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  1. Yes I missed it and didn't even know there was a Tommy/Rob Jones fued.
  2. Not the first and won't be the last time I have been told how little I know.
  3. Wasn't Plaka also past admin. However I would never expect Phil to be involved with this type of bad behaviour.
  4. Together 16 years for us too and 15 years of wedded bliss this coming Saturday.
  5. When we first got married I was working and living in Manchester UK. Gave the missus the option of what she wanted to do. She wanted to move to the UK. She absolutely loved living in the UK and never wanted to leave when I was offered a position in my old company in Australia. Took her far longer to adjust to living in Australia than it did for the UK. She always tells anyone that will listen that she would move back to the UK to live at the drop of a hat.
  6. Sorry but you may have joined the wrong forum. Those of us married to girls from Isaan have been totally rinsed and don't have a pot to piss in. All our finances are spent on the next case of Leo.
  7. I do all my top ups online with my Kasikorn account. I also have an online account with DTAC. Before each trip I have a look at what the best data/internet package is for the time I am there. I then top up the phone with the required credit and then log into my DTAC account and activate the package. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've had the same DTAC number for 15 years and never had any issues.
  9. No I still get an error message when trying to login with Tapatalk on my iPhone.
  10. Thanks for doing the upgrade. Unable to login from Tapatalk since it has been done.
  11. https://www.seat61.com/Thailand.htm#On_board_Thai_trains Restaurant cars... See sample menu All the most important trains have a restaurant car, including trains 9, 10, 13, 14 Bangkok-Chiang Mai, trains 35 & 36 Bangkok-Hat Yai, trains 84 & 85 Bangkok-Surat Thani, trains 69 & 70 Bangkok-Nong Khai. Some restaurant cars are air-conditioned like the one shown below, some are non-air-con. The food is remarkably cheap and good, a set meal costs around 150-200 baht (£3-£4 or $5-$6) and you choose from a leaflet with pictures & English captions. Beer is unfortunately no longer available as from July 2014. Travel tip: In a 1st class sleeper, an attendant may take your order and serve it in your compartment. If this suits you that's great, but it's more fun & more social to go to the restaurant car, where you'll get a wider choice - just be warned that as the attendants get commission, they have been known to deny that there's a restaurant car on the train when there certainly is and you're free to go there if you want! Click here for sample menu & food photos. Food & drink vendors: On almost all Thai trains, even 3rd class ones, you'll find vendors selling fruit & soft drinks. Obviously, you can bring your own food and drink if you like, bought at the station or nearby supermarket. One traveller reports "We particularly enjoyed the restaurant car, the food was better than expected and they switched on the disco lights and 70's bogie music after the sun went down!" Alcohol: Sipping a beer on a Thai train has always been one of the pleasures of train travel, but sale and consumption of alcohol has been banned from July 2014 as a knee-jerk reaction to a specific incident. Restaurant cars therefore no longer sell beer.
  12. Done it a few times as I like train travel. Been to Udon Thani and down south to Surat. You can either do first class (own cabin) or second class which has bunks down both sides of the carriage. I prefer second class. Anyway I like travelling by train and from memory it is about 1,000 baht per trip.
  13. Do they still do food there? We stayed there in April and I didn't see the restaurant open but maybe they gave the staff time off over Songkran.
  14. And when I was there in April the planned opening was hoped to be 1st May 2017. Did not happen.
  15. Back in 2002 I flew EVA and asked the travel agent to try and book the exit row for me. They told me I needed to be 6'4" to pre-book these seats so that is how tall I said I was and got an exit seat. Don't know about now.
  16. Same here. No problems having a few beers before the flight but suffer if I drink on the plane. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  17. The ferry hasn't been delivered yet and they are planning a start up date 12th January 2017. In that case I hope all the Thai staff have been in China learning how to operate the boat in a safe manner. There will not be enough time for this to happen once it arrives in Thailaand. Sorry but for me there have been too many boating tragedies in SE Asia for me to feel comfortable using this service for awhile yet.
  18. Shit didn't realise there were that many choices. I just normally buy a standard SD card. Cheers Wayne.
  19. Sandisk have been reliable over the years. I always go for the highest memory capacity avavailable. https://www.sandisk.com/home/memory-cards
  20. If Thailand does become my retirement home then I would probably go for this type of visa.
  21. He has been a top player for a long time now so good to see him gain the number 1 ranking.
  22. Even Jamesons are struggling to get turkeys going by the note on their Xams menu.
  23. Same here. I buy a Turducken and a leg of pork each Xmas. Cook them on Xmas morning and then take them over to either Mum's or my brother's house. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I wouldn't be spending 5000 baht if it only takes around 2 hours. However each to their own and some people would look at 5000 baht as an easy option to have someone do all the leg work. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I will get a non-immigrant O visa on my next trip and then go through the process of renewing my licences. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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