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  1. Just doin my bit Mayans MC......New spin of from Sons of Anarchy.... Too early to say much but if its anything like the sons it should be good (watch or Kate Segal (gemma) in a cameo) Jack Ryan.... Not a bad story... 8 part series available....I think there will be more to come. Yellowstone.... better than I thought it was going to be, for a Kevin Costner series. I like watching Kelly Reilly and she does look good naked. Condor... I loved the original movie with Redford but the series is not as good. Fills in time and is watchable Killing Eve.... Female assassins .you gotta love them..... Sandra Oh, is good but Jodie Comer is great. Typical British show but they do it well.
  2. Just found the new content button. Thanks for doing that
  3. You guys aren’t really there for the football are you?
  4. I am amazed that the English love a game that treats them so cruelly. Will you get invited to the next Euro competition now that you are out of the EU?
  5. Looks like this comes under the “Can’t please everyone” category. Trying to emulate a “New content” button is too messy and using the forum is just not fun. I guess if you want to read every post then it works but i’m not interested.
  6. There is much to like on the new software butI am having trouble getting used to it. My normal modus operandi involves me using the view new content button which is a very simple one click operation. I then get to scan the threads, ignore the ones I have no interest in and open the threads I want to read and perhaps comment on. Unfortunately the “activity” feature opens all the posts on each thread and I need to scan through pages of posts which I have little or no interest in. Once I have read a thread you need to scroll to the top of the page and open the activity list which lists all the posts on all the threads. I am just not interested in “big Beer Bottles” and most of the activity seems to be in this thread. In my opinion a simple one line entry indicating activity in a thread should be enough to bump the thread We don’t need to see every post. Hope my comments are seen as constructive and not as complaints. LastKnight
  7. I have 56 inch shoulders so its always the aisle seat so i have extra room on one side. Once the dinners are served I get to claim extra inches from the aisle and don’t usually get disturbed. I also have a few tricks when selecting my seat. Now with three seats on either side of the plane I look for someone who has a single window seat and take to aisle in that row so anyone picking a seat is likely to avoid he middle one. on over half my flights I get a vacant seat next to me which makes all the difference on a 7 hour flight. I have been known to check my seat selection just before leaving for the airport just n case.
  8. There are a few guys from the USA who visit Pattaya each year and spend their days fixing push bikes to give to Thai kids who live some distance from school and can’t afford their own bikes. I read an article where they give away about 50 bikes each year and the look of happiness on the kids faces was priceless. I’m sure these guys would love some help.. http://www.pattayamail.com/ourchildren/jesters-care-for-kids-supply-bicycles-for-mercy-kids-20951
  9. It seems that “pies” have been on the menu for over 12,000 years with the Egyptians using pirs to feed their workers. The early pies were baked in a pastry shell which was several inches thick and the pies could be taken to the work site in what amounts to a disposable container. These containers could be heated in the coals and the airtight pie would last several months which was important over the winter months. The pastry was never intended to be eaten but after the master had consumed his casserole he would give the pastry to the servants. Now days each culture has developed their own version of the pie with some interesting variations from the spicy versions in the middle east to the distinctive flavours of South America. North America has drifted to sweet pies and The united Kingdom is more than likely to be a meat pie, If you ask any Aussie (or Kiwi) they wili tell you that we invented the Meat Pie which is obviously untrue but we certainly embraced the concept. An Aussie meat pie has a few characteristics. The pastry needs to surround the filling and the pie must fit into one hand. The pastry can’t be too hot to hold in a paper bag and the filling needs to maintain the heat, We have grown up eating pies in the school yard, on the work site, while driving a car. Aussies don’t eat off a plate with a knife and fork and the only thing we put on a pie is “dead Horse” of Tomato Ketchup. Each state or town has a favourite pie maker and although there are commercial options the pie shop is one of the busiest places in the community. A few years ago I picked up a box in an auction that had a few pie flans in the bottom. Obviously I was meant to make some pies and I picked up a vry simple recipe which produced the best tasting pie ever. I first tried with ground beef (Minced Beef) and although I prefer a chinky steak pie it is hard to go past the first choice, My pie filling is very simple with mince beef and onion cooked slowly with a couple of table spoons of flour to thicken the filling. I add tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce and my secret ingredient .. Vegemite. I will put in a couple of table spoons of chopped parsley with some salt and pepper and cook this for about 20 minutes, I use short crust pastry on the base and puff pastry on the top and paint the top with a beaten egg. It only takes 30 minutes in the oven and the aroma gives you an apatite well before the pies are ready, I look forward to my next trip to LOS and will make a point to call in to Tinnies to “sample his wares." Simple Simon met a pieman, Going to the fair; Says Simple Simon to the pieman, Let me taste your ware. Says the pieman to Simple Simon, Show me first your penny; Says Simple Simon to the pieman, Indeed I have not any.
  10. Its an indoor bowls centre. You are more likely to get answers to your questions from the “younger guys” at Secrets but I some how doubt that you will hear the words bar fine used very often.
  11. I understand that you can recycle the used ones... You just shake the f**k out of hem.
  12. Its a frustrating game when the ref can make such a big difference with some very technical calls. I doubt that anyone could actually see why some penalties were given but that being said the allblacks played a better game and deserved to win. Congrats to the kiwis but don’t expect any mercy in next weeks cricket test.
  13. When you get 4 tries to nil you expect to win but the penalties were trying to even up the game. Well done to the Aussies and looking forward to a great game next week with Aussies vs Kiwis. Best two teams in the finals.... i would slightly favour the Kiwis but the Aussies beat them recently and the next game in not at Eden Park,
  14. It sounds to me that you might have a bit of Malware which can target certain websites. I had a version that activated whenever I opened torrent sites. It opened half a dozen different sites as well. Try Malwarebytes.org - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  15. Fibre Optics requires a Media Converter and a FOBOT (Fibre Optic Breakout Terminal).....I suggest these are housed in the white box. The yellow Ethernet cable is connecting this to your new Modem/router which has a 4 port switch on the back so you can connect a few devices to the modem. This box does all the work in your little network. It will connect to your ISP and give you the internet connection. There will be a solid green light marked DSL when the connection is made. The second function of the ZTE box is to allocate IP addresses to each device on your mini network. This is probably done automatically each time you connect a new device. If you want you can simply type in the following numbers and get a list of the devices connected. It seems that they have given you a Modem Router without a wireless feature so the third device is the MyDlink access point. This will be connected into one of the ports on the switch at the back of the ZTE box and provides the WIFI feature on your network. It looks like you have been given a modem router with VoIP capability so you could ask your carrier for a VoIP trunk and plug in a simple cordless phone. I use these and with an Australian VoIP provider I could get local calls to any Australian land line for 6 cents un timed. Great idea if you can run your business over the phone.
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