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  • *** mulphys birthday on october 31st , little party at the rockhouse *** caution , this forum contains opinions , humour , sarcasm and irony , procede at your peril *** mulphys birthday on october 31st , little party at the rockhouse *** caution , this forum contains opinions , humour , sarcasm and irony , procede at your peril ***

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  1. well get in among it and see if you do settle .
  2. mulphy

    Eatigo Discounts in Pattaya

    good info evil .
  3. mulphy

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    absolutely astounding . what the fuck is going on in the uk .
  4. wait and see . just joined . next post will decide .
  5. mulphy

    Tommy Robinson --- GOD!!

    i admire tommys stance . thats all i can say . the uk needs a million tommys .
  6. mulphy

    A Little Impartial Input

    our pm function has a large number of pms asking members here to join the other forum . i ll hasten to add non of them sent by lanzalad from his account .
  7. mulphy

    A Little Impartial Input

    im not the one seeking conflict steve . im willing to face the conflict though , as always . as ive said lanzalad could stop this in seconds if he wanted to . all he has to do is do the right thing and the right thing is to tell his co admin that its out of order fucking me about for no reason . reinstate me and then judge me on my posts there if any . anything else is just fuelling the fire . you are among friends here steve , you should never have left in the first place in my opinion . but it is what it is . keep your blog coming .
  8. mulphy

    A Little Impartial Input

    mate youve been away too long and youve missed a lot of what has gone on . it would take too long for me to explain it all to you but the clues and snippets are out there . its not all roses and love hearts on these forums mate , some of us are not friends , some of us have suffered at the hands of others and therefor bad blood exists . im for curing it , its always good for bad blood to be bled , hence why i often say to anyone with a problem with me dont bad mouth me on a forum or facebook group , come and insult me , lie about me , slander me , and make threats to me direct to me . im not difficult to find . on the other hand if any person has not done these things to me i ll greet them with a warm smile , a big hug and a firm handshake and you can be sure a beer will be in front of you in no time . thats how id much rather it was with everyone mate , but it cant be like that because we are dealing with people and people can be pricks . i know you understand about people being pricks because i see you writing about pricks trying to fuck you over on your truck repairs and haulage companies were pricks fuck with your load and black pricks in certain parts of america and of course a subject close to your heart muslim pricks . despite being knifed in the back after i settled down , i went out of my way to keep the friendship between lanzalad and myself but as lanzalad has placed at least 2 people who dislike me in positions of authority on his new forum , i am being fucked around when i try to post on that forum , despite that being the last thing that would maintain the friendship im trying to keep . lanzalad could cure it in seconds . but lets leave that behind on your blog and answer your questions re the forum , the members , post counts etc . answer is all pattaya forums are well down on how popular they were several years ago mate , facebook diluted the interest , too many forums diluted the members and content and the fact many ex posters are dead , moved away or no longer visit pattaya dilutes it even more . believe it or not pattaya-live is actually probably busier this last 6 months than its been in years . the fact the membership dug in to pay for its costs proves some people enjoy it here , dont want it to end and proves some people have a loyalty . you missed it but only 2 months ago a board member found themselves in a very serious problem and ended up in jail here and could have faced years in that jail had the members here not very quickly put a hat round and paid away his problem and had him repatriated to the uk . that showed community spirit , caring and empathy . thats what forums are all about . apart from the few who want to upset and cause trouble in the community , friendship is what its all about mate . blogs are few and far between on pattaya forums and your is outstanding on any forum , you write it well and its interesting stuff , but you can only get access on this forum to those that read it . thats just the way it is . yes id love to see more members make more posts just like you , but i cant make them . despite all of that , this forum is alive and well and your blog is another string to its bow . take that as a compliment .
  9. mulphy

    10/01/18 The Main Course

    we all have our own limits to alcohol mate .
  10. mulphy

    OK- here goes

    certainly sir .
  11. mulphy

    How Long Did You Serve???

    im all for supporting our armed forces and im all for people being patriotic if thats how they feel but i get annoyed at those who put down those who havent served . not wanting to put anyone down by saying what im about to say but most young people joining the armed forces in the uk are unemployable and wouldnt have the education , dedication and self discipline required to succeed in civillian life . the army is good for them as its a regime .
  12. mulphy

    Sugar Baby club

    i dont use them but if memory serves me right didnt mr egg used to manage sugar baby . i know windmill was forced to close last year after falling foul of the law but is no open . annabelles i dont know much about other than its windmills sister club .
  13. mulphy

    10/01/18 The Main Course

    hi mate , you are now in the advanced section of the forum and can now edit . the donation button will be restored very shortly if not already .