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  1. My farm hands might need to cuff the ends because they're short but they wouldn't have any problem at the waist other than it would be tight for one of them.
  2. Haven't seen an answer to your question so I'm giving it a stab ... Dickies is maybe a 2nd tier jeans supplier in a sorting that would place Levis and Wranglers in a top tier and makes like Dickies, Lee, and Kirkland (COSTCO in house brand) in a lower tier. In Texas, most ranch hands would wear Wranglers, city folks Levis, and general yard word, manual labor something like Dickies. Well ... you did ask. Saw in another post that OP has offered them for 100 Baht for the pair. If I was around I'd get those for some farm hands. That's a giveaway price.
  3. I would be wary about the ''info on Pattaya' you can get off Pattaya forums such as Pattaya-Addicts, which although seems to have the most members and traffic, it also seems to be largely populated by Millennials still living with Mom in her basement and whose only trip to Pattaya has been on the internet. Then there are sites like Thailand-247 where bargirl pictures and harsh language is discouraged because all members are 'blokes with Thai-birds in the UK.' Whether you resonate with those types of sites or this one, your mate recommending RH has things sussed ... stop in and Mulphy and others will provide more valid information and tips in 30 minutes then you will pick up at PA in 30 days of surfing ... but you will learn where to buy mandrinks at PA.
  4. Don't forget 'real Thais' ... Rinser is still upset she isn't one apparently.
  5. Nirun is not for me but I can see its attraction. It costs a lot less to buy a bolt hole there than the average car or nice bike. Has a good pool, a/c, and internet/cable so for many that seem to live on the internet chasing 99 Baht breakfasts in the mornings and 55 Baht Leos at HH with an odd 199 Baht roast dinner on Sundays all while never having to shave, wear trousers, socks, shoes, and some places even shirts and without seeing an obese western bird unless you go looking for one for some reason ... what's not to like?
  6. It must be case-by-case. Non-PC speech did in Andy; but then so did potatoes 247.
  7. Just banter. It can take some getting used to ... some do, some don't like anything else. Best part is this forum has no moderators and by definition is therefore User-moderated. If you're looking for a place with free speech; then you have arrived. OTOH, if you are prone to being sensitive about piss takes; you won't be happy here. Thin-skinned and leftys don't generally last too long.
  8. You're new here ... your thread has had a fairly routine progression. It's like chinese whispers/telephone but with less accuracy. It's fun though.
  9. Times like these, I miss frenchy the indonesian.
  10. 555, yeah he also claims to be quite a catch ... the wanchai wanker.
  11. Word on the street is dividends aren't that important to OAPs in Indonesia.
  12. There are none so blind as those that cannot see.
  13. It's just the little guy, aka, Napoleon syndrome. It happens much more often in this internet age with keyboard warriors. Next, he'll be challenging all to a fight he couldn't win.
  14. Dubai is indeed an interesting place ... fewer ghutras, Thobes, dishdashas, and abayas than baseball caps.
  15. ... and cats.We are open-minded and diverse. There's a french pensioner here too.
  16. This is a peas and beans forum mate ... and there are rules about gravy and what it can/cannot touch. Do you think we are savages?
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVlkZVAw8Gc
  18. Siam Concrete Group ... those cement-fiber and similar roof materials you see in places like Thai Watsadu, Megahome, Homepro, etc., come from them. They have their own retail outlets often with CAD terminals where you can select the right roof for your application by any variable important to you ... me ... I distrust Thailand metal workers and tend to go for lighter weight tiles.
  19. Telling you what you already know, a roofing problem is one of those fail safe housing issues, I.e., absolute in respect of either your roof leaks or it does not. Patch jobs are like fool's gold relative to long term solutions. I see many roofs in the NBZ where locals assume those heavy clay tiles are forever. Reality is clay is a very sun-sensitive material. Just as it does in the ground it cracks and allows penetration, water, dirt, it does not discriminate. Glazing can delay inevitable cracks like polyethylene coating does to wood exposed to the sun but eventually the sun wins. Most roofs older than 30 years should be replaced. The move to metal framing in Thailand is more related to lack of wood availability than it is anything else. But what it does introduce is a greater reliance on builder skills. So whereas most rice farmers can cut grass and hammer nails, working with metal ... not so much yet. My view ... that house you have shown pictures of needs not only new tiles but also a lighter weight tile consideration such as the flatter profile solutions SCG now offers. Burn suerte but if the Owner does not replace that roof, regardless of the tile chose,n, stay away from a long term lease if you decide to rent it at all.
  20. I wasn't sure if he as going for Colin Powell ... or Colin Farrell the only actor that could make Alexander the Great seem gay.
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