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Posts posted by nampla69

  1. 24 minutes ago, S1xer said:

    A young 77. 


    Used to be a Bingo call when me mum and dad played it ........... two fats ladies 88

    legs 11 

    77 .............. SUNSET STRIP. ..... Me and Nadia and yeah Parky's ma being Irish should remember this era. 

    77 Sunset Strip with Ephraim Zimbalist Junior .......... f**k memory ............. black and white TV show ????????????? in the 60s.

  2. Obituary from The Times today. it's hidden behind a Paywall got a subscription so cut and pasted it.

    Brilliant story about Escape to Victory in there. Highly recommended .............. great anecdotes too. Loved it. :thumbsup:  Enjoy !!


    Kevin Beattie used to miss school in Carlisle because his parents could not afford to buy him shoes. His pride and joy were the football boots given to him by a kindly teacher. Aged 15, Beattie was clutching those boots in a brown paper bag, his only piece of luggage, when he arrived at Ipswich Town Football Club for a trial in the late 1960s. The club’s manager, Bobby Robson, would later describe him as “the most gifted footballer [he] had seen play in England, other than George Best”.

    Powerful in the tackle, able to distribute the ball like Bobby Moore and bestride the pitch in the imperious manner of Duncan Edwards, Beattie could play the game at his own pace, the hallmark of a classy player. He was regarded as the quickest player in the country over ten yards. The bull-necked Beattie was also unbeatable in the air and, according to Robson, had a left foot shot like a “howitzer”. He was known to his team-mates as “Monster”.

    After making his debut against Manchester United in 1972, Beattie became a linchpin during the Suffolk club’s remarkable run of success under Robson. In 1976-77, Ipswich seemed a good bet to win the First Division title before Beattie suffered a freak accident.

    “I was burning some leaves inside a tin drum and, when the flames appeared to go out, I decided to stoke the fire up with petrol,” he later said. “The flames blew up on me and my face and hair caught fire . . . the boss will tell you to this day that my gardening adventure cost us the championship.”

    Indeed, Beattie was so indispensable he would be given two cortisone injections before a game and one at half time to settle his deteriorating knee. He featured in the Ipswich team that won the FA Cup in 1978, beating Arsenal 1-0 in the final, but by then he was missing more games than he played.

    His team-mate Terry Butcher recalled one of Beattie’s final games in 1981 against the Polish side Widzew Lodz during Ipswich’s victorious Uefa Cup campaign. In temperatures approaching minus 30C, Beattie ran on to the frozen pitch in a short-sleeved shirt with his chest pumped out and chastised any team-mate wearing long sleeves, let alone gloves. “He was my hero and my inspiration,” Butcher recalled. “The complete footballer.”

    One last adventure before Beattie was forced to retire in December 1981 was to act as Michael Caine’s body double in the wartime football film, Escape To Victory. After word went around the set about his strength, the star of the film, Sylvester Stallone, challenged him to an arm wrestle. Beattie won. He later said: “I don’t think he talked to me again for the rest of the film.”

    Thomas Kevin Beattie was born in Carlisle in 1953, one of nine children and grew up on the Botcherby estate. His father, Tommy, was a drunk. “If he couldn’t have a drink, it was trouble. I would hear the rows, hide under the bed and put my fingers in my ears. There would be times I would have nothing to eat for two or three days unless my dad won a game of dominoes at the pub and got the fish and chips in.”

    When he signed for Ipswich with a £5 weekly wage, he would send £3 home to his family. “My dad just boozed it away. There were times when he knocked my mam around and in the end I had to come up and sort him out, good and proper. I’m not proud of that. I loved him.”

    Beattie nearly joined Liverpool, managed by the indomitable Bill Shankly. He went for a trial, but there was nobody to meet him at the station and he took the next train home. Shankly growled that if Beattie did not have the brains to find his way to the club, he was not a Liverpool player. He was next invited to Ipswich and Robson made sure there was someone to meet him at the train station.

    Having established himself in the first team, the jovial Beattie was particularly loved by the club’s apprentices. He would stand on a table handing out their payslips and reserving an avuncular comment for each one of them.

    His international career suffered a bad start when he failed to turn up for an England under-23 gathering in Scotland. He was tracked down to a pub in Carlisle playing dominoes with his father. He made his debut for England in 1975 and scored his first international goal against Scotland, but would play just nine times for his country.

    After retirement, Beattie lost his house, and ended up on benefits. He spiralled into depression and alcohol dependency. He would be seen around the town picking up discarded cigarettes. He contemplated suicide, joking darkly: “I would have tied a hose to my exhaust pipe, but my car had been repossessed.” He contracted pancreatitis at the age of 37 and was so ill a priest was called to administer the last rites.

    The Professional Footballers’ Association helped him to pay his debts and he worked as a pundit for Radio Suffolk in 2008 while caring for his wife, Maggie, who had multiple sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair. They had met when Beattie was living in digs in Ipswich and married in 1972. She survives him with their daughters Emma, Sarah and Louise, and six grandchildren.

    In 2012 Beattie was convicted of fraud for claiming benefits at the same time. He publicly apologised: “I’m a thick footballer and my brains are in my feet. I never meant to let people down.”

    He should have had more to show for his talent than medals, but he treasured a comment made to him by Shankly: “Ay lad, I haven’t made many mistakes, but you were one of the biggest.”

    Kevin Beattie, footballer, was born on December 18, 1953. He died of a heart attack on September 16, 2018, aged 64

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  3. On 8/16/2018 at 5:30 PM, Evil Penevil said:

    I tried Wednesday's special at Retox Game On (Soi Honey near 2nd Road)  by accident.  I was walking past, it started to rain and I didn't have an umbrella, so I ducked in to have dinner while I waited for the rain to stop.


    Conceptually, the day's special sounded a bit weird to me.  Why serve Chinese chicken balls with chips and curry sauce?   Was that what made it "English style?" Anyway, I gave it a try. I asked if I could substitute extra fried rice for the chips and the waitress readily agreed.



    I'm including this in the "Good" thread because the chicken balls themselves were very nice- lightly battered pieces of chicken breast, fried crispy but juicy on the inside. 


    I was less impressed with the rest of the meal.  The curry sauce was the blandest I've ever tasted-  no heat and almost no curry flavor.  The egg fried rice couldn't have fried for long, if at all. It seemed to me it was boiled rice mixed with peas and bits of fried egg. It tasted OK, but could have done with some seasoning.

    Why in the world Retox didn't serve the chicken balls with a sweet and sour sauce on the side I can't begin to guess.  That strikes me as a more natural pairing than curry sauce and chips.  I livened up my chicken balls and rice with a few splashes of Tabasco and seasoning sauce from the condiment box. 

    Portion size isn't a major concern for me.  I'd rather have a modest amount of good food on  my plate than a heaping portion of mediocre or poor food.  The special consisted of eight chicken balls and rice.  It was OK for me as I wasn't very hungry,  but I can imagine others would find it rather meager, even with chips.  There are farang restaurants nearby where you can get a bigger meal for 150 baht or under.

    Retox Game On is offering Hanoi Beer from Viet Nam at 95 baht. It also has an "all-you-can-drink" offer on Tiger draft on Mondays between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. for 499 baht.



    Bottom line:  For me it was a good meal because of the quality of the chicken balls.  I'm less sure it was a good special at 149 baht.


    Hanoi beer is great 30 Baht a bottle in Hanoi but for imported beer obviously much more. Nice posts Evil. 

    Chinese British curry sauce is for dipping your chips in and is very bland as you say. My own fave would be the Arancini ...lovely when cooked well.

  4. Sadly BM Galenkia no longer posts over here. Well known to many on here and stayed at the Rocky  few times.

    Mad QPR fan ........ agree with AJ I think he is a truly awful manager. Used to make me vomit when he took over England.

    "John T. and Stevie G. etc etc ........ the Wally with the Brolley when Slaven Bilic's Croatia knocked us out of Euro qualification.

    His best contribution to sport was his fake Dutch accent when at Enschede or was it FC Twente ??:


  5. Walnut doors ....bet they cost a few bob Matty. anyway Grimethorpe famous colliery brass band.Good old fashioned working class heroes.

    Met Arthur Scargill once he was from Barnsley. One of the most horrible humourless person I have ever met.

    Most people from that part of the world are sound plain speaking, likeable people  especially as their communities got destroyed in the '80s. :respect:

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  6. On 7/2/2018 at 6:48 PM, John M25 said:

    Have you ever done Millwall away? 

    Once ......... and I am West Ham .......did it back in the day. ...truly terrifying worst ever walking down the old Cold Blow Lane with colours on .......... the new Den is all posh Peckham Bhoys ..... OK Sarf Peckham the North is still a vile shit hole.:toilet-humor:

    Mind you never been to Stoke .....that is supposed to be awful all that Pottery bollocks and I'm old enough to remember Zigger Zagger. Really good lads in the 70s Stoke fans then got all racist and Brexit thickos :wine:

  7. '66 was a goal a Russian linesman confirmed it against the Germans. T.M. Bamkharov has a statue erected to him in his home village.

    Anyway first of all did not like VAR but now think it is mostly MOSTLY working. Just now a Peruvian got a red card wrongly identified. In seconds VAR got it right.

    And anything that denies those horrible Iranians has to be a good thing. .... :friends:

  8. Went on the piss with Alex this night for hours we watched Villa v Fulham ........ and the pornstar with me ........ went over to Lady Love on it with Johan and Kevin ......

    Alex come over ...... what night went to le Pub saw this ........... 


  9. All them Dutch brothers were shite too the De Boers, Koemans and don't get me started on the Italian brothers the Cannonavarros and Baresis  ...couldn't defend to save their lives that lot. Corrupt Italian politicians and the Mafia bribed UEFA. OK they won a World Cup and some minor Champions League trophies but ....

    Laudrups were useless lazy Swedes and worst of all that fag smoking Brazilian doctor Socrates and his brother Rai. Couldn't get past the quarter finals.... 

    Let's dance ..under the moonlight the .. :fam21:

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  10. 44 minutes ago, Irish boy said:

    Agreed, no talent at all, Alex Ferguson just picked them week in and week out as he was corrupt and manipulated by their father. 

    Neither of them would've made the first 11 in my under 13's while growing up. They couldn't hit a barn door from 10 feet. 

    Johnny and Corey Evans have represented Northern Ireland together a good few times. 

    Bobby and Jack Charlton ....  their corrupt dad bribed Alf Ramsey to play them in the 1966 World Cup. Useless the pair of them ..... :shok:

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  11. Anyone remember Derek Dougan, Bon McNab, Malcolm Allison and was it Brian Clough ??? First ever real pundits ITV Mexico 1970. Brilliant. Best ever.

    Saint and Greavesie ??? 

    Kris Kamara ....... Phil Thompson .... Charlie Nicholas ... Matt Le Tissier etc on Sky Sports Saturday all shite too. Agree with Al Mac about token females too. 


    Lampard and Hargreaves to me are the best of a bad modern lot. The worst Jamie Redkrapp .......... :gathering: