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    I am sitting in a Walmart DC in Baytown, Texas. It is a suburb of Houston. Just waiting to be unloaded. Then it is off to an obscure little town in the wilds of easern Montana with some crap and after that on to North Dakota for a pick up down to Arkansas. It is all bloody go isn't it?? Anyway, after some prompting by Mulphy, Parky and Matthew I have come back. Looks like I won't have to defend my immigration to the USA anymore or be pilloried for standing next to and up for Mulphy. It would seem that maybe order has been restored. Sure hope so. Maybe an explanation for those that don't know me. I am a Brit who left for America in 1984. To say I know something about the USA would be an understatement. I have traveled all of it and continue to do so I am always discovering new things and seeing stuff that takes the breath away. My opinions of America are colored by my origin in the UK. A down to earth take so to speak. Just like so many of you I have traveled the world and have a connection with Thailand. Stick around and I hope I can put something here that you will like. All the best Izi
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    2018 marks the centenary of the forming of the RAF, and the museum at Hendon are doing some major works to help celebrate this milestone, and because of that, about half of the whole museum is not open to the public due to works going on, but still more than enough to keep you occupied.
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    Ahhh....... of course it will be about "him,him,him,"...... the report is about the trip he is doing...... if you don't like his report...don't read it. As for him saying he got drunk... got a good shag...etc..etc....... at least that is a refreshing change from your continual whining about all things thai...... how bad the place is..... etc..etc.... as you continually post on Thai related boards sitting in your remote Indonesian jungle. How about we at least try and keep the trip report area flame free for the ones who take the time to post them. cheers
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    the back section of the ground floor of The Avenue has been cleared of all the food and other stalls. Tonight a six-member crew was washing it down. The front bottom section still has food stalls, plus more tables and chairs: A new eating section has opened on the second floor: A Thai man was celebrating his birthday with his wife and a friend. He asked me to take pics. I will email him a copy of them. Evil
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    Yes you can, you can buy baht........lol
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    Well guys I have been back here for 9 days. In that time have revived the blog, offered to set up a media locker with TV, audio books and movies, made a contribution, put a shit load of content on here and been threatened by a Dutch hitman - guess he is going to hunt the earth for me. Sounds like a movie title - The Blog Killer. I have to concentrate on work now and have some medical stuff to do. So I am going to take a break for a few days. When I return I will have a lot more material and hopefully the locker will be set up and stocked. Tons more material to post. All the best Izi (The Smelly Trucker)
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    After 20 posts you will be issued with a Sunday shield 😎 Eithet wear that or neck 12 special brews and dive in 😎😎 Have fun mate
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    We are planning on a server upgrade to a Linux Virtual Private Server which means we will need to take the forum off line for maybe 48 hours at some point in the next few weeks. Why the move, This will enable us to have full control of our own WHM/CPanel and we will be moving onto a 2 year plan which is the best deal i can find for our use but this comes with a lot of work and down time.. I'm getting prepared now by downloading all the archives to my pc so i have less to do at the time of the move. I will post any times and dates into this thread and keep you all up to speed. All your donations has made this happen..
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    Some seriously impressive buildings along this stretch of road in Dubai, and some of the most expensive real estate in the world! Metro works pretty much the same as in London, you need what they call a " Nol Card" to travel on public transport, the same as an Oyster Card. Most expensive journey I made was from ADCB to Jumeriah Beach Residence, and that cost me DHS 5, roughly £1.
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    used to live in bangkok back in the day, lapsed member here
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    Day off work and nice weather meant i could get a day out and walk down by the river from Hammersmith all the way to Westminster Its further than you realise at 17km!!!!
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    I’ve finally got all my days off given back to me at last.(been working 65 hour weeks and 1 day off). About time they started to honour their contract!! So, I’m having a weekend in Amsterdam before going back to London in Tuesday abs then flying back to Munich next weekend. Amsterdam busy as fcuk right now, can’t move for tourists!
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    Together 16 years for us too and 15 years of wedded bliss this coming Saturday.
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    Buckshit at his best.... Matty dont even answer to this scumbag...
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    The wife had the Driving theory test app on her phone and studied and studied and then passed 1st time, I was very proud of her.
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    What I will do with this entry is speak about my life on the road in America. I will just keep continually updating it. It seems to me that nobody new to Pattaya Live is reading any of this. It is just old forum members who are aware of my strange life. However for the sake of a fresh start I will outline things a bit. Unlike the majority of American truckers I actually live in my truck. It is not just my place of work but also my home. I have lived in a truck since 2008 on and off and it was the move into a truck that in its own way started this first thread now blog of Snapshot. It was originally called A Small Snapshot Of The Future. It got abbreviated to Snapshot as time went by. The reason for the original title was because I was on the edge of losing everything and I could see that the coming storm was going to envelope Europe too. That what was about to happen to me was going to come to many Pattaya Live board members too. Turned out I was right back in early 2008. The financial crisis happened and for many the world was stood on its head. I went from being an electrical engineering technician at Motorola specializing in RF and oscillators to being a truck driver. My struggle of a middle class life in Fort Lauderdale with year round sunshine, swimming pools, beaches and Cuban 'cuisine' teetered. Then it fell all the while using PL as an outlet for frustration and one final (so I thought) beano in Thailand. However I seem to have a knack of survival and this was no exception. I started driving for others then bought a truck and finally started my own business. There have been some upsets and stupid mistakes over the last couple of years but it had stabilized until 2018. The old truck just gave me the finger one too many times and I bought a new one about a month ago. It cleaned me out. I see hope and a future but it has wiped me out. AGAIN. The trouble with moving trucks is that the money wheel must keep spinning. Otherwise it is all over. Therefore time for adapting the truck into a home can be a real struggle to find. I was in the old truck for a long time and didn't realize just how much I had done until I had to make the move. At the beginning you throw what you think you'll need into the new truck and launch yourself out onto the highways of America to get the money flowing. It is uncomfortable and very frustrating. Slowly you find homes for everything. You make improvements and that truck turns from being a jumble sale into a home. Just as with a house the problem is divided into sections. Kitchen, living quarters, bedroom, entertainment office and bathroom. It can be done but it is slow and tedious and meanwhile you live in what seems like a garden shed. There are cables and boxes everywhere. Milk crates are temporary cabinets and always that elusive tool you need ends up being lost. As time goes by I will show the work that I do to the truck and you will see the changes take place. Believe it or not it takes a lot of woodworking. Yes you wouldn't think that was involved but it is. By using the original Freightliner stuff I can create some beautiful cabinets with sliding drawers. As each box of crap finds its home the truck life becomes easier. Things stop being in the way. It becomes ordered. I have a storage bay in Mississippi and it has turned into a woodworking shop. It is where I make the stuff for the truck. At the moment there is a commode sitting there that I need to put the finishing touches to and bring onboard the truck. I made it for the old one but as luck would have it it is a perfect fit in the new one. I have to creatively make liners for the inside of the walls of the cabinets then shelves then drawers. All the while trying to pay all the bills. It is a challenge. The passenger seat must be removed the airlines tapped off and the cabinet for the fridge installed. Frankly I don't think I have the energy but I must try. I was in Mississippi about a week and a half ago. Taking care of loose ends and paperwork. I threw some more stuff from one truck into the other and headed out pronto. Tupelo where Elvis was born to Memphis then down to Houston Texas. From there up to a remote town called Circle in Montana and then right across North Dakota to Grand Forks which is where I am now. I have a load of Unilever crap to pick up on Monday for Independence Missouri. Kansas City way. I am tired. Driving is tiring. The truck is ok but needs work. Just adjustments. Hopefully I can have the winter without any mishaps. As I said I will update this thread within the blog for trucking stuff.
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    mate youve been away too long and youve missed a lot of what has gone on . it would take too long for me to explain it all to you but the clues and snippets are out there . its not all roses and love hearts on these forums mate , some of us are not friends , some of us have suffered at the hands of others and therefor bad blood exists . im for curing it , its always good for bad blood to be bled , hence why i often say to anyone with a problem with me dont bad mouth me on a forum or facebook group , come and insult me , lie about me , slander me , and make threats to me direct to me . im not difficult to find . on the other hand if any person has not done these things to me i ll greet them with a warm smile , a big hug and a firm handshake and you can be sure a beer will be in front of you in no time . thats how id much rather it was with everyone mate , but it cant be like that because we are dealing with people and people can be pricks . i know you understand about people being pricks because i see you writing about pricks trying to fuck you over on your truck repairs and haulage companies were pricks fuck with your load and black pricks in certain parts of america and of course a subject close to your heart muslim pricks . despite being knifed in the back after i settled down , i went out of my way to keep the friendship between lanzalad and myself but as lanzalad has placed at least 2 people who dislike me in positions of authority on his new forum , i am being fucked around when i try to post on that forum , despite that being the last thing that would maintain the friendship im trying to keep . lanzalad could cure it in seconds . but lets leave that behind on your blog and answer your questions re the forum , the members , post counts etc . answer is all pattaya forums are well down on how popular they were several years ago mate , facebook diluted the interest , too many forums diluted the members and content and the fact many ex posters are dead , moved away or no longer visit pattaya dilutes it even more . believe it or not pattaya-live is actually probably busier this last 6 months than its been in years . the fact the membership dug in to pay for its costs proves some people enjoy it here , dont want it to end and proves some people have a loyalty . you missed it but only 2 months ago a board member found themselves in a very serious problem and ended up in jail here and could have faced years in that jail had the members here not very quickly put a hat round and paid away his problem and had him repatriated to the uk . that showed community spirit , caring and empathy . thats what forums are all about . apart from the few who want to upset and cause trouble in the community , friendship is what its all about mate . blogs are few and far between on pattaya forums and your is outstanding on any forum , you write it well and its interesting stuff , but you can only get access on this forum to those that read it . thats just the way it is . yes id love to see more members make more posts just like you , but i cant make them . despite all of that , this forum is alive and well and your blog is another string to its bow . take that as a compliment .
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    Anyone who decides to make comments instead of making new members welcome will be Warned and Suspended from the forum. None of you want to mods so please leave the detective work to the members that have the tools on hand to deal with it.
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    I understand a lot about the subject matter and that subject matter is Isaan and Thailand, I couldn't care less about your personal circumstances although, no doubt, it still bothers you. What you need to understand is that your constant cheap shots about Isaan, it's women and culture is going to continue to receive critique from me. If you expect us to just sit here and stay silent while you denigrate a great people, many of us whose lives are intertwined with, because of your own personal history issues then you are wrong. You live in Indonesia with your choice of partner so good for you, I offer you my respect, but you are here on a Thailand based forum so you need to understand that every time you generalise your personal issue in black and white as if it applies to all of us there is likely to be a response. You are right I don't understand your personal situation and nor do I want to but you also know nothing about all of us who live in Thailand and have relationships with girls not just from Isaan but all over Thailand so, my friend, I believe it is you who needs to drop the subject. Just move on and offer something positive to this forum instead of your constant digs about everything Thai. As we say in the UK, don't tar everybody with the same brush.