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Everything posted by davethailand

  1. welcome 👍 Make sure Matty knows who you are in person or there'll be trouble. 😆
  2. Whereabouts do you live? Where I am we've had probably two weeks of heavyish snow over the last 2 years.
  3. I use my phone a lot for work, sat nav, work online portals, even for the radio in areas that the van won't pick up what I want etc so it has to be relatively quick and I use a lot of data every month. £41 a month which I'm very happy with.
  4. I had it on the drip lol I couldn't afford to buy outright. 😀 I did sell it and clear off the finance and walk away owing nothing though
  5. I always stay pretty up to date with phones etc but they are normally on contract so I'm not really treating myself. When I lost my parents I treated myself to a new car, kept it for a year then got shot of it, Now I'm a bit more sensible. But if I'm to be honest if I had the money spare I'd probably buy more shit as well as spend a bit on the house. As Parky said bikes are toys and even the wife has given in to the fact that if we move to Thailand i will be getting another big bike.
  6. Not really a fan, only really go when the wife and I are having lunch or a coffee, don't like the beach. There is a very good seafood place by Rhompo Market though.
  7. 50bht for Heineken? Where? (Sorry Parky, just saw your post above)
  8. Yeah Bruno's which has closed I believe (not my fave), Gians, Indian By Nature. The bet IMO is Cafe Des Amis.
  9. Ok I don't live there anymore but there were some superb "higher end" restaurants in Pattaya which compared to here were very good value.
  10. I actually think the dentist here is cheaper. £250 odd max for all work, normal check up only 20 something. I can't think of anything else to be honest.
  11. A night out in Walking st and Soi Bukhao.
  12. Fishing on Sukhumvit or rent a boat and go to Koh Larn and/or a bit of sea fishing. Bike rides, shooting, Tiger zoo, golf etc. loads to do.
  13. As Mulphy stated "you have the required money in the bank" OK I don't live there anymore but I don't think its as easy as before where the funds are sorted out for you, this time you physically have to have the money sitting in an account for 6 months I believe. Agents and similar are used so you don't have to stand about waiting and queuing etc. Pretty sure the officials would rather deal with a Thai agent also rather than a farang trying to talk to them . I used to get all my visa stuff etc done for me, I never went to any offices unless I really had to.
  14. Not gonna lie but I'm very lucky that my parents left me some property, fook knows what the wife and I would be doing back here if they hadn't. It would be a very small flat. Pension wise theres not a lot, whether I'll make the state pension who knows. 😀
  15. Best thing for me believe it or not was getting away from Thailand, worse thing of course losing my Parents and one of my best mates. The rest of it also up and down, I think I'm in a better place though. Great marriage, ok job, somewhere to live. Pretty sure if things hadn't of changed the way they did I'd either be dead or single or both lol (single before dead).
  16. Whats that? Dinner, get pissed and then have an argument with family? 😃 (maybe that was just my family lol)
  17. If you respect him then do as he asks and stop bringing his name up all of the time. There is no "gang" and nobody is picking on you. You post and rant then disappear or a few days then come back on here digging up posts from the previous week and then comment trying to get a reaction then moan when people reply back. Just post normally, pack in the arselickers nonsense and things will run normally.
  18. Not a fan of being called that mate so leave it out. ok You do often quote yourself in your posts though don't you? As for you. Stop acting like a child.
  19. If you have respect for him then stop mentioning him then, he's asked you to remember?- matt ive chosen to give you a public warning rather than a series of private warning which would have seen you banned . you cannot thread fuck all over the forum in your dispute with parky ,its simply not acceptable and it is not going to be allowed . this is a non moderated forum, there are no mods ,only me and im not interested in having to waste my time cleaning up anybodies mess . ive been nothing but kind to you yet you continiously bring my name in to your arguments . stop it . next time it will be official warnings .
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