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  1. izifaddag

    10/01/18 The Main Course

    Well guys I have been back here for 9 days. In that time have revived the blog, offered to set up a media locker with TV, audio books and movies, made a contribution, put a shit load of content on here and been threatened by a Dutch hitman - guess he is going to hunt the earth for me. Sounds like a movie title - The Blog Killer. I have to concentrate on work now and have some medical stuff to do. So I am going to take a break for a few days. When I return I will have a lot more material and hopefully the locker will be set up and stocked. Tons more material to post. All the best Izi (The Smelly Trucker)
  2. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    Hey Tommy Tommy. Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson !!!! Rock on Tommy. Don't you think the previous post is appalling??? Britain is gone. The wogs have taken over.
  3. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    I just got this in the mail from Tommy Robinson. I am on his mailing list. Dear Stephen, A few days ago, I stopped at a service station where four coaches full of British soldiers were taking a break. I said hello to the lads and some of them posed for “selfies” with me. It was my great honour to stand with our troops and shake their hands, even just for a few moments. But when the Muslim Council of the UK heard about this, they immediately demanded that the Army punish these soldiers — and to their shame, the Army did. These lads had their cell phones seized and inspected for “illegal” photos of me. And the Armed Forces’ official Islamic advisor, Asim Hafiz, condemned these men — before the investigation was even complete — telling reporters that "any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly". What racism? What discrimination? It was just a photo. These are proud British soldiers. And now I have heard that at least one of these lads has been summarily discharged from the Army — just for standing next to me and smiling. That’s outrageous. That cannot stand. These lads are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. The least we can do is stand up for their freedom, too. I’m going to go down to the Ministry of Defence and hand-deliver a petition to the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, demanding that this political witch-hunt be called off. I started the petition last night, and it already has more than 70,000 names on it. Please take a moment to add your name to it, too — I’d like to have over 100,000 signatures on it by tomorrow. Please click here, or visit www.StandWithOurLads.com — and forward this e-mail to your friends and family. These soldiers would do anything for us. Please take a minute to do something small for them. Yours truly, Tommy Robinson P.S. The British Army is being undermined by political correctness — but this is the worst I’ve seen. They’ve handed over decision-making to the Muslim Council. That can’t stand. Please sign the petition here, and type www.StandWithOurLads.com as your Facebook status! P.P.S. So many people have inundated that website, it might take a minute to get through — but please keep trying. Thank you!
  4. izifaddag

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Thank you Rob. Maybe we will meet again one day. Who knows?
  5. izifaddag

    A Little Impartial Input

    When the muslims take over and they are going to take over the left PC douchebags, the perverts and appeasing politicians are going to be the first ones the bearded ***** execute. The biggest jaw dropper are the poofs and dykes. Frankly I didn't know that we had so many twisted people amongst us. When the islamic rats take complete control these dimwits are going to be executed out of hand. Islam isn't a great believer in 'diversity'. Only in using it to get their own way. The only thing that can save ALL of us and I include America is serious ethnic cleansing. If not they will continue to take power one way or another as they have done in Sweden. I think a Hitler solution is the only answer. I include in that anybody who supports them. You can have no sympathy with them. Rational, adult methods don't work. There comes a time with a child whether you like it or not you have to give it a fourpenny one. Everywhere these people have gone they cause trouble and split the community. They get expelled from Myanmar the world is aghast. Then the truth comes out. They were a source of trouble forever. They messed with the wrong people. The military government in Myanmar will persuade you using new improved death !! The Balkans the same thing. We were led to believe that there was terrible goings on with the poor muslims. Turns out they were cunts and had been for decades. The population was on a slow simmer then up she goes. These people ask for it. I have gone off in the wrong place I should address this in a piece but my views are so extreme that I don't think they would be welcome even here.
  6. izifaddag

    10/01/18 The Main Course

    Well the 1st payment and the additional principle checks have cleared so my new home and business is closer. I shall send them a payment in November and I am done. You watch they will come up with a reason why they need more money. Guaranteed. Just got to wait for the title then with the lien paid off. I then have to go to Texas to get a fresh title with nobody's name on it but MINE. She is then officially my baby. Ghost got her new home.
  7. izifaddag

    10/01/18 The Main Course

    Yes, exactly. That is what happened. I'll put another one here but as a father I don't approve. It is muslim pedophile bait. Good job the Thais don't really have that problem, well not that I am aware of. I swear to god if I knew some pervert touched her I would fly out there immediately hunt him down and end it for him.
  8. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    Tommy Speaks "There is a coordinated effort by all the fake news media outlets to somehow brand my views as far right without supplying any evidence for their claim. The Army issued statement about not aligning with far-right ideology again implying I am far right. Islam is not a race and it is more than a religion, it is a political ideology. I have issues with elements within that ideology that are homophobic, misogynist, violent and impose restrictions on freedom of choice and freedom of speech. There is no other scripture in Britain in 2018 where people follow the scripture literally and commit terrorism or mass murder. I have fairly central views, have not mentioned race in any form in over 10 years of activism. You can criticise any other religion or political ideology in the world freely but if you rightly call out issues within Islam there is this establishment campaign to call you ‘far right’. Its as though because this particular ideology originates in the middle east then you are not allowed to criticise it?? If any of you Fake news silver spoon journalists actually studied and researched Islamic scripture and the life of Mohammed you would end up agreeing with me instead of being so ignorant and virtue signalling at every opportunity. People see through this establishment ploy. Screw the establishment, we are the people and together we are stronger."👊
  9. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

  10. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    I love it Tommy. Tell 'em like it is mate. Support our troops because one of these days they will turn their guns in the right direction. I believe that is what Tommy is alluding to.
  11. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

  12. izifaddag

    Life On The Road

    Here I am in Independence Missouri. Think Kansas City - where the steaks come from. Damn fine steaks too. Let me see I f I can answer Bubblegum's post. 8 hours non stop ? That's a lot to me and I'd guess it could get boring as fook on the roads over there, there was a way to wangle it in the UK where we could do 9 hours driving with only a 15 minute break but I'm sure they closed that loophole or maybe I'm wrong ? Well mate maybe it does seem a lot to you but I think the reason is that you have to drive under very different conditions. When I was a waiter in MIami in 84 I had a nice lady who enqired about my accent. I yold her I was from England. She said I know the city of England. I thought she was being stupid as a lot of Americans are and I corrected her. She smiled and said she knew exactly what she was saying and we both laughed. You see the UK especially England is indeed like one big city compared to America. 70% of the population in the USA lives in the big cities. The rest is in Jack and Diane country. Two American kids growing up in the heartland. Today I started out in South Dakota at a town called Watertown. Now I am in Kansas City. Check it out on a map. A whole lot of nothing. I can easily do 8 hours at 65 making phone calls, thinking up stuff, designing things and that doesn't include reading and the radio. You'd love it. To be honest I like to break it up. I like to start at 7 am then run until maybe 1pm. I like to eat then and go to sleep for a while. Then back into it usually until 9 pm. It is a nice pace especially when you are a bit lazy like me. I see in your last post you were waiting for paperwork, that brought back memories, bad ones at that. Get tipped or loaded quick and think you're on a winner and then the long dreaded wait for the paperwork. Yes mate that was a bad situation. Soon as I went n for paperwork the guy wants to talk about mu accent. Typical. 34 years plus and I still get this. To be honest most stuff goes smooth but every now and again I have some place that thinks I have all the time in the world. I might just recount the story a super nice guy told me about 2 months ago. Made me laugh but I am sure it was true. What weight can you legally carry over there as I'm assuming you have tri axle trailers and unit and is your trailer a fridge or just a box ? The total weight I can put on the road is 80,000 pounds. That is a rule of thumb because some states let me carry more but 80 is what we shoot for. That is 12 on the steers, 34 on the drives and 34 on the tandems. I sold my reefer last year to an asshole in Mississippi. Mulphy thought I should have shot him. I am just waiting. Nowadays I just run my dry van. 53 foot long and 13' 6" from the ground. Gotta watch for those low bridges man. I'll post pics. I enjoyed the job when I first started it in 1989 as generally the owner / manager had done the job and knew what could be done and what couldn't but as time went on these jobs went to the university graduates whose only delivery experience was a paper round as a kid. H+S in the early days was non existant and you had to rely on common sense, that's all changed now. The only way to really do this is the way I do it. Well, if you have the same view on life I do. For me it is all about freedom. The money is nice but being free is like ambrosia. Freedom is the sweetest wine the purest freshest air. I need my freedom. I'm on a Facebook page for HGV drivers and I honestly wonder how we managed it in the old days with just maps and A-Z's to find where we were heading and no phones, I see questions on there like "help, I'm going from Leeds to Kent, what's the best route, are there any low bridges ? " FFS. I normally run 2 GPSs and always have Google maps in reserve. My main one is a 7" Rand McNally - the map people. They are expensive !!! It is a specialized trucker GPS and is geared up to avoid low bridges and illegal roads. It warns me of dirt roads and a bunch of other stuff including weigh stations. Steered me wrong today though, the little bastard. You're right about the trucks being too electronic nowadays, it's the same everywhere, they're great until something goes wrong and then the real problems start, the last truck I had in the UK was fully automatic, it was good until reversing when you just needed that bit more clutch control as it was nearly always all or nothing ! You said it brother. Amen to that. They have taken it to a level that is mind boggling. I try to keep up as can be seen in this thread but I am only human. I know a lot about it but basically I just want to drive. I like driving. Anyway I hope I have answered your questions and if you want to talk further just post right here and I got yer 6. Git 'er done
  13. izifaddag

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    Salvini one of the best European politicians. Someone who is doing what must be done like Tommy Robinson. I have a simple and 100% solution to the migrant so called 'problem'. OPEN FIRE. A few dead bodies would work wonders. God knows what is going on in Ceuta and Melilla. was in Ceuta in 83 and I can't believe that they have become so milk toast. It was a fortress when I was there. The Spanish took no bullshit from the wogs.
  14. izifaddag

    Life On The Road

    Hey my man. I am tired and just returned from 4 beers and an awesome burger. The truck stop has a bar. I will definitely discuss this with you but I am beat right now.
  15. izifaddag

    10/01/18 The Main Course