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  1. No mate, I was going to say something, which I have done on another thread, but remembered that on this thread there is no speculation or name calling or suspicion, or negativity or whatever so I replied elsewhere.
  2. sorry can't say anything other than welcome
  3. If it is going to be what it is, why have a filter for the swear words, not that f**k is a swear word anymore? If nobody can see it, and bots can't see it, and we're all big whinging kid adults, why do we have to think about misspelling a word so it shows up? Mind you for some that is second nature.
  4. Looks like all the active posters are joining, this may become the main part of the board. If it does it says a lot, ahhh, the social experiment 10 years on...
  5. Your ignorance shows again. PL used to have a boxing ring and a dungeon and gimps, and more, oh and courts.
  6. Whatever. Remember Colin's IP. Remember if you ever see it again, because unless someone lives with or near wherever he posted, you won't. It was not me.
  7. 'Cheat'? Is that because chest is a banned key word?
  8. Do you really believe software can stop that? Have you seen the puzzles that are posted online that at first glance look like absolute nonsense but which the human brain can interpret into sentences, a bit like Matty's posts? There's more to being an arsehole on a forum than using four-letter words, there are much more subtle ways, but your game, you do what you want.
  9. Chicken Madras and most others are British inventions. You can't make a restaurant-type one without using the base sauce. I have in the past posted many, many recipes. As is so rightly stated, it is the Bangladeshis who own most of the curry houses. I have tasted and made many traditional 'Indian' curries, and they are OK, but not great, but that depends on your taste buds.
  10. They do, the hard-shelled ones, that's why I use a gym bag, weighs 2/3 of 4/5 of fcuk ll. The Austrlian carriers are weighing hand baggage and charging stupid rates for over 7 Kg, or making you check it into checked luggage at probably a less stupid rate. Funny thing is eg Jetstar, leaving Ausdtralia, strick 7kg, going back they don't give a fcuk, and that pissses me off with people bringing on loads of obviously oversized stuff. Tiger was the first in this part of the world to enforce limits. I have a portable scale things I use. When I travel I wear cargo pants and put things like my Bose speaker in my pockets etc. cunts in Manila tried to scam me once. I left Darwin with 4.2 Kg, had a weekend in Manila with the family before they moved here and bought nothing. Checkin tried to tell me in Manilla it was 10 Kg. I asked how it had doubled and then proceeded to take out my 3 shirts, 3 shorts, leaving my underwear in there and put them on. THey gave up and let me go, but they wanted cash only for the overweight. I got back to Darwin, went straight to customer service and asked them to weigh my bag, 4.2 Kg. SO I put in a complaint. Not sure if it was ever resolved or not. Twats.
  11. I'll not be hanging around for long Parky, too much baiting, too much favouritism and frankly, every cunt seems to hate me. I'll stay to see what happens with the London meet and thenaybe a few days after, but when I get back to Oz, that's it. Too much fcuken paranoia too, it's back to everyone being me again. FCUK knows how many genuine posters have been lost because they were accused of being me. Anyway, that's it, probably no posting, just reading. Cheers.
  12. You better give me your house keys pal cos I ain't Colin or bawbag
  13. Are you familiar with QED? I don't continually and obsessively pick fault in people's grammar for a start. I figure if people wanted to be corrected as such, they'd post on an appropriate type forum. I also don't make up shite on the forum like you just did above. Are you going to start arguing with me now Nothing positive for me. Off now to wake my Flipper for sex, probbly no chance as it;s 0125 here.
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