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    My Pattaya wives
  2. gator001

    What's Happening

    in a word......yep. I own shitloads of Transocean, pretty much worthless for a while yet, hopefully they come back just might be a wait Lots of Drillships have become razor blades as they are too expensive to stack. A 500 million dollar drill ship (5th generation) sold for 50 million two months ago. A seventh generation, (brand new) that cost 850 million to build sold for 200 million
  3. gator001

    What's Happening

    I have always worked for offshore drilling contractors. Word is that deepwater is done for the next 5 or 6 years There is still plenty of work in Saudi and the other gulf states for shallow water rigs but day rates are very low. Asia is very slow, maybe 10% of the work that was there a couple of years ago. Bit of work still in India and Nigeria but low rig counts, people are optimistic for a slight and gradual upturn next year doing work overs and abandonments One big change that I think wont reverse is the days of the shore based western expat is close to over. Most of the jobs are now being taken by Africans, Asians and eastern Europeans and I dont think that will change even if things pick up a lot I also think expat rotating jobs will not reach the level they were or even close. Bottom line, the game is probably over (drilling and exploration) for the next generation
  4. gator001

    Thai Government Considers Decriminalizing Marijuana

    If you believe that arab that went nuts with the knife in Oz did so because he had been smoking pot then I have a bridge for sale in Sydney talk about selective perception, wonder what people would say if one of them many many murders where people were pissed and we blamed it on the shandy they just drank it is ridiculous to group it with hard drugs like yaba, ice, heroin. Drugs that have been responsible for many deaths and in Ice and Yaba cases many violent acts. maybe not anywhere near as many as alcohol related violent acts none the less there is statistically zero deaths ever attributed to the 'deadly' weed globally, zero You should see how some of us see people who drink alcohol every single day but we leave them be. Stories about people going to shit from smoking pot are dubious at best. The reality is there was something seriously f**king wrong with them already Even the article while fair uses the head of the DEA as a SME. I mean we all know how government department budgets work dont we? If he had his way everything would be schedule 1
  5. http://www.sbs.com.au/comedy/article/2015/01/27/australia-knights-king-henry-viii-england
  6. Its embarrassing and the backlash against Abbot over this is huge, to the point he is struggling to hold onto the PM spot right now Apparently King Henry VIII is down for a gong Australia day 2016
  7. Legit One of the funniest shows on TV 100% non PC and outrageous but always with a message
  8. gator001

    Local Thai Solicitor Recommendations?

    thanks mate, I will check it out just need someone to do some legwork and checks to start with
  9. Can anyone recommend a local lawyer in Pattaya who specializes in property issues? Must be legit, local and registered in Thailand Thanks in advance
  10. until they start shooting if there is a coup and that is what the protesters are trying to force, the baht will dip again, but like always it will rebound quickly