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  1. I was quite Surprised after all the Doom and Gloomer's re trips to LOS out of Sydney. Booked a trip from Sydney to Chaing Mai and than Bangkok DM to Sydney in August with 20Kgs Luggage Sure it is cheap Charlie Air Asia with a 1hr 55mins KUL stop over for $700 Aussie all in, Cheapest flights ever to LOS for me. Since Cebu Pacific started flying out of Sydney prices dropped big time, Sydney to manila regular special $200 each way with 20Kgs luggage for an 8hr flight. Now that sure is cheap and all planes I have flown new models (sure minimum creature comforts but only 8 hour flight= 5-6 hours sleep for me). Now if only the Aussie dollar can improve, PLEASE
  2. Big welcome to the Forum ,Mate Golf tends to spoil a good walk for me, most times, ha ha ha . But with food like that , sure would be worth a trip, please tell me your near bang Chang? Enjoy the nuthouse , Mate
  3. Sounds like the Band is getting back together Sounds Sweet to me, let the shit and Giggles roll on, like the Old Days. Onwards and upwards Lads
  4. The pleasure will be all mine Parky, will have to do some training with you (God knows I will need it after 10 days on the Bikes). And maybe another Jomtein afternoon is in order?
  5. Thanks Lads Well I know who I am So who is Chang Paarp???? You ladies, change names quicker than Bars in AC, and that is saying something Dudes, my last trip, they even Name changed a Bar while I was inside drinking, Can you Believe this shit??? Welcome to the New AC, Ah Mulphy
  6. Remember Fondles Tough times don't Last, Tough people Do They cant afford to loose the trainers, you will be sweet mate!!! I take it you are me old Queensland Fondles ,Mate?
  7. IMHO Phils or Thailand same same but different Its all about common sense Don't flaunt wealth or be a Knobhead Don't put yours self in dangerous situations (unknown event with lots of pissed up poor locals etc). Don't go way south in PI (terrorist infiltrate north from Malaysian islands. One of the largest Muslim countries in the world). From my first hand experience the PI people are much more welcoming of westerner's than Thais. Main reasons due to shared language and they are used to the Americans being there for so long. Probably most Americanised Asian country bar none (but they all think we are Yanks "Hay Joe" Locals slang/welcome for American Servicemen or GIs so GI Joe). Then again I never really had any worries on all my trips to LOS nor PI, only trouble I ever encountered was with pissed up Tourists (honestly they should be banned from traveling ) Stay Safe All
  8. Sweet as a nut mate Hope you and your lovely lady are well (hows your Back going BTW?). Would love to catch up, I am more than happy to meet you up at your Palace and you can show me around the Bang Chang area. You know I love and explore with a local. Be good and look after yourself mate See you in August
  9. Gday one and ALL Yes its me, your old Aussie mate from Sydney Back after a couple of years hiatus. Mr Mulphy kindly welcomed me back with open arms, so very nice of the Big Yin Havent been back to Thailand for over 3 years, how time flys. Things changed a lot for me here, met a lovely Cebuan here in Sydney through work friends. So happy little camper playing happy families. Been going to PI, to visit her family and exploring all around Cebu and adjoining islands (Bohol, Bantayan, Malapasquan ) Awesome places. Maybe PI will be my retirement instead of LOS? Done a couple of Bike trips with the PI@nights guys, great bunch mainly ex American military (total Respect) with some 5 nations plus Aus and Kiwi's thrown in for good measures. Will be doing a week trip with them out of Chaing Mai in August (10 riders plus 2 in support vehicle, yes military precision with these guys). So will drop on down to my old home away from Home Patts for 10 days or so after ride. Hope to catch up with some BMs old and new at the Rocky. Same old skool rules, first Drink on me All the Best Bruiser, Bogan Prince, Phoenix Rising
  10. Well that's very positive. Your still as sharp as ever Mate, yes it me Bruiser (Bogan Prince) back for a little look see. Hope to catch up with some of the old crew in August
  11. Well your Old Aussie drinking Buddy has been welcomed back to the Board So that has to be a positive Hope the Back is handleing your powerful golf swing ,Mate
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