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  1. Hadn't been on the forum for a few weeks because I couldn't connect, thought it was down or something and was busy as well. Yesterday I manually typed the address and got in. My bookmark was set at www.pattaya-live.com and couldn't get in today, so did some digging (pun intended) and found that www.pattaya-live.com doesn't have an A record. For most people this would sound like gibberish, but lanzalad or whoever is managing the forum will read it and understand what needs to be done.
  2. The Scottish manager job is a poisoned chalice like the English one. Probably David Moyes would get the job, provided he wants it.
  3. Well I'll state the obvious here. Lots of fans who regularly visit the stadium have the memory span of a goldfish, so they might not be able to remember the starting eleven in the game they had just been attending. Let's say they aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. People from a country like Australia, can't be fans according to you. For us a football trip to Europe is something like an once in a lifetime experience and we'd have to save a lot of money to go to a Champions League final. I guess we can never be football fans according to you. Do we support our teams? Well, we're paying for payTV to watch our team and we get to buy merchandise every now and then. Oh, by the way the "couch fans" are collectively supporting their team a lot more than "real fans", the bulk of an EPL club's income is their TV income, not their matchday income. In the end of the day today's football is way different than the football you grew up with.
  4. Celtic still have a large support in away games. Don't know how you could afford going overseas in European midweek games on a working man's salary.
  5. Well I wasn't born back then... You might dislike a lot of things about today's game, yet more people are in the stadium now than they used to be back then. Sure a stadium would only have a 50K-60K or so capacity, so a lot of fans are missing out. Going to every home and away game all season? Well I don't think a working class guy could afford that in the 60s 70s 80s or 90s. Travelling was way more expensive back then. A cheap season ticket for Celtic is something like, oh your season tickets are sold out so you'd probably be missing out .They were going for 466 pounds, have no idea if they included cup games as well, but it would have been something like 1000 baht per game. But you could get a woman for that But I guess for both of you a fan is only someone who is watching the games live in the stadium. Not someone who watches the game on the telly, because there were no games in the telly back then.
  6. Well it's your choice to be living in Thailand and watching Celtic games on the screen. But you're one of the millions of Celtic fans around the world who wouldn't have been able to watch any Celtic games in the past. Yet you claim that "the game is lost to the public".
  7. Well Chelsea used to play in front of 10000 fans 35 years ago. Nowadays pretty much every game is sold out. 35 years ago no games were played on TV, nowadays millions watch the games on TV or through the internet. Sure you might not be able to afford going to the ground but this doesn't mean that you don't get to see a lot more football than you used to. By the way last time I checked you were a Celtic fan. You could have bought a season ticket and it would have been less than 1000 baht per game. Or you could get a Thai hooker instead and you probably did that. Have been to plenty of games, well only been to an EPL game once, but that being said I'm not living in the UK. Have been to 2 Champions League finals as well but only one involved an English team Working class people might not be able to afford watching Arsenal but can afford to watch AFC Hayes. Players keep on playing for as long their teams keep them. If the teams don't want to keep them playing it's the bench or the door for them. John Terry was on the bench and then shown the door. Kante won the player of the year because fans understand his contribution to the team. In years past it would only be the guys who scored goals that got all the plaudits. The Arsenal team failed to challenge the EPL title when Patrick Vieira left the team, yet the guy who was considered to be their legend was Thierry Henry who scored the goals. I guess 35 years ago people would say that no average player costs one million pounds. Prices have gone up.
  8. The game is lost to the public... Really do you have any grip with reality? The game is more popular than ever, fans are watching it in record numbers. Are they getting paid 100 times what they are worth? Well, they wouldn't be paid that much if they weren't worth it, unless you think club owners are mugs who are paying their "employees" 100 times what they are worth. You don't have to pay 60 pounds for a game. If you choose to do so, it's your decision. In the end of the day if you can't afford or don't want to spend the money to buy a Ferrari nobody's holding a gun on your head to buy one. Not to mention that you won't be going on a stand with the guy behind you pissing on your back nowadays like you did back then. Obviously the laws of supply and demand are at work here, there's not enough tickets to meet demand, so ticket prices have gone up. Regarding money and players performance, well Kante is a multimillionaire, so is Ronaldo they're still trying their best in every game. Some guys won't bother too much since they'll still get paid, happened in every job last time I checked. Like Mourinho said a player like Neymar is cheap when the run of the mill EPL player costs some 50 million pounds.
  9. The players aren't employees like the guy who collects the kits or cleans the offices. It's an entertainment industry so they're the product as well. Some investors are making money out of football, yet it seems that most investors aren't interested in making money directly out of football.
  10. If the money is on the table why would he leave it there? Neymar has been doing what was the best for him and getting the highest amount of money possible without jeopardising his career. When he was in Santos he arranged to stay there for another year and he would get a huge cut out of the transfer money. He's the poster boy for Nike and is marketing himself in the best possible way. When he got the transfer to Barcelona he got a better contract a year and a half after signing for them, on par on what Messi was earning. Regarding his ability, he's not at the same level as Messi or Suarez who carried Barcelona on their own for the past 4 seasons while he was the weakest link of the 3 (and all of them were left down by their midfielders last year). The only time he really played consistently well was when Messi was injured for 2 months and took on Messi's role pretty much. There is a problem though. He will never be the No1 star in Barcelona as long as Messi is still kicking a football. He also wants to play in a free role, like when he's playing with Brasil, something that wasn't going to happen in Barcelona. The fact that he would always be under Messi's shadow was made pretty clear when Barcelona played against PSG last year. He pretty much carried Barcelona on his own on that game, scoring 2 goals and providing the assist for the 6th goal. Yet the next day's papers had Messi on their front page celebrating instead of him. PSG had problems in the end of the season. Verratti wanted to leave PSG and join Barcelona, because he pretty much told them that he had won everything he could win there. The PSG board told him, you're staying here, because we're going to match your ambition and try to win the Champions League. Barcelona were pretty much trying to bully them into a transfer, so they turned the tables and got one of their most prized assets. Now Neymar might not be the best player in the world, but he's probably the best player that was available for transfer (my personal opinion is that Eden Hazard would have been a better option, but he's not as marketable as Neymar). By the way this move was funded (like the whole PSG project) with Qatari money. This move is a coup for them and is a distraction from the problems they face now, as their country is blockaded by the rest of the Arab world. There's a lot of money around football it's best if players get it, than some suit who has never played football in his life. In the end of the day it was about time that the highest paid player in the world was someone playing in the Champions League and not some guy plying his trade in China.
  11. Don't know what's going on behind the scenes but forum looks great now.
  12. Well Celtic back then would be a force to be reckoned in Europe, had players like Henrik Larsson, Mjallby, Neil Lennon, Petrov and others, reached the UEFA cup final and were regularly featuring in the Champions League. The club is more or less at the same level as it used to be back then, but other European clubs are now miles ahead of Celtic.
  13. Doesn't make sense to spend big money to buy a player if you've got many players playing in the same position. Celtic were a much bigger club (in relative terms) back then.
  14. McGregor is an international player, he has been playing for a few years but isn't a youngster any more. Eboue is not a youngster you promoted through your academy, you bought him for 3million like you said. I don't know why he doesn't get much playing time considering you spent a fair bit on him. In the end of the day there's nothing wrong in buying talented players and selling them at a profit. You fans might not like that players tread the club as a stepping stone in their career but that's the way it is nowadays.
  15. McGregor and Armstrong get to play but aren't kids any more. The others just get some token playing time so the team can claim "to promote youngsters" and yadda yadda. Sure Scottish football is physical and there wasn't a shortage of aggressive players there last time I checked. It's sink or swim though, if the kids aren't good enough at 18-19 to challenge for a first team place, chances are that they'll never be good enough. Sure, you get the occasional late bloomers but there is a good reason why thousands of footballers every year retire at the ages of 18-19.
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