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  2. But you know the drivers are dosed up on Yabba Welcome back
  3. Always book two seats on the Sexpest bus to Pattaya. Just joking mate, welcome, look around and have fun. Lots of folks here will want to help you with your questions. Looking forward to your posts. Make a few in the Prospects Section and you'll quickly advance to a higher level where there is much more content.
  4. For sure mate , I made a thread about the meet when you make a few posts I guess you will see it , keep well mate
  5. only me and you know that.made my lip curl.was a pleasure mate.longer next time
  6. That’s it mate welcome back mate was great catching up with you … I will now fook off on a bath bus
  7. carrying a blower.if members and admin dont want me here,then just say.thanks matt
  8. She isn’t Roiet68 is she? It would explain a lot.
  9. My schedule is just chock block full preparing for @vpi78 Christmas Extravaganza on the 16th, so I have no time. But let me send in a colleague to this thread to handle things.....from Taiwan, Nurse Carina. The real deal.....
  10. got to be a pair of levis and some wood panels .
  11. Can anyone join in? Was it his toolbox ...???
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    • Farming in Thailand
      We have a small (54 rai) farm adjacent to Erawan shrine at the border of NBLP and Loei provinces. It is mostly orchards, e.g., Tamarinds, Kefir, Rubber, and Maoberry but last year we started dairy farming with an initial small seed herd of 25 Heifers with a business plan to build it up to 100 milkers within 5 years.

      One year into the BP we are at 30 milkers with another 8 coming of age in a few months and a total including calves of 45 with new ones arriving every month ... including the baby bull in brown and white in one of the pictures below. Any way, a few shots from this morning after some early hours helping momma deliver the new guy. Momma has some "splaining" to do ... she's one of the black & whites being chased in another photo and the little guy is brown and white like a longhorn ... maybe momma is getting some strange on the side.

      My mate Ziva ... a 5-month old Labrador.

      Some of the bovines including new mom and brown-colored stranger
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    • What Are You Doing Right Now?
      I'm sat on my balcony tpying away watch my girl wrap her head in cling film..... god knows why....
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    • Post A Picture Of Your Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner
      As it says. lets see some food pictures.
      One of my hobbies is cooking and like to see what others are eating either at home or at restaurants. it gives me ideas what to cook or what to order when out. So lets see some pictures, either home cooked by you or your ladies, or what you have eaten while out.
      I'll start with my favourite. Rack of Lamb.

      This was last May. When I collected some fresh Asparagus from a local farm and it made a nice dish with pointed cabbage, Jersey Royal potatoes and a very nice mint sauce made with balsamic vinegar. All accompanied with a nice glass of Rioja to wash it all down.
      I have a nice lamb rack sitting in the fridge ready for tomorrow night.
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