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  1. I have never been demoted for not logging in on any other forum I am a member of and it does not automatically reinstate members when they return. You say the forum is "your forum" if it was I would not have demoted myself.
  2. I received it also, I logged in to find I have been demoted from level 3 to level 1 and am not allowed to view many of my own posts. If you are going to keep changing user levels of members if they don't post for a time you may as well delete me completely.
  3. I am having a night in tonight, I think but may have a wonder around the hostess bars for an hour or 2 later. There has been a little bit of drama in The Mall over the last week with girls stealing. If you remember I lost a fake $100, My mate had his ManBag stolen with his Note 3 and keys in it. This was by a girl who had been staying with him for 4 days already, he left his bag with her while he went to the bog and she disappeared!!!! Another very old hand in the Mall has had 3 phones stolen from his apartment this week!!! I have therefore decided to go on strike!!! No more pussy from the mall for me till the thieving stops, I hope I can last, I will make a banner and parade up and down in protest!!! A few nights ago!
  4. I feel that it is getting more difficult to find girls that I like here. I came home empty handed again last night. Fridays and Saturdays are not so good up in The Mall cause I am told there are a lot of NGO's about. Not sure if that is true or not. Sunday is always the best night so I am looking forward to that. Cambodia in general, for me, is starting to get annoying in the sense that I cannot get into a routine. When in Pattaya I drink twice a week and go to the gym 5 times a week and eat the same high protein diet!! Here it is more difficult to refrain from beer and very late nights which means I never surface to the afternoon!!! My body is suffering!!!! I need to try to fix this so I will try not to go out tonight and go gym tomorrow. The girls here are quite strange, they seem happy to sit in a bar and make $200 - $300 a month from lady drinks. They do not seem motivated to make more. The skanky ones in The Mall are happy if they have $5 for they next smoke!!! I will be going to the Torture prision and the Killing Fields soon, Sky, my lesbian TukTuk driver will be taking me, I was hoping to take a small sexy girl with me to tease the f**k out of Sky for a laugh!!!!!
  5. A couple of photos posted in fun have spoiled the thread for you, oh dear but I cannot promise that it will not happen again!! Just put it on ignore if you don't want to see it. Do you really think that UKGay45 spent 15 minutes looking at them? LOL
  6. Yes you always did cum very quick!!!!!
  7. What!!!!! do you think I am rich or something?? it's 20 Baht!!!!!!!!! LOL The funny part is that all that was on my bedside table with the fake $100 and was left there!!!!
  8. I will have a very big night out tonight and spend all this money I have saved up!!!!!!
  9. Yes mate, I do get sort of distracted some times!! Still, got over it now and back looking for fresh meat!!!!
  10. Back on track again, I have decided that a girlfriend is not for me at this time. I like ******* them and kicking them out so that I can sleep alone!!! I feel a change from the Mall may be in order so I will go to Street 104 early tonight, I may even walk up by the Wat to see if there are any questionable girls hanging about then up to Martini's for an hour or so as I have not been there this trip.
  11. I do fear the mucky photos may slow down in the short term as CumFace, maybe we start calling her Sway Ny, seems to be sort of gf so I will be with her till it runs its course!!!
  12. All ok I think. CumFace is with me in Pontoon now and she brought her friend. The last friend she brought out with her I f**ked with her so things are looking good. CF is great fun to be with and really does not give a f**k and enjoys life!!!
  13. CumFace is now scared to come sit with me cause she told Big Boobs that Psycho had threatened her. Now sitting with some mates waiting for the shit storm!!! One jug of beer already on board ans thinking of going down the vodka redbull route incase it nasty.
  14. No probs mate, I will be back mid July for two months
  15. It has been an interesting few days, I have found Psycho and had a chat to her on a few afternoons. I told her that if she wanted out of the bar scene I would like to help her and would like her as a GF. She told me she wanted that also but had some commitments to take care of first. I told her I understand there would be a transition time as she has many customers and I was happy to give her a few days to think about it. Last night she was in the Mall and I chatted with her and she said she wanted to come home with me. At midnight she asked me for a few dollars to buy food and she told me she would take it to her mum and be back in 30 minutes!! I waited for well over an hour and me being me threw my teddy out of my pram!!!! I called CumFace over and chatted with her. I have known her for about 8 months and she is always good fun to be with. I asked her to come home with me and we first went to Pontoon. We had some fun in there and came out about 4am. We walked into The Mall and Psycho was strutting about like she does!!! I think she believes the place would fall to ruin without her there!!! She was not impressed to see me with CumFace who was her best friend until I ****ed her about 2 nights after I fell out with Psycho on the last trip. They were fighting over me or my money!! LOL I told her that I waited too long and cannot be bothered to piss about any longer!!! CF, I suppose I should call her by her name now, it is something like Sway Ny ??? Anyway we had a nice time and I gave her $20 to go feed her family and will see her again tonight.
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