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  1. MattyStevens

    Bangkok Food Disappointment

    Just saw this thread. Bloody hell, have to say that the portion size here is a disgrace. Even if the quality had been good, its way too small. The roast beef meal size probably just acceptable. But at 399 baht for the fish and chips I wouldn't have been happier at what I got, either.
  2. MattyStevens

    Andy Murray

    Delighted for Murray, well done.
  3. MattyStevens

    The Scottish Open

    Jeez that looks nice. Am heading back to England myself next week, and if the weather gave me a few days like that I'd be happy. You there at the Scottish Open?, looks great.
  4. MattyStevens

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Agreed. Never been to eat in this place, but from what I have seen/read, I must give it a try in the upcoming future. Looks fab.
  5. MattyStevens

    UK Longer Term Visa For Thai's

    Thanks a lot for the answers, lads. Once school holidays for the kids have died down, I will look into it further. The "Visitor Visa" does indeed come in longer visa ranges of 1 year, 2 year, 5 year, 10 years as colonelpickering said. Thanks. I don't think I would have a problem, to be honest, getting the longer term visa like that, because we have already gotten a few of the 6-month versions fairly easily and hassle free. What I am maybe interested in is the SETTLEMENT VISA.???!!!!! I will look into that more, later in the month. Big difference is the farang having to show much more financials. Thai wife sitting an English test and a few things like TB checks and x-rays etc... ( well, they seem to be the big differences from what I quickly read). Interestingly, this KeyVisaThailand of Pattaya's web-page gives an interesting piece on what finances are needed to apply for it. Over £62,500 to be shown in a cash lump-sum is a hefty wedge, but if that was there in a UK bank, hopefully things could work out. The advantage of the Settlement Visa, it seems, is none of this 6 months in one year rule. She can come and go as she pleases. Also, she can get a National Insurance number and register on the UK health system. Definitely a step above a basic visitor visa. Plan on "hopefully/maybe" transferring money to the UK soon, and maybe even a trip back there in late March/April'ish so I can get the ball rolling .
  6. Just a query from fellow boardmembers... Has anyone gotten a Longer Term UK visa of any sort for their Thai wife?????....and what type etc....and how was the process??? My situation. I have 2 times successfully gotten my Thai wife the 180-day visitor "C" visa. So we have a track record, and been/returned to the UK 2 times . I see myself in the future maybe returning to the UK more often(my sister is unwell), but the dates are not known so well in advance, it is sporadic. Don't wanna have to keep applying, wondering what longer term options I have, because I want to have freedom of going to the UK with my Thai wife at short notice on and off if I want to. -My wife has a house and car in her name in Thailand -We are married with the Thai marriage cert -Been over to the UK 2 times in the last few years with my Thai wife -I am not a full-time resident in the UK though at the moment ****I WILL look at the website and do my own research,but before I trudge through that minefield,lol,wondering if any boardmember has practical actual experience of getting a longer term UK visa for their Thai spouse?? Thanks.
  7. MattyStevens

    C-cat Cafe

    A woman having a coffee surrounded by cats. Actually, she herself was quite the piece of pussy. She came purring up to the shop in a 5 Series BMW, was alone and looked very sleek indeed.
  8. MattyStevens

    C-cat Cafe

    I went today...Cats aside(not literally).... the Iced Coffee they do is pretty damn good, and also not an OTT price....85 baht. Clean, you have to change your footwear into hospital style slippers before you go into the place!!
  9. MattyStevens

    The Bistro Wine And Cheese Restaurant, Soi 13/1

    That was a bit cheesy....sheeesh !!!
  10. MattyStevens

    Which Tv Series Are You Currently Watching ?

    Just watched the first 4 episodes, season 1, of "Luther" today. Never seen it before. All this talk of the chances of a possible darkie James Bond got me googling and wikipedia'ing the main character. Decent enough show....a tall good looking charismatic bloke. Not a 007 though.
  11. MattyStevens

    Mon The Seppos

    They were very unlucky against Portugal. Seconds away from being already qualified. Maybe CR7 will be able to use his full tub of hair gel after all, and have to shave his legs one more time. I almost felt a little bit sorry for the Yanks when they conceded in the last minute because I think they deserved to win the Portuguese game. (almost, though, it didn't last long).
  12. MattyStevens

    Kasikorn Bank Money Missing.

    +1I've had an account(s) in Thailand for almost 20 years and thankfully no problems. Have also had a Kasikorn account(or Thai Farmers Bank as it was known then, of course), for about 18/19 years and never a problem. I actually still have a Thai Farmers Bank old ATM card in the house from back in the mid 90's.
  13. I thought for a second there that she got her arm chopped off.
  14. MattyStevens

    Cheap Charlie Flights!

    So that'll be flight code UKR371 then,lol. A few hours later, and a shifty sounding pilot announcement saying...."Welcome to Pyongyang, outside temperatures are currently -14".. gives a hint that something ain't quite right.
  15. MattyStevens

    A Walk Around The Plaza

    Looks like a whole series of other beerbar areas to be honest, and as stated, in a good location, not a long walk to Central Shopping Centre,soi 7,8 etc...... Cold beer and a stool and having a natter with a few people. Its no surprise that the pavements for the use of walking are a non-starter, thats pretty common, whether its Soi Buakao itself,soi LK or whatever soi. No probs whatsoever though. Is it made out bad?, never heard, but if you make "this" place out as bad, then huge chucks of Pattaya are also bad, and dunno why someone would come to Pattaya if that were the case. I mean, if someone wanted pristine conditions, safe walkways,clear signage and international standards generally,you better not walk "anywhere" down the whole length of Soi Buakao,LOL, from South Pattaya Road to Central Pattaya Road. People getting snobby over where to go or not go in "Pattaya" always makes me laugh.