit was a totall clusterpuck with first one pilot then the other going stick-back - cant even see what the other clown is doing with a sidestick in a Scarebus - when it should have been head down to gain airspeed and recover the stalled aerofoils - jetliners fly like rocks when the pointy-end is not facing exactly forward - it took sheer genius to get to the craft that screwed-up - as ya said - the perfect-storm - The Thales [France] pitot-tubes - had been faulty for a year and were due to be replaced in France - why did it take a year - with quality Goodrich [uSA] pitot-tubes The frog BEA - which is joined at the hip to EADS - has not found anyone to blame - what a crock '' The BEA's final report, released at a news conference on 5 July 2012,[4][5] concluded that the aircraft crashed after temporary inconsistencies between the airspeed measurements – likely due to the aircraft's pitot tubes being obstructed by ice crystals – caused the autopilot to disconnect, after which the crew reacted incorrectly and ultimately led the aircraft to an aerodynamic stall from which they did not recover. '' Final moments .... The flight data recordings stopped at 02:14:28 UTC, or three hours 45 minutes after takeoff. At that point, the aircraft's ground speed was 107 knots, and it was descending at 10,912 feet per minute (108 knots of vertical speed). Its pitch was 16.2 degrees (nose up), with a roll angle of 5.3 degrees left. During its descent, the aircraft had turned more than 180 degrees to the right to a compass heading of 270 degrees. The aircraft remained stalled during its entire 3 minute 30 second descent from 38,000 feet[28] before it hit the ocean surface at a speed of 152 knots (280 km/h), comprising vertical and horizontal components of 108 and 107 knots respectively. The aircraft broke up on impact; everyone on board died, presumably instantaneously.[29] Strangely EADS do not teach their pilots how to recover from stalls - Boeing, US Airlines of course do In a lighter vein - the NTSB TV interview with the noob after the Asianna wreck in SF was a classic - interview of the year Captain & Crew .... Sum Ting Wong - Wye Yu Low - Yu Dum Fook - Bang Ding Ow B777 Asiana wreck - safest aircraft in the sky Stay safe Jack
  10. Neither .... FAA [uS] does not allow one pilot to remain alone at the controls - usually a flight attendant, male/female, will give the PIC a little head You clearly have missed the point of the narrative https://UK.news.yahoo.com/germanwings-co-pilot-rehearsed-crash-plan-074950803.html
  11. Excellent retort - but given the cockpit culture amongst these 3rd world airlines, a 2IC will never, ever question the PIC orders, actions, decisions for fear of losing face ... and the passengers all losing their lives - to wit the recent AAX wreck in the Indo ocean, plus leaving the 2IC alone on the Germanwings flightdeck was clearly fatal - yet that was an EASA cockpit rule [dumb/fatal] - never happen in a US aircraft Regards Jack
  12. Understand ... however ... so as not to paint everyone with the same brush or a cop-out, or discourage others from donating, its a great way to figure out how diseased one is .... but ... in all honesty, let the medics decide - dont self medicate When I was donating in LA there was a 2 hour inquisition about fudgepacking ... all the AIDS shoot had just hit the fan in SF, and Magic had also tested positive - these days they take gay blood ... just do it - may save somebody's life Regards Jack
  13. You are most welcome sir - glad you found it informative - whatever it takes to reduce risk, enjoy life to the full The problem is not progress, per se, its the way that folks mismanage it - management used to keep a tight lid on events, developments, etc - but nowadays, possibly with shareholders demanding top bang-for-the-buck, managers, staff are ill-trained, ergo cheaper, with better returns .... or maybe the world has simply gone soft, liberal, socialist, fascist even ... folks expect a handout, not prepared to work for it, earn it .. open to debate Malaysia Air, Thai Air were wonderful airlines - now disgraced, bottom of the barrel - at least Thai dont have muslim pilots, or fly over war zones ..... yet Enjoy Jack
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