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  1. roomark

    A prayer before dawn

    Just had a look for it on Netflix U.K it's not on there yet.
  2. roomark

    Is this forum worth a go ?

    Didn't Your X bird used to work there ? 😉🤣🤣
  3. roomark


    Yes mate used them maybe five times,never had a problem yet .. Good Luck
  4. All the best to you too Sent from my s8 plus by voice command in 3d virtual reality 😂
  5. S8 plus Mr Jones You always were lagging behind in the phone stakes 😂😂
  6. No idea about someone from Poland mate really. I do know my mate (who is a U.K citizen living in Cyprus) got knocked back for his Phillipine wife entering the U.K and they have a 4 year old son (who was born in Cyprus,but has a U.K passport).. No doubt it all needs sorting and cases that are obviously genuine should be priority. Cheers pal all the best to you too 😊
  7. But after the two years leave to remain Pukky didn't pass Life In The U.K and that's where your problems started,which is my point mate . I hope you get it sorted it's gotta be doing your nut in. All the best to you both too.
  8. Nothing to do with Africans either. His wife (and I mean no disrespect to Matt) came over on a two year visa,where at the end of it they had to give a load of paperwork in to prove they are living together,married,both working plus a pass on Life In The U.K or whatever the equal college pass was. They didn't do it so didn't get the visa.. Wouldn't matter who it was if you don't do as they ask and follow the visa rules they are knocking you back.
  9. Nothing to do with colour in Matt's case mate
  10. No disrespect,but I don't agree like everyone on your Mrs visa (Leave to remain I take It?) You had two years to pass the Life In U.K test how long did you need mate. She would have had Indefinite Leave by 2011 then . You would have had none of this Then, by 2012 she could have had a British passport . Good Luck
  11. 100% and in Matt and his Mrs case without any disrespect what could be more motivating than the end result especially with her daughter there too. Personally there isn't a chance in hell I would have let it go on this long without sorting it. Good Luck Mat ,but without any disrespect meant you can't teach anyone about the Visa system when you haven't done it yet. All the luck in the world ... You can do it.
  12. From what I remember of the test they sit with headphones on listening to what they have learned in the book and are asked questions a,b or c multiple choice. If you drill it in your head long enough it will sink in for a multiple choice test. Same for the UK driving licence test loads of Thai girls have U.K licences (there are some that drive for 12 months on a Thai/Inter licence)and that's not too easy nowadays unless you study,even for us either.
  13. Without being disrespectful it should have been priority no1 before you brought her daughter to U.K then there would have been no uncertainty . As it is your Mrs may well have to leave if they feel that way and her daughter has made a new life for herself. Get studying with her and get it done any energy elsewhere is wasted.
  14. Which means you have wasted all your time money and years because you're stubborn. I remember having a conversation with you on Shhh years ago about it. Sit down with her learn the book and do the multiple choice questions till they stick in both your minds.. Thai girls I know here have done it in a month of solid studying even if it takes you six studying every night surely it's worth it than wondering WTF is going to happen after 10. You could have had a British passport by now. Good Luck.
  15. Looks good. I'm using a mobile and it's miles better. Well done mate ?