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  1. It's nice to be nice...It's also free to act civilly. Try it sometime and you might be surprised on how your reputation improves.
  2. Parky "when people laugh at your junk .." Now a condo for sale is junk ???
  3. 2 MORE times you mention plastic bags that were SOLD a long time ago for 1,700 baht. Jealous ????
  4. How about an exact number ?? Name of the condo ?? Location ?? If you don't have anything to hid. I freely posted all info + pics. Do the same.
  5. "but a parasite like you never would ..." Being you don't know me, calling me a parasite is definitely an insult. NO one is forcing you to read and comment here. This is a sale thread. Your not interested in buying so go comment on another thread.
  6. Very nasty disgusting comments. Just because you made a donation to this site doesn't or shouldn't give you the right to totally insult anyone you like. I can understand why this site get about 50 visitor a day. I'm sure that you have personally driven away 10X that amount of site visitors. Even if you don't care, it's good to have new members as they can add new/interesting topics and comments. Not just your same nasty negative posts. That gets extremely boring. Maybe I am wrong and you other b/m's enjoy what is being posted ?? I doubt it but possible they are reluctant to say something as they don't want these evil comments to be directed at themselves. Maybe he is a good drinking buddy ?? Maybe it it is just because of they money he donated ?? There must be some reason !! It is not what he says BUT the words he choices to say his opinions with. Some people have trouble expressing themselves without resorting to insults and curse words...On the plus side, you will NEVER have to worry about this site growing too large.
  7. Exactly how many meters of 'pure pleasure' do you occupy ??
  8. Totally wrong, here in Thailand. Please inform us all exactly how much experience you personally have in reselling second hand goods. I'm sure you have LOTS of personal, first hand experience. Sure !!! The internet is full of 'experts'.
  9. You have 'personally' attacked and insulted me . Rude and definitely NOT funny. I can see why you 'play' here on this board as you would have been kicked-out and banned from most other places. I am done with you and your comments.
  10. If I have already sold it then it would not be possible to 'hold off' on the potential sale. It that so very hard to follow ?? I Love Pattaya !!!
  11. Again, posting about items that I have repeatedly told you have been replaced and are not in the condo. Why are you obsessed with this TV ?? is this your attempt at humour ??
  12. Do you have a serious drinking problem or just attention deficit ?? I have posted SEVERAL times that all the plastic bags were sold a while ago for 1,700 baht. Maybe you need some coffee ??
  13. If anyone needs a rental condo, I could rent this out now and hold off on the sale. Either way is OK with me.
  14. Two times, you are posting this ....Is this Your idea of a funny joke ?? In the 8 years I lived in Nirun, I could count on one hand how many times I saw a bug in m condo. It's all about keeping the room clean and NOT leaving food laying around. Slobs will always have bug problems.
  15. Agreed !!! You will see second hand motorbikes that are 4-7 years old with over 30,000 km on them and they will ask 35,000-45,000. The motorbike is only 50K or slightly higher NEW, with a full factory warranty. Go into pawn shops and you will see old TV's that cost 2,000-2,500 NEW and they want 2,000 for them. Crazy high second hand prices here !!! In the USA, second hand will only bring 10%-40% of the new price BUT here in Thailand you can get much more. I recently sold a 8 year old working small fridge for 3,200 baht. I paid 5,600 baht when I bought it NEW years ago. Always buy New here, unless you can buy from a desperate farang who is thinking like he is back in his home country. I have years of experience selling second hand stuff. I was taught NOT to throw away things that are old but still working. I also like to repair things even though they are not so much to buy a new item. A feeling of satisfaction. Of course, you do need to know how to advertise and deal/negotiate with your customers. It's not for everyone but I enjoy it. I really don't need the money.
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