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  1. thinkingallowed

    Mc Claren at QPR

    Don’t rate him but he did have a little success at FC Enchede in Holland and Middlesbrough. West Brom fans have being mocked by opposition fans this season due to their new club mascot a boiler. At the weekend they enjoyed goading QPR fans about their team being so shit their boiler would get a game. “Our f**king boiler, he’d get in your team”
  2. thinkingallowed

    Is this forum worth a go ?

    Had more than a few beers in the Lord Nelson in Ludd Foot.
  3. thinkingallowed

    Is this forum worth a go ?

    Welcome to the board mate. If you are slightly to the left of Adolf Hitler I'd keep away from political debates in here mate.
  4. thinkingallowed

    Is this forum worth a go ?

    Really? Spent a lot of time there. Once had a job in Mytholmroyd. Lived in a underdwelling on the way up to Heptonstall from Hebden. Built a canal boat while living in the most beautiful back to back in Charlestown, halfway to Todmorden and then was moored in Sowerby Bridge for a couple of years.
  5. thinkingallowed

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Welcome to the board.
  6. thinkingallowed

    Your Expectations For Your Team

    I'd take another exciting run to the final of the Champions League over winning a league cup. Can they catch City to win the league? I live in hope but 25 points is a big gap.
  7. thinkingallowed

    Your Expectations For Your Team

    Sorry mate, Liverpool.
  8. thinkingallowed

    Your Expectations For Your Team

    Finish higher than fourth in the league and a good run in the Champions League. Second team to have a good run at FA and League cups.
  9. thinkingallowed

    Looking for a girlfriend - Jomtien

    Thanks for your honesty but although we have a few posters who are dicks I'm not sure that they are what you are looking for.
  10. thinkingallowed

    Gulf Air

    When I mentioned some time back that I'd booked a flight from London Heathrow to Bangkok with Gulf Air there was a chap or two interested. They do some very cheap business class deals at times, I paid just over £1000, so I'm not expecting Qatar or Emirates standard but got to be OK for the money. I booked through an agent, can't remember which one but I'll have found the fare searching Kayak.co.UK and Skyscanner. This brought up a small problem for me as I couldn't select seats and I'm a window licker. When I want to select seats I usually use seatguru to get a bit of info but for some reason they don't show the correct seat plan for the Gulf Air flights I've booked but expertflyer.com do. A quick call to Gulf's London number and I've got a window seat on all sections. They were having terrible punctuality problems with GF152, the flight from Bahrain to Bangkok, but a slight change in the schedule seems to have cured this as it has been on time since. GF2 LHR-BAH isn't the most punctual flight but there's four hours ish in Bahrain so that shouldn't be a problem. So today was online check-in day. I tried this on a mobile using the link supplied by Gulf in the email saying online check-in was open. Basically a pretty painless experience but when you get to the end it all goes wrong. Firstly there's no option for a mobile boarding pass only print now or receive in an email. OK, I'll have the email but when you click that a pop up box appears that isn't quite on your screen so I'm stabbing at the edge of it and finally manage to hit something as the keyboard pops up. I guess I'm putting my email address in here and auto fill does that for me but I don't seem to get any further. Ah, me thinks, auto fill some times has an annoying habit of putting a space after it so more blind stabbing and delete the space and yes I can press send. Immediately the email arrives but the boarding pass is just the type you can print out and useless for a mobile. Tomorrow we'll see what the check-in experience is like for Falcon Gold passengers, especially those who's carry on bags are overweight and pushing it on size 'cos they've overdone it on the Cadbury's creme eggs. Plus a look at the lounge where a very smelly Thinkingallowed, going straight from work, will be trying out the showers and having a few sherbets.
  11. thinkingallowed

    Gulf Air

    When I read the above I'm thinking it's usually a bit more expensive flying from Bangkok though. But I did a little search and as I know it's cheap from the UK in September checked around then and came up with this... Even cheaper! They have tickets over Christmas at low prices too. I did this search for a mate...
  12. thinkingallowed

    Gulf Air

    Yup, and with the new 787-9s to and from Heathrow even better. Been reading reviews of the new Apex suite seats and they are rated the second best available after Qatar's new Qsuites. Japan, Korean and Oman have already installed some on new aircraft. On board service is top class. Lounges at Heathrow and Bahrain really good. The only downside is crappy lounge in BKK and seats to and from Bangkok. Even then the seats aren't that bad. They are wide and comfortable, just don't become completely 180 degree lie flat. I think they are 170 degree.
  13. thinkingallowed

    Gulf Air

    Yes mate.
  14. thinkingallowed

    Gulf Air

    Have booked with Gulf for September for £1071.
  15. thinkingallowed

    Gulf Air

    I've read that Gulf have ordered quite a few 787s and a couple of the first ones are to be used on the Heathrow Bahrain route, in fact they should have started using them. I'm due a trip in September and there are tickets available for £1071 so I might just give it ago. One problem with Gulf is not all days give good connections when travelling to and from Bangkok. Luckily for me heading for Bangkok on a Thursday and back on a Sunday give good timings but I am going to do a bit more research. Thursdays also have two flights with connections to Thailand 10 am and 10 pm ish. The evening flight has a shorter stop in Bahrain but the morning one suits me better.
  16. thinkingallowed

    World cup highlights

    If you have been a bit busy and worry that you may have missed some of the highlights of the FIFA world cup don't worry I've got them all here for you...
  17. thinkingallowed


    I think the beauty of football is that all you need is a playing surface, two teams, couple of goals and a ball. I'm not for any technology being used during the game so it can be played under the same conditions from the lowest level to the highest. Using technology to stamp out diving, cheating and other stuff missed by the ref no problem afterwards no problem but the game should be allowed to flow.
  18. thinkingallowed

    Do you like a good curry?

    It is possible to make a Madras or any other restaurant curry without the base sauce it's just lots quicker with. Re Indian restaurants not being Indian, I was once invite out to eat in Bradford by an Indian lad and I'm all excited as I think he'll have inside knowledge on the best place to go. When we got there I asked how and why he chose the venue. His reply was easy it's the only bloody Indian restaurant in Bradford all the rest were bloody Pakis.
  19. thinkingallowed

    Emirates considers hand baggage only fares

    While doing a bit of searching I thought that I'd noticed BA hand baggage only long haul tickets... Just checked again and you can see from above it appears so. Strangely every time I've gone further and chosen the return flight you don't get this option. Can't seem to get a hand baggage only fare when beginning the trip from BKK. No mention of Bangkok but this press release is about these new fares. http://mediacentre.britishairways.com/pressrelease/details/86/News-1/9316
  20. thinkingallowed

    Name 50 clubs

    https://www.reflectdigital.co.UK/find-50/football-quiz-play Some are a bit crypt, took me two sessions at work to do it.
  21. thinkingallowed

    World Cup Dark Horses

    Is it a country or a political union between two countries, a principality and a province?
  22. thinkingallowed

    introduce yourself to the forum

    Welcome to the board. You're not Mike either then?
  23. thinkingallowed

    Fury come back fight.

    Reading this thread reminded me of a short Bartley Gorman (King of the Gypsies) video I'd watched and him saying he represented several gypsy families including the Fury one. A small amount of research later I find that Fury is indeed related to Bartley. From what I remember Bartley Gorman left a much better impression on me after reading his book than Fury could ever do.
  24. thinkingallowed

    Which pundits do you like?

    Not forgetting the four Burgess brothers who all played in a top flight rugby league game.
  25. thinkingallowed

    Who is the world's biggest club?

    Get real, lol.