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  1. I've had 1-2-Call (AIS) for ten years. Finally bought a Samsung J3(2016) smart phone and AIS changed out my old sim for a new small sim that fits into the smart phone and has all the old contacts transferred for me. Use Bangkok online to top up 150 baht at a time. Also use the 30 baht option if I want to extend my time a month at a time.
  2. I seen some largish ruskie women with two piece suits; the bottom portion would fit a bit loosely but I'm thinking they are a possibility.
  3. Probably started as not wanting people wearing street clothes into the pool and including cut-off jeans. How it morphed into not even wearing 'beach wear' is beyond me. I walk up and down the soi's in Jomtien or Pattaya to include the markets and I've never seen the euro speedo on a rack to be sold, only the type I currently have. Of course, the jurista clan don't go in the pool so they aren't gonna be caught dead in speedo's . I'll by some, let my junk hang out, I just don't know wear to buy a pair,set,suit, etc... Perhaps get special made at a tailor shop.
  4. These are my 2 pair of swim trunks. Not allowed in pool anymore here at Atlantis Condo in Jomtien. Need to wear European speedo type swimsuit. You know the kind, just a cloth sack for you dick and balls. The Condo Rules says to fine people without an approved swim suit; mine are not approved. So, where in Pattaya do I get the speedo type swim suit? Oh, there is a fine of 2000 baht for the ones I currently have. I'll look more than 2000 baht stupid in speedos but I don't want to pay that fine.
  5. How did dentist on Soi Welcome turn out for you?
  6. First nice day predicted by the weather wizards and I'm paying the freight, that is gonna be my wild and adventuouse thing to do for the year 2017. I'll take pictures and post on Pattaya_Live. Which color life vest should I wear for quick spotting; Orange or Lime Yellow. I was thinking of pasting a few 500 baht notes on it as a safety measure.
  7. I'm thinking Alibaba owns Lazada; so a lot of items are sourced in China.
  8. Thanks Evil P, I am near both at times and will now know I can stop in to eat.
  9. The other Mae Sri Ruen are where in town? Close to baht bus routes?
  10. FYI: UPS on bottom floor of Harbour Mall on Klang. I ate at the Shabushi there and walked a few floors, saw it on the bottom (Ground? First?) floor.
  11. Because he doesn't want to offend his God, it is part of his culture. Roofs may keep your God from seeing your head but not his. Of all the things that can bother a person I think this is one of the least.
  12. The streaky bacon was cooked correctly, well done.
  13. I'll look tomorrow just in case. I can say for sure there is not one on Sukhumvit between Soi 38 & 40, folks in the lawyers office there said it had closed some time ago, danger of info from the net it has not been kept up to date.
  14. DHL wanted 1900 baht; even though Amazon said they repay me the shipping cost I just don't have the trust needed with Amazon for 1900 baht, I can almost buy a brand new Kindle for that amount. So I tried to find UPS in Pattaya; no such luck, that address is now a lawyers office and they had no idea where UPS may have moved. The next option was FEDEX, they would not touch the Kindle because it has a lithium ion battery, lithium battery, whatever: that was a lost cause. Did get a real nice response from clerk when I asked if the Thai Post could send it: "I only know FEDEX rules"; made me smile. So, there it is, life in a less than first world country. Living the dream without reading an ebook.
  15. .I should learn to read more carefully; the Amazon instruction say 'give this printout to the company you have chosen ..." Heck, looks like I have the choice of UPS, HDL, or FEDEX. I will make my way back to Thip Plaza on 2nd rd after getting the print from a Computer shop/cafe on Soi Buakhoa up near the K-bank not far from the Another Beer Bar. Ask if they know what I am doing, will they pack my paperwhite; if not then I can tell them I go to pack and really go try my luck at the FEDEX up in Naklua. Gonna be an interesting day.
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