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Everything posted by Parky

  1. On the the tins on a Monday , you disgusting parasite 不不不
  2. Sorry I could not resist it ... Made me laugh ...
  3. Good idea , I hope some one boots you in September you rancid stinking drunk cunt .. ... You see how it works , you drag me in I drag you along in the dirt you filthy low life ..
  4. Leave me out of your rants you idiotic wanna be undertaker 不不不 Do you dress up as one and walk in front of the hearse on the way to smashing toilets up ?
  5. Parky


    A winning team , grinds results when not at their best ..... Thats the difference ..
  6. Thats an issue with top floor flat roof places , add in single skin construction you are staying in a storage heater .... Double skin is the way to go , with a pitch roof if on top floor .... if I ever built a house in boonies would be double skin all day long ...
  7. I guess its the top floor of the two low rise buildings , flat roofs .. solar gain and leaks .....
  8. Again John what was patronising about the comment ? That Pastry and Drunk Mod kicked me off is hardly a reference .. the fact is you still have not donated a penny to this forum despite using it daily for 10 years , oh I was wrong stopping Saints getting attacked was I ... what about you , Alex saved your skin you were abusing a decent member here , he went looking for you found you then you were saved by Alex.. So again what was patronising about the comment re Nirun ? You have never been there , you know nothing about the place ... Like the car remark ,you know nothing about buying and selling vehicles here as you have never done it .... Are you sad as you cant whip and burn young girls ?? is that your issue
  9. 55555 Either that or telling lies , no he has magic powers 不 Funny did write on here "If you take a Thai man to look at condo you get 25% off " another one of the amazing one liners that cant be explained with any rationale .... I am sure he will be along later to state some more ludicrous statements ..
  10. Well thats good you saying that , as you lie a lot ...... You are the person who can buy condos at 40% value get Thai doctors to quit work for 4 months to be with you , you invent live band visits etc ,, you invent "Big" issues with your house , you say you acquired and illegally off British rail , lie after lie ... The only BM here without substance is you ..... How was I patronising about the condo ?
  11. You don't understand it , he can buy condos at 40% of the market rate ..... In VT5 there were going for 2.7 depending on floor he can get those for a million , so he said .... so the 600k he can get for 320k ...
  12. As I said looks a great deal , know a few people who have lived there many years ..... Why John42 seems to think its patronising is interesting , it suggests he does not rate your unit , he has never been to Nirun its too far away from Soi Honey and if he is off the bat bus rout he misses picking up 2.7 million condos for 1 million ... He can buy them at almost 40% of market rate .. Your one he could get for 400,000 baht , I know its true as he told me so ..
  13. Well he wants a shit tip backing onto a railway line , when the train goes buy the phone cant be heard ... thats a fact 不
  14. Your thoughts like your lies are irrelevant , care to explain what why saying Looks nice is patronising ? it does for the money , whats not to like... so why is that patronising , oh you of so many levels .. lol all low... My opinions on property could have made you 瞿500k over the last 10 years , but you never took any action so made nothing , still you knew better wading in a water logged slum 不不 You have never been to Nirun, you telling lies about that dump you call home what did you do today ? Nothing as always ..funny seeing you so unsatisfied with life , you deserve it .. still no donation to the forum. , Saturday I met Davy he was with you when you accused a decent ex BM of poncing a drink the irony ... hold water you say 不不 Every BM knows what a fool, ponce and liar you are ... Well done
  15. His problem is if he ever catches me , would be fun ironing the low life out .. He told a mate of mine he would bottle me 不 he cant bottle piss .. He is boring , he cant make a decision so just wastes his life scared of making a mistake the fool cant see his indecision is ruining his sad life, he had 2 years of sending she went to UK and told him what you say is not true he is an idiotic liar...
  16. You lie to pretend what your life is l 65 + 不不不不 that has to be real painful ...not for me
  17. John you are a compulsive liar from smoking not bad as you do it 不 electric bikes make you fitter , funny enough Paying in baht is sterling But ok him with his 30 baht jeans You with your round dodging ... he is on your level 不不不完完
  18. No one would only for pennies, this clown 丑 wants new prices no guarantee carry it home Gets precious when he is laughed at .. he seems a nice lad .. but his fiscal awareness is crazy
  19. Thats generous, its 3k all day long ... second hand white goods peanuts
  20. Off course , 90% are under 10,000 yours in 13kg his 12kg , his reticence to say the year it was bought says it all , he thinks we are all mugs 不不
  21. Which bathroom do you want ? The en-suite or the main one
  22. Good man , its nice to be nice .... like Sir Jones said doing something nice for someone makes you feel good , its selfish in many ways as it gives you pleasure... I am ok for a travel bag , I have glued 76 Family Mart bags together and it seems to be very good , I look like a parasitic low life walking the streets , but why should I be different to others 不 Kidding aside , well done that man ...
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