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  1. 100 baht roast on a Sunday 42 style 🤣🤣
  2. A few of the jokes sails over their heads , others internalise and have great angst .. woe is me it’s not fair ..Others look to find offence in the words gives them something to whine about ... others like 42 can’t stop digging ,,,, so he gets buried ...... Nirun is Nirun buying or renting you get what you get .... It’s not the Ritz and it’s not Beirut 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Well when we have a compulsive liar posting , not one post he makes is in track... unlike his railway siding shit pit that’s on track .. the irony
  4. Again more lies , I got rid of her after a week 🤣🤣 That’s me getting rid ,,, unlike you , Lee strung you along as did Fon and as for your last UK wife 🤣🤣 rinsed to the Max .. still her kid the product of rape you filthy liar ....
  5. All I wrote is 100% true and you know it ... Revelling ? If a mug like you gets rinsed that’s your lookout , you are a degenerate sociopath ,... no contribution to the forum and no help for Saints ,,, or any other member... you are a filthy parasite ...I have helped several BMs ... but I always help people if I can... You see John we share the world , you are a selfish parasite ... Seen with your odd actions when a girls rejects you ... creating a false ‘richer , younger ‘ Guy , but hang on Asian girls don’t care about age, a shrink would have a field day with you ,,is it wrong a girl rejects you ? Wants she done wrong ? Nothing .,, you can’t even allow a girl that ,.. you are a complete fuck up as a human... A guy like you looking for a 19 year old soul mate is funny a cliche , you sending money is funny a cliche ... people laugh at banana skin sketches , old duffers like you acting the fool with a girl 40 years younger is funny ... Whats incorrect about the facts I wrote ?? Nothing ... you can’t handle being rejected even Walrus saw you storm out of the salon when the 22 year old girl wanted him not you .... idiotic is all you are. .... Acquiring free land 🤣🤣🤣 she paid her fare did she lol
  6. @john42 Below is why your life has been a failure and always will .... a sociopath like you who has never helped anyone , you can’t see it , a girl is not allowed to reject you without you setting up a fake site and ‘getting your own back ‘ you are so thick, it’s not her fault she does not like you .... she is allowed to reject you as you are a girl...... but your ego can’t accept that ... try screaming at the tide or barking at the sun you thick cunt ..🤣🤣 65 years now and you still know nothing....pretty funny , you try to manipulate , cheat and lie to people... yet it all goes back to you .. read em and weep ..Do you ever wonder why you are not invited anywhere ??? Jealous John the 65 year old loser , your goal in Thailand ‘Looking for a soul mate ‘ lol your stupid words... I think I will ring NASA say I want to fly rockets , I may have a chance eh 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. @john42 You missed all the above ‘Childish ‘ baiting posts to use your terms 🤣🤣 it forced you to tell lies about my holiday home 🤣🤣 You idiotic liar, I really enjoy you trying to dig me ... as you are so easy to smash to bits , so many lies , so many years .... Humor you don’t have any , grey John the boring cunt specialist subject ‘My girlfriend ‘ lol...
  8. That you have no sense of humour is your fault , climbing the walls 🤣 That’s you now stuck in UK .. my holiday home is bigger than your house in UK 🤣🤣🤣 Go and put some turf down and acquire more land 🤣🤣🤣 I feel sure British rail will never check the tracks 🤣🤣🤣 Acquired some land , you are such a liar .... you know nothing about land laws or anything else.,.. Will we be getting the pictures of Fon cooking 2 meals 🤣🤣 having friends round for lunch 🤣🤣🤣 Another girl who saw through your lies , no relationship is sustainable with a compulsive liar ... hence your constant failures... even guys drop you out .., climbing the walls eh John .. 2 bed , 2 bath , gym , pool .... one great thing you can leave your ‘Bikes ‘ on battery tenders when traveling ..my main bedroom is double the size of your railway siding in UK ... Jealous John ...of well you get your OAP at 65.5 six more months , see you in Los then have roast is Marquee Bar 🤣🤣😱 Tuesday night a few cocktails at the Hilton.... what were you doing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Is it part of the 15000 all you can eat and drink campaign ?
  10. The BMs here are very discerning , if you had advertised a few months ago there were a few parasitic members 😎🤣🤣
  11. Income is income 😎 3000 better than nish 🍺💰
  12. Put a card in the Indian restaurants near walking st 😎 3000 a month or 30000 for a year 🍺❤️
  13. I would wager you and MM would fly direct if you had the choice ... why not ?? Can someone who likes to stop tell me why they stop once ? Twice has to be better does it not ?
  14. Sure same as Manchester, but guys flying from London saying they like to stop 🛑 Why not stop 3 times even better ... the usual people telling lies ...
  15. Who needs 12 hour flight time increasing to 15 plus .. oh stretch your legs , well you van do that on a plane ✈️ Its great getting off a plane , carrying your hand luggage , then the fun going through security again who would not want to do that .. then waiting in a lounge for an hour is nice , but not as much fun as boarding another plane ✈️ Off course with another flight you double the chance of delays , lost luggage etc .. Can’t be beat , why not take a plane that stops twice that has to be even better does it not ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  16. Direct for me , on plane and settle down ... all that changing adds 3 hours to trip ... I can’t see why any would choose that
  17. Oh your trip to London was free was it ? Flying from Dublin to BKK is further than London to BKK ....not like for like .. You can’t really drop out the price of a flight ... also flights costs change depending on holidays ... direct is always more expensive than stopovers...
  18. Yes they are cheaper that’s why 42 uses them , despite his hollow words....... Always lumpy holiday times , Dec 2004 I booked 1 Month before flying was either 1200 or 1300 almost 15 years ago !!!!! I travel now outside peak times , like direct as it’s quicker Jan 2010 I flew Ethiad for £350 a 12 week trip , but seems for ever with the stopping ...
  19. As a non smoker why would you not go direct ? it’s cuts at least 3 hours off the journey time .... I can see what the Manchester or Birmingham guys would use them , but flying out of London ???
  20. I know a few lads who stay there , on forums it’s a bit of a wind up.......5 or 6k a month you can get a crash pad or buy one for 600k and travel around , one chap I know has been there 20 years ..... he gets parole soon 🤣🤣🤣 boom boom as Basil Brush used to say...decent rentals that’s a fact ... But jokes aside is is what it is , for the money you can’t fault it .... a few drinkers bars around there .... It will always get a ribbing , but that’s forums ... I tell you what is worth looking at , there is a motorcycle graveyard there .. all sorts of bikes left for must be 10 years some of them... it’s a bizarre sight ..
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