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  • *** SUCK MY COCK YOU FUCKING SNIDE CUNTS *** FIRTH is a word we must not forget , KEEP THE KIDS SAFE *** caution , this forum contains opinions , humour , sarcasm and irony , procede at your peril *** can you remember when TRUST was something and HONOUR was something *** caution , this forum contains opinions , humour , sarcasm and irony , procede at your peril *** KARMA IS A FUCKING BITCH ***

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Everything posted by Parky

  1. Nice one , what countries you planning to visit ?
  2. That’s piece of scum does not have the ability to make me angry , I crush the sick low life just like other filth .... Filth is a fact of life , simple to deal with 😆
  3. No wonder BA cancel his flights , there are no frills airlines ... then there are no filth airlines 😎
  4. He is just a pathetic little drunken drama queen , woe is me I am being bullied ... the sad little rodent is 50 🤣🤣
  5. Make your mind up you filthy drunken 🥴 wretch ,
  6. You are the one running round being rude , you idiotic filth merchant... as long as you continue you will get buried you filthy little rat ..
  7. He said that to you 🤣 How many men have you asked for their phone numbers ? How many have asked for yours ? 🤣🤣 ‘Hello , have you got a girlfriend ? (Say Oh to response ) ‘I have she does not work bar she works in lam chabang ..,.’ You say that every guy you have met in Pattaya ... no one cares about your girlfriend... Seen in threads here ... thread on AC ‘Weather was great in Stroud today ‘ ?? Same thread about a bar in AC ‘I always think the company you are in makes a night ‘ You really struggle with people as you are so selfish ... in all you do ... So you get nothing in return , it’s a funny old law of life ... look at your life now .. you created it 🤣🤣
  8. Your lies 4 or 5 new ones rule out each year , driven by your denials ... November weather a classic and the electric bike being your most recent ... But facts don’t change, all that changes are the lies you say ,... buying a bike are you ?🤣🤣 42 at his local 😊 moan moan , fat birds , expensive , not as good as it was moan whine 🤣
  9. Again you come up trumps .... electric bikes , smoking 🚬 not harmful , your bar girl paying her air fare , electric bikes make you fitter ... now ‘Great weather in November’ and you lie less than me 😂😂😂 Keep em coming ... 🤣🤣🤣 keeps it fresh 🤣🤣
  10. Oddly enough you are not far behind , you are just a jealous liar ... look at your content ... never a picture... just lies and jealous derisory comments ... oh yes electric bikes get you fitter , lie after lie ... I guess you have to lie to have something in your sad life ...
  11. You are walking scum , the wanna be net bully who got found out ... eat it up you scum sucking maggot ... You deserve the anguish rat 🐀 filth ...
  12. Parky


    This thread is good , there should be a few other club ones ...
  13. You are an idiot , nothing is more certain ... but worse ... you are a nasty idiot ... You aspire to being an idiot that’s progress for you , nasty net bully but karma is working on you and will get a hand .... you filth cunt ..
  14. No wind up that moronic piece of filth thinks he is clever mouthing off at me , he will get paid nothing is more certain... the little cunt had made a threat to me ... so all bets are off
  15. You are pure scum , well out of order the threads , threats and filth ..... I dislike you with a passion you nasty little cunt ...
  16. Where yours is just idiotic lies 🤣🤣 no one believes a word you say ,, City Breaks 😊🤣🤣 electric bikes 🤣 Yoga fixed your back 🤣 Lie after lie , you seek to impress and fit in but you make yourself look like the idiot you are 🤣🤣
  17. Go fuck yourself you moronic piece of scum , you don’t hear me whining I am leaving , you don’t see me starting filth threads ... unlike you you coward runt ..
  18. Get Cambridge an ‘I am cancerous filth T shirt 👚 ‘ will suit the thug net bully piece of scum
  19. Why not respond to the offer on the TV ? Puzzles me what people sell ... How said ‘How do you know his washing machine won’t become a classic ‘ people rip the piss here , but not as good as these guys 🤣🤣🤣 Can you imagine paying a years rent 🤣🤣 Knowing there is no parol 😊
  20. You put a ball on high tee , we all want to smash it 🤣🤣🤣
  21. I splintered my tea all over the keyboard 🎹
  22. Thanks it’s perfect for me , need it for the 5th of November .. as an aside have you got any matches ? 🤣
  23. I am interested in item 11. Can you post a picture of the outdoor table with the bench seats and chairs ? Thanks 🙏🏼
  24. He has to speak to himself he is the only one who understands his filth ..🤣🤣
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