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  1. It's been an interesting decade for me. Got divorced to my partner of 26 years, had a few new future-ex prospects and ended up with a cracker, who lets me do what I want. I inherited 2 little girls, now teenagers, who I treat like my DNA, and they, I know, think the same. Becoming a father to another man's kids is conceptually challenging, but in reality you are taking responsibility for the lives of innocents and hopefully making them into decent people. It has meant a slight change of lifestyle, probably for the better, but it's been fun. I'm sitting in a hotel in Singapore typing this, while necking a few Changs from the 7, to try to get some sleep after an all-nighters from Korea, and a stopover in KL, and I've noticed wrinkles on my forehead. They weren't there a few months ago, so maybe age us catching up this decade, or I am dehydrated? No, fucken wrinkles. For a number of reasons I left nursing, a job I loved, but it really ceased to be a challenge, and now I am working for an IT company on probably the most complex electronic patient record project ever attempted. I have found myself challenged in a number of areas, but they send me on courses to help, and this project will see me through to retirement. Having said that, I am in two minds about retiring at my target age of 60 as there will be so many more opportunities with this company, so we'll see. My mum died, sad but good, as she was a virtual vegetable on the outside, but who knows how tormented she was on the inside. Altzheimers is a cruel death. I blew my inheritance trying to be a seller on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest fucken corrupt cunt if a company known to man. I can half understand why people go on killing sprees in America. All in all, it has been a good decade, and the next should be better still.
  2. I couldn't give a shit who is there or not. I've been coming to Pattaya since 2006 and have fucked who I want to fuck, drank what I wanted to drink, eaten what I wanted to eat, and no nationality has affected any of those things.
  3. Listen spastic brain. You are a complete fucking idiot. You can't string a coherent sentence together, let alone even get the grammar anywhere near to fucked. I have more academic qualifications than you can count, and more common sense and worldly knowledge than a complete clan of your clones could gather in a million years. I do wonder how you have survived 40 odd years on this planet, but hen again I have come across many of the indigenous population here who have done so on a diet of cigarettes, alcohol and prison, though strangely, most I have come across are less idiotic than you are. You lay down challenges like a primary school kid. How the fuck can you think you can win any battle, be it with words, intelligence, or even physical violence, when your use of English is worse than a drunk black fellah in a Darwin street, for whom English is probably his third language. I understand you are going through a rough patch, but you are not the only person to have a relative with cancer, so why the fuck abuse the very people who could possibly give you some support? Your sympathy here is I dare say gone. You are now just a pissed-up attention-seeking drunk moron. I told you before, go and see a doctor, get a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist, whatever, because you are on a fast road to nowhere good.
  4. I'm going to burst your bubble Matthew. Although I haven't met you, there is sufficient evidence which I can use to formulate an opinion. In my many professions, dealing with all sorts of people, I can safely say that you are the biggest idiot I have been subjected to. If course, this is only my opinion, but it is one I firmly hold.
  5. Fuck me dead. Matthew, are you bright enough to know how fucken dumb you are? It is the BM formerly known as Midnight Moon. Remember, he was Admin? His first name is Jon, so he came back as admin to fix a fuck up and used the handle Admin-j, for fucken john. He is not Parky. MM and Parky are 2 different people. Will you stop being a stupid cunt and give over with this ridiculous, childish shit. You are not even worth the entertainment value of letting everyone guess how much of a cunt you can be each day. If I were an admin, I'd boot you. Now wise the fuck up.
  6. I honestly don't know enough about networks to even suggest an answer. Where are you geographically, what browser, and what provider can be the only issues if all else is OK. I could suggest clearing your cache, that sometimes helps, but you've probably tried that, and deleting cookies. The interweb is a mysterious life form, more temperamental than Matty, so you never know.
  7. I've had no problem from 2 places in Australia 4000km apart, Darwin and Sydney.
  8. Cotter, posted my new employment here.
  9. I know one little cunt who will be there, I may just catch up to catch up.
  10. Well, you should all know me. First time under my own name, and I definitely am not and never was Colin. Just came back again because I m heading to Pattaya next month and need to catch up on stuff. Cheers
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