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  1. Says it all , but life is funny we can really enjoy our work ... is it as it’s all we know and our value system at the time ? I enjoyed lots of my working life , looking back it seems odd 🤣🤣 Always learning 😊
  2. Nailed it , I had a health scare 9 years ago and 3 .. as you just have .. It’s great you indulge your passion for travelling... as you say no one is assured of tomorrow 😊 Keep well mate
  3. They are unreal , millionaires living in 3000 baht rooms , knowing where the 20 baht coffee is 🤣🤣 One was chatting to a girl in Bamboo for half hour , he never took her she went made your waste my time ‘ the dyed hair lothario thought he was pulling a bird 🤣🤣 Another millionaire ran out of a visa shop when 12k was quoted 😂😂😂
  4. Yes lots own IT companies , dodging rounds and 99 baht roasts 🤣🤣
  5. Good for you re car 🚘 you wanted it did it moved on ... as the say it’s only money 💰
  6. John it’s a forum , discussion board ... If a person has rigid views , others views can upset them as they are forced to look at their choices or in many cases ‘Societies’ choices ... You also state you spent a fair bit on electronic stuff , where is the change ? Its a good subject , let it flow ... rather than try to control who inputs ... That’s not a good sign from you .. 90% of your posts are attacks on me .. so there won’t be ignoring of them that’s a fact ... Stop whining and let it run .. Ali 74 below ...
  7. John it’s not a personal attack , you do those towards me time and time again ... Where is the attack ? Saying you get burnt by women ? Surely you can take that you say far worse to me .. Its not general you said about yourself , there are lots like you which try to live ‘How you should ‘ whatever that is .. That you can’t accept that is your issue ... As an example look how Muslims , West Indians and Africans treat women... That you are unable to see a difference, perhaps wonder if you have been sold a concept is your issue .., Ali said if a man thinks the same at 20 as he does at 50 he has wasted 30 years ... Saying you seem lost and get living is hardly personal, I just quoted things you have said... eg Bank book hence my view you seem lost ... Feedback is not an attack , saying get living is not an attack ...
  8. I had company cars , never interested me a car is a utility ... now bikes 🏍 lol they are toys ... that’s different IMHO But I appreciate some people live cars etc ..
  9. You were like that as the system had you ....., pay your tax keep buying shit you don’t need ... never retire etc.. You were thinking about letting your house and living here , you asked ‘What about my stuff ‘ sling it I told you ... CDs , records etc .. just stuff ... If it anchors you it’s like a wife you don’t like , no good ... Get living John , you seem to think about the past so much and do nothing with the present ... You wrote on here ‘Some people get pleasure looking at a bank book ‘ I can’t see how nor do I know any people , money is worth nothing till it’s used ... enjoy your life enjoy your lifestyle .., You sound very lost John , why look back 40 years .. do something today 😎 The way you live your life it’s as though you are scared to do anything , so you do nothing ... Except get burnt by women 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Sure relaxing 😎 eating food overlooking the sea is boring , you make me laugh ... You do nothing but decry Thailand 🇹🇭 Yet you would like to be here instead of UK 🇬🇧 in the pouring rain and freezing weather .. What do you do that’s not boring ? You are 67 soon ... You have still not said what’s so enthralling in your life , after all travel to Malaysia is boring , Jomtien is boring lol .. Eating nice food is boring is it ? You talk absolute rubbish , you are so jealous of people here it’s not true ... So eating zero to ocean at a fish restaurant, boring is it ... But it’s more than 100 yards from Soi Honey ... 🤣🤣🤣 Your Thailand 🇹🇭 is 99 baht roasts , free pies 🥧 and Soi honey ... your UK 🇬🇧 life is even worse ... tragic you are ..
  11. Poor old Trappy Smith since his tag and being on the register not allowed to travel , you must have committed a serous offence you podgy poodle 🐩 Tell us more about the UFC you sick thick moron 🐩🐩
  12. Lol you saying anywhere is boring , you said it about where Alex was last week , it’s classic .... you never do anything in UK ... Anf you having friends 😂😂 more lies Jomtien has a few roads with bars in Soi 7 and Whitehouse , no where near as busy as Buckfast but way less scum ... A few decent fish restaurants at the far end , surf and something is quite good between Soi 6 and 7 ... I like the place but like anywhere takes a while to find your way round and find places you like ...
  13. The comment made your eyes light up like mine 🤣🤣
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