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  1. thanks. will give your story a read :-)
  2. thx for the breakdown. take usd and no need to exchange it.
  3. enjoyed it. did u pay for the tours with usd?
  4. excellent! some fabulous pictures! ready to see more if u got the time. thx
  5. Okay! in addition to finding out about the vietnamese community in nakhon phanom, i was surprised to also learn that Ho Chi Minh lived just outside of town for several years, before he became president of vietnam. it seems that his house is still standing with some memorabilia inside. Here you see the front entrance with Ho's hideaway in the background. a closer view of the house from the front. the backside entrance with lush foliage looks more appealing. a closer look. several views of the interior. this is where he slept. he also had a desk, which is more than i can say of some of the hotel rooms ive been in, lol. pictures of the man cover the walls inside. one of the people who oversees this place claimed to be related to ho. three days was enough for me to absorb the natural beauty of nakhon phanom. I found this visit to be a pleasant diversion that reminds you, in various ways, of how people lived prior to the integration of so many rural populations into urban areas, which were built up to feed the insatiable capitalist machine. the mighty mekong at nakhon phanom looking quiet and peaceful.
  6. thx for all the kind replies! lets continue: During the 3 days i was in nakhon phanom, riding around, i found no interesting nightlife with the possible exception of this place called lolitas. the sign does look similar to the one in bangkok, but unfortunately it was closed while i was in town. there were the usual hole in the wall bars and a few karaoke joints with thais drinking their large leos and blend while singing like hoarse dogs, lol. this being thailand, of course there was the usual collection of temples and statues that exist here, some said to be centuries old. I also ran across a catholic church and a clock tower. I found out that this clock tower was actually built by the vietnamese community here in town as a memorial to the refugees that fled viet nam during their war of independence. Nakhon phanom happens to be the closest part of thailand to vietnam. The TAT has a nice office here with a number of helpful young women who assisted me. I also found a quiet park area where the locals like to reflect and exercise and do their yoga. then there is the ornate friendship bridge over to Laos on the north side of town. I asked the friendly immigration official if i could walk across the bridge without a visa and he burst out laughing. to be continued...
  7. one of the side trips i took was to a town called Nakhon Phanom on the northeast side of essan. I decided to go here b/c it was on the mekong river, which i wanted to see, and b/c you can easily fly there in about an hour, and of course to get away from the overpopulated cesspool of pattaya. I stayed there 3 days and nights taking in the sights, the scenery and sounds of the place. not that there was much going on, but it was nice to get away from the congestion and pollution of the cities. nakhon phanom is a small, quiet town without any pretensions. it's a place where a restless soul would easily get bored if not interested in natural, rural scenery. The mekong river. on the far side is laos. I made a booking on agoda and was happy to find a good, new hotel on the outskirts of town called the siam grand. The room was 550 baht/day as i had a deluxe. it was a comfortable, quiet place to stay and can recommend it. breakfast was included in the price and it was quite good. Only one member of the staff spoke any english, other than the owner of the place. the owner was a younger man of about 28 from a well to do family that bankrolled this project for him to own and run - or so he said. I was happy they had motorbikes for rent at the hotel as my main activity was scouting around the area during the day and night to experience what the place had to offer, especially the scenery. this place is full of pastoral scenes, for example which evoke the simpler, quiet life that can be found here. to be continued
  8. okay, i will try to rustle up another one for you :-)
  9. i did not ask, but saw this sign on the window. dont know if they are enforcing this, but they do have 2 outside areas where smoking would be no problem.
  10. as mentioned before, here are some of the views you can see from the Le Saigon Restaurant
  11. alex, its not far from the exit/entrance to the big buddha statue. its the next exit on the right hand side as you go east, i think its phratamnak soi 1. there is no sign posted the times ive been there, but its on top of the bayview building. if you go please be sure to wear a top hat, monocle, bow-tie and cigarette with a holder, lol
  12. as i got this kooky, desperate sounding e-mail a couple days ago i will respond with a short follow up on the le saigon bayview eatery 5+ years after the previous post, but will include pics of what i ate and some of the views from inside the restaurant. maybe the food hounds will enjoy this. heres the e-mail, lol: eskimo,why are you not online ? no excuses . no internet ? no excuse use a internet shop . my phones packed in . no excuse buy another one. my pc / laptop is broken , so what . my wife wont let me . big deal divorce her . its past my bed time . grow up and stay up . my fingers have fallen off . get a prosthetic hand then . yes you , im talking to you . Rockhousepattaya-live · 12-23-14 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I decided to eat western for a change and ordered lamb chops from the 4-course menu. it came with a salad, a basket of bread, an appetizer, a side of potatoes, and desert and looked something like this: total cost, including taxes, was 1221 B. 695 for the food and 465 for my cocktails - everything was priced at 20% off. the chow was good, no complaints here, as was the service. I enjoyed my visit, but i was the only guest there. the bonus here are the views, if you like that sort of thing and i will include some of those on my next post.
  13. Being in close proximity to Indian By Nature i stopped there first. their menu indicated that they have rogan josh, but the price was 750B so i quickly passed just as i would on an inflated barfine, as i know the item desired can be found here at a much more reasonable price. Country Favourite was my next stop. they had the lamb dish for a much more reasonable 170B, so this is where i consumed the product along with garlic nan and an appetizer of onion bhajiya. This combo offered a delightful mixture of flavors, which is the hallmark of indian cuisine. this was a hearty and satisfying meal. The owner, amit, was friendly and along with his male chef represented the entire staff. The place is small with only 2 tables outside, none inside, but amit was quick to say they do a lot of takeaway meals. I appreciated eating at a restaurant where the staff is attentive and can speak and understand english very well.
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