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  1. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    For those who enjoy breakfast burritos, Smokin Joe's on Soi Lengkee has a decent one:  The breakfast burrito is a Tex-Mex innovation that dates back only to the 1970's, but quickly became popular and was included on the menus of several fast food chains. Now it's widely available as a breakfast item in all sorts of U.S. restaurants, not just those with a Mexican connection. Breakfast burritos come in many variations and the one at Smokin Joe's consists of a 12-inch lightly browned wheat flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and bits of sausage and smoked bacon. Condiments from ketchup through Tabasco are available for those who want additional flavor. It's very tasty, mainly because good quality sausage and bacon are used. The price was 175 baht and includes a cup of coffee or tea. I know a much bigger breakfast is available close by for 99 baht and that 99-baht or lower breakfast specials abound in Pattaya. However, that doesn't help anyone who want a breakfast burrito rather than an English fry-up or American breakfast. Retox Game On (2nd Road and Soi Honey) also has a breakfast burrito for 175 baht. I haven't tried it yet, but will. It comes with baked beans as one of the ingredients and I'll ask for them to skip that in my order. I have tried the breakfast burrito at the Golf Club on LK Metro for 80 baht (or is it 100 baht?). It was good, but very different from the Smokin Joe's version. At the GC, the breakfast burrito contained scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa and refried beans in a flour tortilla. It had more of a spicy Tex Mex flavor. It was wetter and messier than at Smokin Joe's and had to be eaten with a knife and fork. Some foods don't photograph well and this is one of them, so I'll skip the pic. Those were some suggestions for breakfast burritos in Pattaya. Are there others? Evil
  2. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Chunky Monkey is a new restaurant on Soi Buakhao, open less than a week. It's located just north of Tree Town on the east side of Bukhao. I read that the original owner of the Robin's Nest is behind it, but I don't know any details. I had the "Monkey Madness" pork chop with fried onions, crinkle-cut French fries and small portions of salad and applesauce. It was good considering the price (79 baht). The chop had been fried properly and tasted fine. It was a bit thin, but what can you expect for 79 baht? I wish the onions had been fried a bit longer to allow more caramelization, but that's a minor criticism. The fries were crispy outside, fluffy inside and the salad was fresh. The Chunky Monkey has 99-baht daily specials in addition to the 79-baht Monkey Madness offers. The specials appear to give about a 50-baht discount compared with the ordinary menu prices. The menu is extensive, running to over 100 food items. Like dozens of other Pattaya restaurants, the emphasis is on British and international comfort food, but the menu also includes about 20 Thai dishes and 10 desserts. Most of the menu items are under 200 baht. The sirloin and ribeye steaks with egg, fries, tomato and peas are 249 baht. The most expensive menu item I could see was the salmon with parsley sauce, mash and peas at 289 baht. The Chunky Monkey offers breakfast as well. I forgot to ask the hours of operation, but I imagine it's early until late. It's a spacious restaurant with several wall-mounted TVs for sports fans. My rough estimate is 70 seats indoors and at least 15 outside. The indoor section is no smoking. I ate there at about 10.15 p.m. and there were 10 other diners at that time. Bottom line: The Chunky Monkey is cheap and cheerful. The service was fast, friendly and attentive. If by choice or necessity you don't want to spend a lot to eat farang food, it would appear a good option. It's still very early days, but the location on Soi Buakhao bodes well for attracting budget-conscious customers. I have to say, though, that I don't think much of the name. And in fairness, you can add 50 to 100 baht to the Chunky Monkey's price and get a much bigger pork chop dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies at several restaurants in the LK Metro area. But if a smaller-to- normal portion is good enough for you, the Chunky Monkey offers great value for money. Evil
  3. Evil Penevil

    Eatigo Discounts in Pattaya

    The following is an example of how Eatigo can save you money. I'm not a huge fan of Eatigo because it has limited usefulness, but under the right circumstances, it's definitely an advantage to have it. About two weeks ago, I had dinner with a farang friend and his TG at the SEA Restaurant in the Baraquda Hotel. The SEA wouldn't have been the first choice for any of us, but they were staying at the Baraquda and didn't want to go out because a heavy rainstorm had been forecast for the evening. I live close to the Baraquda and figured I could stay dry with an umbrella on the short walk. On the Eatigo app, I made a reservation for three at SEA for 8.00 p.m. We saved 920 baht by taking advantage of the Eatigo 50% disount. Our meals (starter, main and beverage) cost 1599 baht in total, but without the discount, would have cost 2,519 baht. The 60-baht "bonus" between the two prices came from the 7% VAT calculation with and without the Eatigo discount (860 baht). All the prices that follow are with the Eatigo discount, but without 10% service and 7% VAT. My friend had the Greek salad (120 baht) ... and baked "white snapper" (170 baht): His girlfriend had spring rolls (120 baht): and som tam with crab (90 baht): I had the pumpkin-and-ginger soup (really good!) for 120 baht: ... and the grilled duck breast (240 baht): All of us were happy with the food we had ordered. One thing the pics don't show is the basket of warm fresh bread and butter than preceded the starters. That's always a nice touch. We felt our meals with the discount were fairly priced for what we got. We were less happy with the beverage prices: 140 baht for a bottle of SML and the same (!) for the GF's orange juice. Beverages, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, don't fall under the Eatigo discount. If I break out my meal, I saved about 425 baht by using Eatigo. My friend saved 495 baht on the two meals for which he paid (they had less expensive mains than I did). Since there is no cost or hassle involved with Eatigo, I think it was a decent advantage to have used Eatigo under the circumstances. Evil
  4. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    I'll probably get some negative responses to the following review, but "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war." I ate dinner at 7.00 p.m. a few nights ago at the Beer Garden at the Beach Road end of Walking Street. It wasn't my choice, but a friend from the U.S. wanted to eat there. I had had a bad meal at BG a few months ago and had more or less given up on the BG's food. The location and view make it a great place for a drink, but the food has become very hit-and-miss. I went there to keep him company and wasn't sure I would order a meal. He and his GF had arrived a few minutes before me and had gotten a table on the veranda in the section closet to the entrance. The music was so loud I told my friend I wouldn't sit there. He could barely understand what I said from across the table. Never before have I heard the music that deafening at Beer Garden. My friend called over one of the female managers and asked if the music could be turned down. She said it couldn't as it was controlled by computer, but offered to move us to the far end of the veranda where the volume was indeed much lower. That's a big plus on the service side for the BG. My friend ordered a garden salad for 80 baht and the fish and chips for 195 baht. He asked if he could substitute a baked potato for the chips and that was no problem. He thought it was a very good meal. I'm relating his opinion here, not mine. It was a big portion of salad for 80 baht. It came with two sorts of salad dressing and a small dish of potato salad. The vegetables that were supposed to be crispy were and the tomatoes had flavor, he said.He commented that he had had smaller plates of salad for a higher price in Pattaya that weren't as fresh as this one. He thought the fish was properly breaded and fried, still flaky on the inside. He didn't know what sort of fish it was- the menu didn't say- but said it tasted fine. It came with peas, tartar sauce and as requested, a baked potato instead of fries. His GF ordered ordered a spicy Thai salad and a bowl of soup, which I didn't bother to photograph. She said it was good, but I noticed she didn't eat all of it, She had a Singapore Sling for 200 baht along with her meal. I wasn't very hungry and ordered stir-fried vegetables with tofu and cashew nuts (120 baht) and an order of steamed rice (40 baht). Unfortunately, I can't say it was good. The tofu had a weird texture and I didn't eat much of it. The veggies were OK, but nothing special and the sauce was a bit too salty. Bottom line: My friend will continue to eat at the Beer Garden as he said he's never had a bad meal there. I probably won't, as it's been a long time since I've had a good meal at the BG. And if the music remains nightclub loud, I definitely won't even have a drink there unless I can be seated at the far end of the veranda. When we sat down about 7 p.m., there were a lot of seats available on the veranda. By eight p.m., when we chek binned, the veranda was full and the covered section roughly half-full. I noticed five groups of Asian tourists (with four to eight people in each) dining on the veranda. Neither he nor I could recall seeing as many Asians in BG before. It does seem to have expanded its customer base and remains one of the busier restaurants in central Pattaya. Evil
  5. Evil Penevil

    Eatigo Discounts in Pattaya

    Eatigo is a restaurant reservation app that gives users discounts up to 50% ,depending on the time of dining. Eatigo doesn't require prepayment or credit card information; all you need to sign up is a valid email address and a smart phone. It's easy to use once installed. Just select the restaurant, time you want to eat (30-minute slots) and the number of people who will be dining. Click the tab and you get an immediate confirmation code that you show to the restaurant staff when you arrive. That's all there is to it. There's no real downside or disadvantage for the user with Eatigo. Its shortcoming is the lack of relevance at present for many potential users. Pattaya has well over 1,000 restaurants but only 48 are listed on Eatigo. That's less than 5% of the total and not all the Eatigo restaurants are in central Pattaya. Some are a considerable distance, as far as 35 kilometers. Moreover, nearly two thirds of them (30 restaurants) are attached to three- to five-star hotels. The food in hotel restaurants is almost always more expensive than the equivalent food in stand-alone restaurants If we exclude the hotel and far-away restaurants, we're left with the following options: Six Indian restaurants in central Pattaya (Karma, Crown of India, Shalimar; Alibaba; Nisha and Suruchi), as well as the Robin Hood Tavern; The Kitchen (two restaurants); Retox Game On; Domino's Pizza on Pattaya Tai; Dicey Reilly's; La Strada; Kasalong; Easy Health; and Pizza Plaza in central Pattaya; Livv on the Darkside and the 8 Horseshoes Tavern in Jomtien. Some of the independent restaurants are specialized and wouldn't be of much interest in terms of everyday dining. Then there's the timing of the discounts. Only off-peak times yield a 50% discount, while the most popular times will give you 10% or 20% off, depending on the restaurant's location. Certainly 10% off is better than a kick in the nuts, but it won't make the big hotel buffets affordable to many punters. Also, the Eatigo discount applies ONLY to food, NOT beverages. That won't matter at restaurants like Retox Game On, Robin Hood and The Kitchen, but the hotel restaurants can charge 140 baht for a bottle of water- and that's their cheapest option. Any specials or promotions on food are excluded from the Eatigo discount. It only applies to regular menu prices. Finally, it is ++ pricing in many Eatigo-listed restaurants. Service and VAT are added, which usually increases the cost by about 17%. Bottom line: Eatigo is still a good deal if you want to eat in any of the restaurants listed, but is of limited use to most visitors and foreign residents in Pattaya. In its current form, it won't revolutionize Sin City dining. Eatigo lists about 650 restaurants in Bangkok, so it's of more use there. Nineteen restaurants in Chiang Mai are included on the Pattaya app. Eatigo also lists restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and Malaysia. Evil
  6. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Speaking of Reuben sandwiches, I had a good one from Pattaya Meals.com (pattayameals.com) the other day. Pattaya Meals is a food preparation and delivery service without dine-in facilities. You order by phone or through Facebook and your food arrives at your door within 45 minutes, depending on where you live, traffic and what you order. I usually have my order in 30 minutes. There's no delivery charge and you don't have to tip the driver, but I always do. The Reuben in the pics cost 265 baht and came with a dill pickle and a choice of macaroni salad, potato wedges or onion rings. A good Reuben for Pattaya but still light years from what you get at a U.S. deli. Pattaya Meals offers about 100 different meals in various categories: Western, Thai, healthy and pizzas, plus side orders and a few desserts and beverages. The most expensive dishes on the menu are a couple of pizzas at 325 baht. All the rest come in at under 300 baht, with many under 200 baht. Check out the Web site (pattayameals.com) for a complete list with prices and pictures. Every 10th meal is free. Operating hours are 11.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. I have ordered from Pattaya Meals dozens of times and never been disappointed. It's a very convenient option on the days I don't feel like going out to eat or cooking. Evil
  7. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    The Golf Club on LK Metro is a long-time solid performer for good food at reasonable prices with plenty of main dishes under 300 baht. The emphasis is on U.S.-style comfort food, but there are also numerous Thai and U.K. standards on the menu. In a fit of nostalgia last night, I had the Chicken a la King at 150 baht. It's an American classic, invented at least 130 years ago. Stories of its origin vary. One version says it was named for a hotel owner in New York City; another claims it carries the name of the Philadelphia chef who invented it. It consists of cubed chicken, mushrooms, sweet peppers and sometimes other vegetables served over rice, toast or noodles. It's always been seen as a great way to use up leftover chicken or turkey, but at the height of its popularity in the 1950's, it was often made using fresh chicken breasts. I remember it fondly from both elementary school lunches over noodles and post-Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at home on toast. The Golf Club's Chicken a la King adds broccoli to the basic ingredients and is served over rice. It was very good! Last week I had another iconic American specialty, a Reuben sandwich, at 195 baht. It's a signature dish at the Golf Club. It consists of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing grilled between pieces of rye bread. It was real New York deli rye, not the faux variety you sometimes get in Thailand. The Reuben was good, but didn't contain as much corned beef or sauerkraut as I remembered from past visits. This what a Reuben sandwich at Katz Deli in NYC looks like: The above pic is from the Internet. By Ernesto Andrade - Flickr, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3022275 However, it's not likely you'll be getting anything like that in Thailand and if you did, it would cost far more than 195 baht. You have to be realistic in your expectations for foreign specialties here. An American classic the Golf Club does very well is the chili burger. It's a thick patty of beef topped with U.S.-style Springfield chili con carne. The chili is spicy but not firehouse hot. A couple of other points: The Golf Club has "steak nights" when steak is grilled in front of the restaurant, but the price puts it outside the under-300-baht category. It's also one of a very few restaurants in Pattaya with grits on the menu. Bottom line: The Golf Club remains one of the better options in Pattaya for U.S. comfort food. Evil
  8. Evil Penevil

    Steak in Pattaya

    We haven't had a thread lately on steak in Pattaya, so I'll start one. Any kind of comment on beef steak in a Pattaya restaurant is welcome. It doesn't have to be about the best or cheapest, it can be about any steak you've had here, whether cheap, expensive, good, bad or mediocre. I'll kick it off with the 200 gram (about 7-oz) Australian rib eye special for 459 baht at Longhorn Steakhouse and Cafe in the Central Arcade across from Mike's Mall. It's the arcade with Kiss, Beefeater, Patrick's and My Way. The special included a choice of potato and gravy or one sauce. I picked mashed potatoes and English mustard, which wasn't a sauce but a small dish of what tasted like real Coleman's Mustard. The rib eye rested on a bed of diced vegetables and came with a slice of grilled tomato. I asked for my rib eye to be medium rare and that's exactly how it came. It had been nicely grilled, tender and had a great taste. I'm guessing, but I believe it was the equivalent of USDA Choice, the second highest quality designation in the U.S. The mashed potatoes were also excellent. To top off the meal, I had a vanilla ice cream sundae with caramel sauce for 75 baht. It could have done with a bit more sauce, but otherwise hit my sweet spot. I drank soda water (40 baht), but Longhorn had a selection of beers and wine on offer, including Belgian beer. Longhorn was clean, comfortable and well-lit, which are always key factors. I ate there at about 8 p.m. and there were 11 other customers when I arrived. Longhorn shouldn't be confused with Big Horn, a long-running steakhouse in the same arcade that closed about three years ago. Bottom line: I won't hesitate to eat at Longhorn again. Price wise, it seems to occupy the upper middle ground between Steak & Co., Beefeater and Patrick's at the high end and the budget steak places. Evil
  9. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Time for a healthy meal, or at least a healthier one, at Five Star J, Pattaya's leading restaurant for vegetarian and vegan food. It's located on the corner of Pattaya Tai and 3rd Road. They don't have meat of any sort on the menu, nor do they use trans fats, palm oil, MSG or refined sugar in their dishes. Vegan and Jain options without animal products of any sort are also available. For less strict vegetarians, there are dishes with eggs, dairy and root vegetables. I had one of my personal favorites, Swiss rösti with fried eggs, for 189 baht. Rösti is essentially a big potato pancake made from grated potatoes. At Five Star J, diners had the option of topping it with non-gelatin Parmesan cheese or vegan cheese. I took the Parmesan. The rösti and eggs were fried in coconut oil, Not much more to say than it was very good! It would have been even better with a 8-oz. piece of rib eye cooked medium rare or a few slices of bacon, but that's not the spirit of things in this restaurant. I also indulged myself with black sesame dumplings in ginger syrup (69 baht) for dessert. The syrup had a much stronger ginger flavor than you usually get in Chinese restaurants. Loved it! One thing to note: Five Star J does add 7% to the menu prices bur no service charge. The rösti and eggs cost 189 baht, the dumplings 69 baht, which is 258 baht. With the 7% VAT (18 baht), my total bill was 276 baht. Water is free. I left 24 baht as a tip for the friendly service. Five Star J has an extensive menu with vegetarian and vegan variations of many Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese and Indian dishes. There are also several Western dishes including vegetarian versions of hamburgers, pasta and pizza. Prices are reasonable, with a lot of dishes under 200 baht. Everything is cooked to order, so you may have to wait longer than usual for your order to appear in front of you. I did a longer review of Five Star J last year in this thread. (Link) Bottom line: If you want to give yourself a break from steaks, Western fast food, Sunday roast dinners, Thai food from the stalls and carts as well as English breakfasts, Five Star J is a good place to start for tasty options. I'm not about to become a vegetarian, but in the interests of my digestive system, cholesterol level and waistline, I do try to eat at Five Star J a few times a week. You can also order online and have the food delivered. Evil
  10. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Simon of Retox is certainly no slouch when it comes to effective marketing. He has stated publicly that Retox as a whole loses money on its food operations, but makes a profit on its sales of booze. Specials like the pizza burger keep interest in the group alive as it is a unique offer not available anywhere else. I used to love pizza burgers as a kid, but haven't had one in decades. I really do look forward to trying the pizza burger at Retox Game On. Last Sunday I went back to the Marquee on Soi Buakhao near the night market to try the 100-baht roast dinner again. I had the chicken dinner this time at about 4.00 p.m. I certainly couldn't complain for the price. The chicken breast had been baked and was juicy. The Yorkshire pudding was crisp and light, not at all chewy. The vegetables and roast potatoes were fine as well. I had a cup of coffee (40 baht) after the meal and it came in a larger cup than you usually get. All in all, I was happy with the meal. It's not a huge portion, but certainly enough for me. I've been to the Marquee several times on Sundays at 6.00 p.m. or 7.00 p.m. and they had already run out of roast dinners. It appears to be a popular Sunday option, even in low season. Like with every carvery or fixed-plate roast dinner, the earlier you get to the restaurant, the better it will be. I wrote a longer review of the Marquee's beef roast dinner here. This is the pork chop special I had last night at Kilkenny on LK Metro for 175 baht: Everything was good. The pork had been fried properly and wasn't dry. The mashed potatoes and gravy were fine and the vegetables weren't overcooked. My SML cost 60 baht, so I had a tasty and filling meal for 235 baht. BTW, the open bars and restaurants of LK Metro were doing a rousing trade last night. Plenty of foot traffic as well. I wouldn't have guessed it was low season judging only by the number of people I saw out and about. Evil
  11. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Two specials are worth mentioning. The pics come from the restaurants' Web sites. Kilkenny on LK Metro: At Retox Game On for 199 baht: The description from the Retox Facebook page: "Another new Retox Special. Pepperoni pizza angus beef burger Chargrilled angus beef burger then oven baked and topped with pepperoni and melted mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion rings , brioche bun and topped with a pepperoni aricini (sic) Skinny fries Warm side of pizza sauce Only 199 baht." Arancini are stuffed and deep-fried rice balls. No one can fault Retox for a lack of originality. I'm in more of a pork chop than burger mood, so I'll try the Kilkenny special this evening. Evil
  12. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    I tried Wednesday's special at Retox Game On (Soi Honey near 2nd Road) by accident. I was walking past, it started to rain and I didn't have an umbrella, so I ducked in to have dinner while I waited for the rain to stop. Conceptually, the day's special sounded a bit weird to me. Why serve Chinese chicken balls with chips and curry sauce? Was that what made it "English style?" Anyway, I gave it a try. I asked if I could substitute extra fried rice for the chips and the waitress readily agreed. I'm including this in the "Good" thread because the chicken balls themselves were very nice- lightly battered pieces of chicken breast, fried crispy but juicy on the inside. I was less impressed with the rest of the meal. The curry sauce was the blandest I've ever tasted- no heat and almost no curry flavor. The egg fried rice couldn't have fried for long, if at all. It seemed to me it was boiled rice mixed with peas and bits of fried egg. It tasted OK, but could have done with some seasoning. Why in the world Retox didn't serve the chicken balls with a sweet and sour sauce on the side I can't begin to guess. That strikes me as a more natural pairing than curry sauce and chips. I livened up my chicken balls and rice with a few splashes of Tabasco and seasoning sauce from the condiment box. Portion size isn't a major concern for me. I'd rather have a modest amount of good food on my plate than a heaping portion of mediocre or poor food. The special consisted of eight chicken balls and rice. It was OK for me as I wasn't very hungry, but I can imagine others would find it rather meager, even with chips. There are farang restaurants nearby where you can get a bigger meal for 150 baht or under. Retox Game On is offering Hanoi Beer from Viet Nam at 95 baht. It also has an "all-you-can-drink" offer on Tiger draft on Mondays between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. for 499 baht. ... Bottom line: For me it was a good meal because of the quality of the chicken balls. I'm less sure it was a good special at 149 baht. Evil
  13. Evil Penevil

    New Food Stalls at The Avenue

    The Avenue shopping plaza on 2nd Road has recently expanded its possibilities for dining. It's added some food stalls and open-air serving area in the "courtyard" of the ground level. There are also stalls, tables and chairs in a covered area on the second level. It's hardly worth a trip to The Avenue as there are similar setups all over town offering the same food. But if you live or stay nearby or visit The Avenue for the movie theater, gym or shopping at Villa Market, it could be an option. I don't know if the whole ground level food area has a collective name. I saw a sign in one section that said, "The Avenue Garden Cafe," but I don't know if that applies to all the sections. The other night I tried the creamy version of tom yum goong, a hot and sour shrimp and seafood soup that typifies Thai flavor for many farang because of the lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and tamarind paste used in the soup. I also had a fried rice with squid for 60 baht. The soup cost 150 baht for a large bowl. Both were quite good. A small can of iced tea cost 30 baht and bottled beer was available at 60 or 70 baht, depending on the brand. Most of the Thai standards are available from one stall or another. You can order in two ways: 1) pick out what you want at a stall and they'll carry it to a table; or 2) sit down, order a drink and ask to see a menu. The lady who takes you drink order will then send someone from the stalls with a food menu. One pay the food and drink bills separately as soon as the order arrives at the table. I was there about 8.00 p.m. and the roast had gotten really thin by then. There's also live music, which for once wasn't too loud. I wouldn't want to sit there during the heat of the day. At 8.00 p.m., it was still warm and humid outdoors. I'll try some of the other dishes on offer, but I'll take them home with me to east in air-conditioned comfort. I believe the food stalls begin to shut down around 9.00 p.m., although that can vary according to the day and crowd. The serving of beer and other beverages, as the live music, continue until about midnight. The second-level food stalls start closing up at 7.00 p.m. There are a number of other options for dining and drinking at The Avenue. Pizza Pizza is no more and has been replaced by Sergio's Pizza Factory after a couple of brief closures for remodeling. It's a bit tricky because I recall seeing the Sergio's logo above the pizza ovens when it was still Pizza Pizza by Yanee. This is their current offer: Basically, you are paying 269 baht for a Margherita pizza, salad and beverage. The Margherita pizzas weren't bad at all in the restaurant's previous incarnation and cost only 79 baht. I hope they revive that special offer. The Avenue has several other dining options as well, ranging from a 24/7 McDonalds through the Robin Hood Tavern, Beer Fest, Firepork, Oishi Diner's Express, a Chinese restaurant and a couple more. There's also a Starbucks with a strong and fast free wifi. Most of these restaurants have already been reviewed elsewhere in this section. Depending on your taste in food, a couple of them could be worth a special visit. Parking is readily available at The Avenue. The rear covered section of the shopping plaza remains empty after the stalls were recently booted. Maybe this sign tells what is underway? Very little of the enclosed retail space is occupied, especially on the second and third levels. Evil
  14. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Mediocre

    No, I don't recall ever hearing that story. But I remember reading that the old Thai lady who owned the restaurant once pulled a pistol on a troublesome customer and threatened to shoot him. She even chased him out into the street where he set the world's speed record for running while drunk. Apparently there have been some heavy-duty incidents at Sailor in the wee hours after guys have been sitting all night lapping up the cheap booze. Evil
  15. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Mediocre

    A lot of people favor the Sailor Restaurant on Soi 7, mainly because it is cheap, but I've never had much luck. I've eaten there five times in the past six years Three meals were bad (one totally inedible), one was good and the most recent (Thursday night) was mediocre. I tried one of the more expensive items on the menu, the T-bone steak for 150 baht. It came with a choice of potatoes, boiled vegetables and a smattering of cabbage salad. I'm fully aware for that price baht you're not going to get imported beef, so my expectations weren't too high. I asked for the steak to be done medium and that's how it came. As soon as I had a piece of it in my mouth, I was reminded of the children's story "The Little Engine That Could." Chew, chew, chew and me telling myself, "I think I can, I think I can." It wasn't impossibly tough, but tough enough to place it in the mediocre category. The mashed potatoes tasted weird and the veggies had been boiled way too soft for me, but some people like them that way. I knew before I stepped into the Sailor I was entering the heart of Cheap Charlie darkness, where price and portion size are more important than taste. I figured I'd get a mediocre meal and that's exactly what happened. But whatever its culinary faults, the Sailor has been in operation for many years and remains popular. I sat down at the last available table about 8.00 p.m. At least 30 people were dining, including three groups of eight. It thinned out a bit as I ate my meal, but it still had plenty of customers when I finished. The day the zombie apocalypse comes to Pattaya, the Sailor Bar & Restaurant will be one of the last bastions of Cheap Charliedom to fall before the final stand at New Plaza. I'll visit the Sailor in another 12 months to see if anything has changed for the better or (God forbid) the worse. Evil