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  1. Last week
  2. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    For those who enjoy breakfast burritos, Smokin Joe's on Soi Lengkee has a decent one:  The breakfast burrito is a Tex-Mex innovation that dates back only to the 1970's, but quickly became popular and was included on the menus of several fast food chains. Now it's widely available as a breakfast item in all sorts of U.S. restaurants, not just those with a Mexican connection. Breakfast burritos come in many variations and the one at Smokin Joe's consists of a 12-inch lightly browned wheat flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and bits of sausage and smoked bacon. Condiments from ketchup through Tabasco are available for those who want additional flavor. It's very tasty, mainly because good quality sausage and bacon are used. The price was 175 baht and includes a cup of coffee or tea. I know a much bigger breakfast is available close by for 99 baht and that 99-baht or lower breakfast specials abound in Pattaya. However, that doesn't help anyone who want a breakfast burrito rather than an English fry-up or American breakfast. Retox Game On (2nd Road and Soi Honey) also has a breakfast burrito for 175 baht. I haven't tried it yet, but will. It comes with baked beans as one of the ingredients and I'll ask for them to skip that in my order. I have tried the breakfast burrito at the Golf Club on LK Metro for 80 baht (or is it 100 baht?). It was good, but very different from the Smokin Joe's version. At the GC, the breakfast burrito contained scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa and refried beans in a flour tortilla. It had more of a spicy Tex Mex flavor. It was wetter and messier than at Smokin Joe's and had to be eaten with a knife and fork. Some foods don't photograph well and this is one of them, so I'll skip the pic. Those were some suggestions for breakfast burritos in Pattaya. Are there others? Evil
  3. Al McReady

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Lol.Look forward to it pal.
  4. Thankyou Al and hopefully we will get to hook up for a beer or three end of next month, i'll have wifey with me 🙁 i just can't seem to ever get to Patts alone, i wonder why ? LOL
  5. Al McReady

    introduce yourself to the forum

    I can vouch for that having met Griffin and his lovely wife.
  6. Parky

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    79 baht ?? Hi So honey 🍯 trampers
  7. aw1

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Deffo.....tight arse chavs.
  8. Parky

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Nando’s clientele 🤣🤣😎😎
  9. aw1

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    79 baht? Wtf? 🤣
  10. mulphy

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    hanoi beer is nice , but at 95 b its about 60 b more expensive than in hanoi itself . i know it has to get here from vietnam but there is free trade in the ASEAN countries .
  11. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    Chunky Monkey is a new restaurant on Soi Buakhao, open less than a week. It's located just north of Tree Town on the east side of Bukhao. I read that the original owner of the Robin's Nest is behind it, but I don't know any details. I had the "Monkey Madness" pork chop with fried onions, crinkle-cut French fries and small portions of salad and applesauce. It was good considering the price (79 baht). The chop had been fried properly and tasted fine. It was a bit thin, but what can you expect for 79 baht? I wish the onions had been fried a bit longer to allow more caramelization, but that's a minor criticism. The fries were crispy outside, fluffy inside and the salad was fresh. The Chunky Monkey has 99-baht daily specials in addition to the 79-baht Monkey Madness offers. The specials appear to give about a 50-baht discount compared with the ordinary menu prices. The menu is extensive, running to over 100 food items. Like dozens of other Pattaya restaurants, the emphasis is on British and international comfort food, but the menu also includes about 20 Thai dishes and 10 desserts. Most of the menu items are under 200 baht. The sirloin and ribeye steaks with egg, fries, tomato and peas are 249 baht. The most expensive menu item I could see was the salmon with parsley sauce, mash and peas at 289 baht. The Chunky Monkey offers breakfast as well. I forgot to ask the hours of operation, but I imagine it's early until late. It's a spacious restaurant with several wall-mounted TVs for sports fans. My rough estimate is 70 seats indoors and at least 15 outside. The indoor section is no smoking. I ate there at about 10.15 p.m. and there were 10 other diners at that time. Bottom line: The Chunky Monkey is cheap and cheerful. The service was fast, friendly and attentive. If by choice or necessity you don't want to spend a lot to eat farang food, it would appear a good option. It's still very early days, but the location on Soi Buakhao bodes well for attracting budget-conscious customers. I have to say, though, that I don't think much of the name. And in fairness, you can add 50 to 100 baht to the Chunky Monkey's price and get a much bigger pork chop dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies at several restaurants in the LK Metro area. But if a smaller-to- normal portion is good enough for you, the Chunky Monkey offers great value for money. Evil
  12. The Highlander

    introduce yourself to the forum

    I will. I'm angling for a wee side trip to pattaya a next week to "look at golf courses" but nae sure yet lol
  13. Midnight Moon

    Eatigo Discounts in Pattaya

    Used it Bangkok quite a bit. They do the buffets 50% off and used to always hit up Radisson Blu on a Friday. Nice international buffet with free wine and beer. Penisuela and the JW Marriott on Sukhumvit 2 I can recommend as well. Both get 50 percent off as well.
  14. Evil Penevil

    Eatigo Discounts in Pattaya

    The following is an example of how Eatigo can save you money. I'm not a huge fan of Eatigo because it has limited usefulness, but under the right circumstances, it's definitely an advantage to have it. About two weeks ago, I had dinner with a farang friend and his TG at the SEA Restaurant in the Baraquda Hotel. The SEA wouldn't have been the first choice for any of us, but they were staying at the Baraquda and didn't want to go out because a heavy rainstorm had been forecast for the evening. I live close to the Baraquda and figured I could stay dry with an umbrella on the short walk. On the Eatigo app, I made a reservation for three at SEA for 8.00 p.m. We saved 920 baht by taking advantage of the Eatigo 50% disount. Our meals (starter, main and beverage) cost 1599 baht in total, but without the discount, would have cost 2,519 baht. The 60-baht "bonus" between the two prices came from the 7% VAT calculation with and without the Eatigo discount (860 baht). All the prices that follow are with the Eatigo discount, but without 10% service and 7% VAT. My friend had the Greek salad (120 baht) ... and baked "white snapper" (170 baht): His girlfriend had spring rolls (120 baht): and som tam with crab (90 baht): I had the pumpkin-and-ginger soup (really good!) for 120 baht: ... and the grilled duck breast (240 baht): All of us were happy with the food we had ordered. One thing the pics don't show is the basket of warm fresh bread and butter than preceded the starters. That's always a nice touch. We felt our meals with the discount were fairly priced for what we got. We were less happy with the beverage prices: 140 baht for a bottle of SML and the same (!) for the GF's orange juice. Beverages, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, don't fall under the Eatigo discount. If I break out my meal, I saved about 425 baht by using Eatigo. My friend saved 495 baht on the two meals for which he paid (they had less expensive mains than I did). Since there is no cost or hassle involved with Eatigo, I think it was a decent advantage to have used Eatigo under the circumstances. Evil
  15. Any good recommendations for a hotel in Rawai Phuket. Have friends heading there next week so thinking of heading down for a few night.
  16. Earlier
  17. hang around mate .
  18. Cat Crumpet

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Welcome back sir
  19. The Highlander

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Aye aye! Was a member years ago but fell by the wayside as Pattaya was no longer the draw it was! The forum was always good crack though! Was up at the Motogp and thought I would check back in as I am bored shitless in Buriram.
  20. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good!

    I'll probably get some negative responses to the following review, but "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war." I ate dinner at 7.00 p.m. a few nights ago at the Beer Garden at the Beach Road end of Walking Street. It wasn't my choice, but a friend from the U.S. wanted to eat there. I had had a bad meal at BG a few months ago and had more or less given up on the BG's food. The location and view make it a great place for a drink, but the food has become very hit-and-miss. I went there to keep him company and wasn't sure I would order a meal. He and his GF had arrived a few minutes before me and had gotten a table on the veranda in the section closet to the entrance. The music was so loud I told my friend I wouldn't sit there. He could barely understand what I said from across the table. Never before have I heard the music that deafening at Beer Garden. My friend called over one of the female managers and asked if the music could be turned down. She said it couldn't as it was controlled by computer, but offered to move us to the far end of the veranda where the volume was indeed much lower. That's a big plus on the service side for the BG. My friend ordered a garden salad for 80 baht and the fish and chips for 195 baht. He asked if he could substitute a baked potato for the chips and that was no problem. He thought it was a very good meal. I'm relating his opinion here, not mine. It was a big portion of salad for 80 baht. It came with two sorts of salad dressing and a small dish of potato salad. The vegetables that were supposed to be crispy were and the tomatoes had flavor, he said.He commented that he had had smaller plates of salad for a higher price in Pattaya that weren't as fresh as this one. He thought the fish was properly breaded and fried, still flaky on the inside. He didn't know what sort of fish it was- the menu didn't say- but said it tasted fine. It came with peas, tartar sauce and as requested, a baked potato instead of fries. His GF ordered ordered a spicy Thai salad and a bowl of soup, which I didn't bother to photograph. She said it was good, but I noticed she didn't eat all of it, She had a Singapore Sling for 200 baht along with her meal. I wasn't very hungry and ordered stir-fried vegetables with tofu and cashew nuts (120 baht) and an order of steamed rice (40 baht). Unfortunately, I can't say it was good. The tofu had a weird texture and I didn't eat much of it. The veggies were OK, but nothing special and the sauce was a bit too salty. Bottom line: My friend will continue to eat at the Beer Garden as he said he's never had a bad meal there. I probably won't, as it's been a long time since I've had a good meal at the BG. And if the music remains nightclub loud, I definitely won't even have a drink there unless I can be seated at the far end of the veranda. When we sat down about 7 p.m., there were a lot of seats available on the veranda. By eight p.m., when we chek binned, the veranda was full and the covered section roughly half-full. I noticed five groups of Asian tourists (with four to eight people in each) dining on the veranda. Neither he nor I could recall seeing as many Asians in BG before. It does seem to have expanded its customer base and remains one of the busier restaurants in central Pattaya. Evil
  21. Al McReady

    introduce yourself to the forum

    WTTB board mate.
  22. NewAmsterdam

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Hello Alexander
  23. Howdy ... Bon or Brian
  24. Parky

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    The Muslims scream racism the authorities do as they are told ... that’s it in a nutshell.. Why well thats the question? Its disgusting
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    • Yangon – Myanmar: 5 days 4 nights
      Needed to do a visa run, so used the opportunity to visit Yangon together with Mrs. CampariO and her sister in law.
      Applied for an E-visa which arrived 1 day after, the ladies can get a visa exempt at the immigration in Yangon. Booked Air Asia for 2200 Bt/person, drove by car to Don Muang.

      Day 1: Flight from BKK to Yangon, Visit Shwedagon Pagoda and park

      The terminal 2 is now open

      Between terminal 1 and 2 is a large food court with a good choice of eateries.

      Checked in online, there is a remark on top of the boarding pass to do the document check (checking the e-visa) which is done in BKK at the gate while in Yangon at the baggage drop.

      Since when do they have the flight info in Chinese?

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    • Dairy Farming in Thailand
      We have a small (54 rai) farm adjacent to Erawan shrine at the border of NBLP and Loei provinces. It is mostly orchards, e.g., Tamarinds, Kefir, Rubber, and Maoberry but last year we started dairy farming with an initial small seed herd of 25 Heifers with a business plan to build it up to 100 milkers within 5 years.

      One year into the BP we are at 30 milkers with another 8 coming of age in a few months and a total including calves of 45 with new ones arriving every month ... including the baby bull in brown and white in one of the pictures below. Any way, a few shots from this morning after some early hours helping momma deliver the new guy. Momma has some "splaining" to do ... she's one of the black & whites being chased in another photo and the little guy is brown and white like a longhorn ... maybe momma is getting some strange on the side.

      My mate Ziva ... a 5-month old Labrador.

      Some of the bovines including new mom and brown-colored stranger
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    • What Are You Doing Right Now?
      I'm sat on my balcony tpying away watch my girl wrap her head in cling film..... god knows why....
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    • Post A Picture Of Your Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner
      As it says. lets see some food pictures.
      One of my hobbies is cooking and like to see what others are eating either at home or at restaurants. it gives me ideas what to cook or what to order when out. So lets see some pictures, either home cooked by you or your ladies, or what you have eaten while out.
      I'll start with my favourite. Rack of Lamb.

      This was last May. When I collected some fresh Asparagus from a local farm and it made a nice dish with pointed cabbage, Jersey Royal potatoes and a very nice mint sauce made with balsamic vinegar. All accompanied with a nice glass of Rioja to wash it all down.
      I have a nice lamb rack sitting in the fridge ready for tomorrow night.
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