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Found 8 results

  1. The Yūshūkan (遊就館?) is a Japanese military and war museum located within Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo. As a museum maintained by the shrine, which is dedicated to the souls of soldiers who died fighting on behalf of the Emperor of Japan All these photos were taken in the front area of the museum, where it is free to enter. Once you have bought a ticket, gone through the gate and up the stairs, you come into the museum proper, where photos are completely prohibited!!! They have guards all over the place and will stop you if they even think you are going to try and take a photo, which is a shame really, as there are some really good exhibits on the inside. Photos taken during June 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y%C5%ABsh%C5%ABkan Statue of Kamikaze Pilot: A bronze statue representing a kamikaze pilot stands to the left of the Yūshūkan's entrance. It lists the 5,843 men who died while executing suicide attacks against Allied naval vessels in World War II.................................................................
  2. The Tokyo Skytree Tower. Absolutely beautiful views of Tokyo up here, on a good day tht is, and i managed to make it on a good day. Just a shame i never got to see Mt. Fuji through all of that haze in the mountains.
  3. Hiroshima, the land of the Rising Sun. Such a beautiful city to visit, but you must remember its tragic history, and the part it played in ushering in the Atomic age into our world. The tragic events that happened here must never be forgotten, and be remembered for all time. Luckily, this ( and Nagasaki) are the only times that an Atomic weapon as ever been used in anger, and especially against a civilian population, as Hiroshima had no military value whatsoever to either the Japanese war machine, or to the American invading forces. This was just a show, to show who was the biggest, badass kid on the block!!! WARNING; SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND SOME OF THE IMAGES DISTURBING, and for that i apologise beforehand. This is the view from my bedroom window when i woke up, and no, its not the Radioactive glow of Hiroshima............................ The Children's museum........................... These are the clothes of a young school girl, worn at the time of the explosion....................... Its good to know that Japanese school kids are taking a great interest in what happen here 70 years ago. These kids were everywhere today, and in there 1000's..................................
  4. The Dotonbori area in Osaka is absolutely amazing. Just a series of bright neon lights, restaurants, shopping, selfie's and the biggest red light district in Osaka.. My hotel was only just up the road, so it was quite easy to get here. This place is just so in your face, its unreal. I love it!!!! Apparently, this is some famous J-POP band, practising some new dance moves.................. This is the biggest short time (japanese love hotel) that i have ever seen.......................................
  5. This is the tourist office/cafe, and do great ice cream for only 100 Yen....................................... The before and after shot....................................
  6. This was taken on my iPhone back in June. Its not the busiest this crossing ever gets, as this was taken around 4pm. This crossing has been made famous in a number of films, most recently in a number of the Fast and Furious movies. https://youtu.be/90p4__BOJu4
  7. “Lost in translation”………………………… ……………………. Sounds like a great title for my trip report, yeah. What do you think? If I don’t get lost, ask for help or directions at least once, I will consider this a good trip. But I think it’s not possible. So the plan for this trip is…………………………. 4nights in Seoul,(that’s South Korea to all the uneducated member’s) 6 nights in Tokyo, 3 nights in Hiroshima, 4 nights in Osaka and finishing off with my last night at an airport hotel at Haneda in Tokyo (It’s an early morning departure the next day, so it makes more sense to stay here rather than in downtown Tokyo). I’ve even bought guide books as well for Japan (that’s the first time I’ve ever done that for any holiday anywhere in the world). But if anyone has any tips on places to visit, I’m more than happy to take them on board. Why start in Seoul I hear you ask? Well, a good friend of mine who is a board member here, Dave (BM Horizondave/The Tongue), recommended that I try out Korea. He managed to twist my arm by showing me some photos he took on his way back to the UK in January, and i thought the place looked great. So, booked my flights with BA, flying to Seoul, then flying onwards to Haneda with JAL, and then flying back to the UK with BA all for the price of £629. I thought this was a great price. If I just wanted to fly direct to Japan, I could of done that for £430,(Turkish Airlines) but I fancied the stop over instead. British Airways. What do people think about this airline for a long haul flight? The longest flight I’ve ever done with BA was only 4 hours to Kiev (and that was in Club Europe) so I wasn’t too sure after reading lots of reviews on sites like Airline Quality, and reading the reviews in particular about the B787-800, I was even more worried. Just about any review of this plane, on any website, slates the fact that cattle class seats are too small, too narrow, not enough leg space, AVOD (if it ever works) is too small. But, I took the plunge, booked the ticket and here we go. I’ve been watching this flight (BA017) on Flightradar24 for the past 10 days, and every single day it has had a delay of at least 30 mins on departure, but also on your everyday, the flight has landed early in Seoul by sometimes up to 30 min. Must be some really strong tail winds over the Urals and Mongolia. I will try and update this TR on a daily basis (No promises though), and try to add some photos to the thread as well, but most photos will go into separate threads when I get the chance to upload them. So, let’s kick off with……………… DAY 1. (Friday) Made it to T5 at LHR quite early as I felt like getting a bit of breakfast at JDW before that long long long 11 hour flight to Seoul. T5 really is a soul less place. Too big and too open on landside, and too tight and compact on airside. Customer service counters were doing more business that the bag drop counters. Maybe too many people with complaints, who knows! Large breakfast and tea at JDW only £10.49. Roughly double the price that you would pay at your local high street JDW. And the food wasn’t too bad either! (Shame about those shitty new teabags they use!!) The usual tat and crap at the duty free shops, which all happens to be cheaper in your local high street than the airport. Go figure, duty free yeah right!! Boarding was quite easy and no hassle. All of the Koreans seem to wait for us westerns to board first, and then they boarded afterwards. Had a pleasant surprise now. The girl checked my passport and ticket, asked me if I was travelling alone, ripped my ticket up and re-issued me a new ticket for World traveller plus+, an upgrade!! A good surprise, as I’ve never ever managed to get an upgrade on any of the flights I have made to Thailand over the years. And the upgrade is a bulkhead seat as well. Even more foot space to spread out in, and a bigger AVOD screen, as the ones in mere mortal cattle class seem really really small. I know it’s a small thing, but means a lot. And surprise surprise (no, Cilla Black wasn’t on the flight), we pushed back off the stand 40 mins late. Seems BA have a good lateness record that they want to keep!! Lunch served about an hour into the flight, which wasn’t half bad actually. Well, I enjoyed it anyway. And that’s it for now, as we are currently 40,000 feet up and 3 hours into the flight, and im bored and tapping up day 1 of this TR.
  8. Plane spotting at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Its so much better here than back in the UK, but at Haneda, it is mainly domestic flights that leave from here, albeit they have a new International Terminal open now, and more and more flights are being added to it all the time.
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