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  1. I have no dislike for a building , are the lifts and corridors kept clean ? YES--each bld. has its own full time cleaning staff. Is it a noisy condo ? NO Are the pools very noisy ? NO
  2. No I don't have any car park photos but if you search google you will find them. For many years the 300 baht fee was the same, even for the larger condos in the big buildings. One price for all. I think last year they raised the larger condos fees to 400 baht. Either way, small change. Thank you for your questions relating to Nirun Condo. Good to see our back on topic. You might be surprised that many farangs have lady friends, with children, who might use the children area. Either way, it's free and mostly for decoration. Please stop trying to nit pick apart everything. As already stated, your feelings and dislike for Nirun are well known.
  3. For some other b/m's, how about posting some photos of your swimming pools....Is it even half as nice as the pools(2) at Nirun condos ??? What service/maintenance fees do you pay ??? 300 baht a month ??? Doubtful !!! Feel free to show us all these large - fancy upscale condos and houses that you live in. Myself, I am currently living in a nice House on the darkside. I have seen some photos of vpi78 house and farms and they are INCREDIBLE. Amazing house he has built.
  4. There is PLENTY of FREE parking for both cars and motorbikes. There is also 24/7 security guards patrolling around to insure the safety of your vehicles. I don't remember any cars or motorbikes ever being stolen in the 8+ years that I happily lived at Nirun Condos. If you want low priced living . in a very centralized location, Nrin Condo is hard to beat with only a 300 baht monthly service charge. Parky, there is no reason for you to further POLLUTE this thread as your opinions are already well know. There is no reason to keep repeating the same old boring comments. We all know that you don't like Nirun and that you would NEVER live at Nirun and your condo is large and wonderful. Have as nice day and go post your comments elsewhere.
  5. Nirun Condos almost 2,000 condo units , in 6 buildings, with 2 swimming pools. The pools have just been remodeled and also all the common areas have been improved. The new management team is doing a great job. 300 a month service/maintenance fee. Hard to beat that !!!
  6. LAST Non 'sale' related post. I will ONLY reply or respond to posts or questions that are directly related to the potential sale or rental of this condo. I would ask that you stop hijacking this thread. Please start new threads to discuss or attack whoever you want to. Of course, I can't stop you and now that 'someone special' will post 10 more non-related crap filled posts. Have fun guys. I will only respond to 'sale/rent' related questions and probably only by p/m so you can continue to play with each other here.
  7. Yes, I have donated MANY interesting threads that have supplied Parky and others with hours of free entertainment. All the other Pattaya sites are free ....Ad banners don't bother me, some are actually interesting.
  8. "My suggestion for you to write a post about something that isn’t nailed down and that you don’t want to sell was to see if you were beyond help."......I recently made some comments about a thread concerning crypto - bitcoin....No one comments....
  9. I did write a long-detailed post about my early alcohol-drug experiences and NO ONE commented. Only the one person continues to write and tries to be funny or NOT against everything that is posted. Interesting little group you have here.
  10. 7 pages about a condo for sale and NONE of the post are even slightly interested. Just people killing time. I have NEVER sold anything from this site or even had anyone the slightest bit interested . Of course, it's all about site traffic and 50 visitors a day is not much. I Love Pattaya !!!
  11. Some people need to learn to read. I will still respond to this thread BUT Not to Parky's comments.
  12. I am NOT putting down your reply in any way but if I had posted the same exact story of a buys-larger site I would have gotten MANY comments and many other people sharing their feelings on this subject. Some of them would have been 'anti-drug' posts and slammed me and other would have shared their alcohol-drug experiences. It nice to get many points from different perspectives. I will not bother to post this elsewhere as I am not looking for responses but I was only offering an example that if your going to spend time writing and posting it is nice to get some interesting replies. Maybe only I see things like I do... Take care.
  13. OK....You do what you want BUT if you do try some of the older, larger forums you might be impressed with the wide variety of topics and threads....I know one of the other forums has a sub forum dedicated totally to drinking too much. I believe it is called " I drink too much"...Hundreds of drinking/quitting threads with thousands of posts. If you interested , check it out.
  14. I had to Google that to see what it means...haha
  15. A little history. When I was 17 and started playing with drugs + alcohol, I really didn't see attraction to alcohol. With alcohol, you had to worry when you were driving (police-DUI). Friends were throwing up and getting fat( beer belly). Morning hangovers. It's good for ladies to loosen them up but not such a great drug to screw on, especially after a night of drinking. If you drink a little and start screwing quickly, it can be OK...The good side was it is readily available and legal. 11 years ago when I landed full-time in Pattaya I started drinking as I was worried about doing anything illegal . It was easy for me to stop or start as I d0n't find it to be such a great party drug. Some alcohol before bed will get you to sleep fast BUT you will wake up after a few hours when your body clears it. Sorry I don't have any great stories to tell about me quitting alcohol. I smoked pot for many years but also got bored with that too. Variety is the spice of life.
  16. Agree, BUT I am an active member on several other Thai-Pattaya sies, with several thousand posts on each. There is only so much time I will spend on the computer posting and the other sites offer so much more by way of thread diversity and a wide variety of opinions strictly because they have so many active members. 50 people a day will only have so much to offer. I see NO reason to have b/m's calling people 'cunts'. There are many ways to express yourself and there is NO justification to reduce yourself down to low-life street talk. He 'might' be a nice person and fun to hang out with but to use this type of attacking language to someone who doesn't personally know you is just wrong. I am not sensitive and my feathers were not ruffled BUT I prefer to speak/post/write on a higher educated level. Nothing wrong with street talk amongst friends BUT some of his comments were WAY onboard. IMHO
  17. For me, there was no real challenges. I got bored with drinking so I stopped. As an old hippie , from the 60's, there are many interesting ways to numb your brain. Alcohol is only one way. Try some new-different ways to 'relax'.
  18. GoodBye Parky .....I will NOT be responding to any more of your comments on this thread. Take care...
  19. You do realise, that with the usual 50 people on this site in an entire DAY, that you are basically just posting-talking to YOURSELF and a select group of the same people. I'm sure that most other similar sites have banned or blocked you so this is all that is left available to you. It's kinda sad but not surprising. As long as you're enjoying yourself, that's all that matters. Have a GREAT day and evening.
  20. Now you know...lol....Drinking or not drinking is everyone's personal choice. What can be said that has not been said 1000 times elsewhere...
  21. There is nothing to say and certainly nothing to brag about. People drink, people stop drinking, they start again. People sometimes replace drinking with other things. It's a personal choice.
  22. Considering that you 'live' on this board and it supplies you with Many hours of fun attacking people, I would think you could cough up more than your last donation of 5 pounds...5 pounds...I would be embarrassed to donate 5 pounds, knowing that this tiny donation amount would be visible to all members. Many you should try to sell a few of your old things/tats, so you can raise up money cash. I know you gave a little more last years BUT considering how much time and posts you make you are getting/stealing a BARGAIN in entertainment value....Have a nice day !!! Parky 04/20/2018 5.00 GBP
  23. "I noticed there is a pattern , you seem to post when you are drunk"....Interesting that your are able to notice wherever or not I am drinking. Exactly how and when did you acquire these tremendous powers. What if I told you I haven't had a drink in over 3 years ???
  24. Offers, YES....I was just offered 675K for a fast cash sale but I turned it down. Before the virus scare, Chinese buyers were snapping condos up quickly for $750K. I can wait or rent it out again as I have no immediate need for the money.
  25. Who cares, what you like or don't like. Did anyone ask you ? This is a "For Sale' thread. Do you also write on a seller of a Honda car and tell him you like BMW better. Inappropriate place to post your personal opinions. Why not start a new thread YOURSELF, about who likes what condos better ????
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