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  1. I received today at lest 30 times this e-mail.... Gabor, the holiday season is over and its back to work for most of us or back to our normal routines at least . I hope you all had a good xmas and new year . so as life is back to normal , let us invite you to the next pattaya-live members meet up on Friday January 29th . these meeting are family friendly so please feel free to bring your wife or your girlfriend or even both if they are happy with that arrangement . lol. hope to see many of you there . regards .
  2. I'm really sad, Evil deleted his last post... At this time I would agree with him....yes, the punters also not the saints... A hungarian girlfriend visited me lately and her very first impression was about the city: Nowhere else she witnessed so many farang weirdos in so high concentration... Walking through Soi Buakhao on the very first day, she was simple scared....Yes... the heavily tattoed guys in the wife beaters, the guys sitting already at noon in a beer bar and stare the nothing over a beer...with stoned faces... yes, the many heavily overweighted guys swimming in their sweats... etc... And my experiences in the GOGO bars... the many haughty guys thinking, they will buy the girls by kilo and zero personal efforts, the many guys only fingerpointing on a girl and behave just like to buy a cow...The guys talking with their mates whilst the girl sits with them and their maximum efforts to build a personal contact is to grope them... without a word or any attention on them...use them as as a pet... .And the many younger guys thinking, they will save the girls from the old perverts and wonder if they must to pay after the sex... I can fully understand the girl's fears... Just a story I heard... a generous offer... the guy's hobby is to tier the girl... and a ping pong ball in her mouth... in a ST room... he f**ked her, like an animal... a smile and a good bye.. without any payments... an hour later the receptionist found her tiered in the room... But the other side is still valid.. the spoiled girls milking down the gullible punters.. ( no wonder, the 40+ guys sit alone and desperate... unless, they are known in the bar... ) For the regulars an easy job is a Mission impossible for the new faces...they will be cheated ( because he is too shy to ask the conditions before the fifth ladydrink ... and too happy, at least a girl give him some attention... ) Me or Evil may share some success stories... But what I see is in the bars... mostly frustrated lonely 40 + guys waiting for the wonder...The groups has a better treat, as they are more in party mood together.... so spending more easily...how many groups I witnessed paying the ladydrinks on the trays and leave the bar with bitter faces...and no one barfined girls... I don't know the real reasons... I just share what I saw... Many years ago the slogan was: No violent crime in Pattaya, because the males has no testosteron in their blood... Not true anymore... I see much more frustrated guys in the bars, than sanuk stories...and also frustrated girls knocked back by the farangs because of the silly demands....In one bar I witnessed a few days ago a girl almost cried because of her third farang customer declined her highly overpriced demand.... but we knows... the face thing is more important for the girls, than the real life...this is why the supply / demand thing never will work in Pattaya... whilst they earn the salary ... they can afford the face thing....
  3. http://vt2a.weebly.com/ The Large room: between aug 12. and sept 03. 600 / day / minimum stay 14 days 700 / day / minimum stay 10 days 800 / day / minimum stay 7 days
  4. Looking on the small size of the portion, nothing comparable with the average USA huge portions... ( as I remember my last 10+ years ago visit ) According to the restaurant's homepage: Beef meat balls: As we know, the grounded beef meatballs may cooked from any quality of the beef, they will be the same... so, according to the Foodmart prices, maybe 15-20 baht... Marinara sauce: ( http://en.wikipedia..../Marinara_sauce ) from the local ingredients, maybe 4 -6 baht ( see the portion ) Mozzarella is really expensive... 8-900 baht / kilo... so maybe 4-8 baht in this sandwich... Parmesane cheese something similar... A half baguette: according to the food market prices again: 10 baht... All in all I can cook the same at home for 54 baht... What the webpage don't mention... The cole slaw and the dill pickle... an other extra 15-20 baht... So... all in all 75 baht.... add the venue, the taxes, the experience... 150 baht would be fair...despite you can enyoy a nice lebanese buffet for 200 baht on the second road... The reuben sandwich looks much better according to the ingredients... and despite the higher price, still looks like a better value... Hehe... when my dad visited me, he was astonished and told me: The only one country I can have a huge seafood plate for less, than a pizza... the snobbish farang"s guilt...
  5. From april 16 to may 26 discount for the boardies: 700 baht / night / minimum stay 1 week. 12.000 for a month. 8000 for 2 weeks. http://vt2a.weebly.com/
  6. As a renter I use the Agoda, Booking.com and Airbnb On the mentioned webpages I offer my condos for 1250 baht / day in the high season...no weekly, monthly prices... ( Their choice, I would give discount, but I can't ) On my own webpage I offer for 18.000 baht / month, 12.000 / 2 week, 7000 / week, 900 / day... As a renter, my experiences: Agoda: Almost no any bookings and they pay after a week the customer left via PayPal... I lose money ... AirBnb: All possible customers wants to bargain, very few bookings...They pay me in USD despite my prices given in THB...of course the exchange is really bad. Booking.com: Masses of the bookings, the goldmine for me....Even in the low season many overpriced high season priced bookings....a few nice tries by the company, but being hard they capitulate...of course, they want my money... ( 15% comission )
  7. Finally found a technician by the girls working downstairs in the condo.... 1 day and 2700 baht and the TV works.... ( 48")
  8. My TV is broken and I need a technician to fix it... Any ideas ???
  9. I doubt it...I use myself Agoda to renting out my condos and only me who can set the charges... and there are no options for different prices for the web or the android thing... maybe the Agoda swallows some discounts... BTW... the worst options from the Agoda for the renters... ( high cut off, pays too late, no connections with the customers... etc... I simple hate my bookings from the Agoda... )
  10. I tried the Alls seasons buffet at the Avenue... I was disappointed... if it is a steak... for me a beef steak... It was chewy like a shoe sole... uneatable... ( just like the pork steak... my second attempt... ) Probably the chicken steak would be fine, but who want to eat a piece of grill chicken for 300 baht ?? I was excited to see on the offer one of my favourite food: russian borsch... sadly it was absoulety cold...and poor with the ingredients... the only favour was the sour cream was offered to topping it... the rest of the foods were ok, but on the poor side... ( also cold ) and the air con was turned off only the fans worked... The ice cream was ok, but only the industrial offer... the big big plus, the soft drinks were included in the price... ( not like in the News Cafe where the buffet costs 199 baht - net - and a water costs 80 baht net )
  11. Thank you for the proper info... but usually still early for me... I like my brunch between 2pm and 3pm... However I may be hurry and try it...
  12. Only problem is... no brunch, but breakfast... close at 1pm... Any ideas for a really brunch buffet ?? ( between 2-3 pm ) Today I had a salad / veggie hunger... so... the Sizzler... Good for 170 baht... An other option: The arab buffet next to the Boat Bakery... 200 baht...
  13. View Talay 2 / A ( floor 7 jomtien side, floor 12 Pattaya side ) Between 1 april 2015 and 1 november 2015: 15.000 baht / month 14.000 baht / month ( 2 months contract ) 13.000 baht / month ( 3 months contract ) 12.000 baht / month ( 4 or more months contract Special discount, I have an empty window between march 9-19. 4900 baht, no matter how many days. http://vt2a.weebly.com/
  14. Looking for a 5-7 month customer from 15 march.... Great discount if you interested... please PM me... http://vt2a.weebly.com/
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