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  1. Yesterday
  2. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    Swiss Grande is less than 100 meters from Sukhumvit and a 2 minute walk to Nana BTS mate. I'll be there in a few weeks so looking forward to that tour.
  3. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    Comparing Soi 11 to Soi 41 is like comparing the white ghetto to one of nicest hoods in Asia. Also you can get to Cowboy from 41 faster than Soi 11, and if you are deep on Soi 11 you could get to Nana faster as well.... Mike I need to give you a new tour next time you are here.....
  4. Last week
  5. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    That is a great location if priority is not being within walking distance of the neon tan bars of Nana, Cowboy, or Patpong. Tons of great non p4p places in the /Phrom Phong/Thonglor/Ekamai area which this is at.....also just a few minute walk to Phrom Phong BTS so you are right there art EMPORIUM and EMQUARTIER shopping zones and Phrom Phong BTS....1 stop to cowboy, 2 stops to nana, 5 stops a transfer and 2 stops to Patpong.....Patpong being the furthest away and less than 15 minutes by sky train. 10 minute walk to Soi 33, which is pretty much dead now. That said and done, the old legendary CHECK INN 99 that closed 2 years ago is now back open on Soi 33. Same filipino band that was at the old CheckIn 99 forever, same staff.....whilst I had heard of the CHECKIN99 since day I moved here 13 plus years ago, I had never been. But now its location on 33 is close to me, I like to walk, so often when walking home I go by, stop in for a night cap.....it isn't for the millineal crowd that is for sure,...almost like walking into a time warp and it is 1989 again......a great alternative spot for us gray beards to go.....I fully get now why they had been in business for over 50 years and why it was a big deal 2 or 3 years ago when they became victims of property developers.....from what the old hands tell me, the new 33 location is much better set up than the old location....if you are walking down 33 from Sukhumvit it is about 100 meters down on left hand side...can't miss it, it is also the first bar on left hand side of soi coming from Suk. Hey, great little secret that has been around for years, but just discovered....on corner of Suk and 41 there is a Topps Market....walk down 41 and there is an Alley off the right, behind Tops.....gop down that alley, about 4 doors on the left there is a Chinese Dumpling restaurant.....(they have more than dumplings).....it is awesome,....one of best family run CHinese Dumpling houses I have ever been in anywhere in Asia...a group of 4 or 5 of us do it for lunch once a week, just order mountains of food and than always try to guess how much the bill will be.....very rare you can run the bill past a 1000 baht for 4 big boys eating like pigs....supa fresh food.
  6. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Its very difficult to make continued profits from tip sheets although you'll always get the odd pearler. By the times its hit the press the day traders know its coming already, entering the tip sheet ups the price naturally and the pump and dump merchants unload at what they considers is tops.....this is why you see people saying its been tipped say Sunday but tuesday close its down. I can only offer advice on oilers albeit I do have a lot of blue chip stocks in portfolio but they very much take care of themselves. If you take say 5 stocks (you could include the 3 above) and watch over time say 6 months you'll start to see the day today movements and begin to realise why they are moving.....with the advent of social media ramping and deramping of shares is rife to move the price. You start to see patterns after a while in price movement. Slightest bit of bad news and the private investors dive for the exit whilst the clever money is buying on the way down ready for the bounce
  7. The Way Forward in O&G?

    I have followed a few share tips in Sunday times, most dropped in value ...Unless you have a knowledge of the company or market its a punt , I am not averse to having a little nibble .. but nothing that would hurt me if it went pop.
  8. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Company legal reports, balance etc yes.. But websites like Seeking Alpha, and similar where members write articles and comments are not easy to find. Had a.french friend working for Bloomberg here and he rather agreed that for non-pro information is more difficult to find. Had a good laugh.with another guy, trader at a major french bank when he told me (only half joking) "Be carefull JM, you have no idea how much money we spend to fxck you small investors" And most rating agencies are to be taken with a pinch of salt as well.
  9. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Will just update the closing prices friday last for those 3 shares seeing there is interest 88 Energy bid was 1.25p Angus bid was 15.25p Empyrean bid was 16.50p
  10. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Come on Spicey.......HK is the #2 Financial Capital in the world next to NYC...sorry SGP, LONDON, it is true. Not talking market cap of an idex but a center of universe kind of place where the deals happen.....EVERYTHING ABOUT THE HK exchange IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH.. http://www.hkexnews.hk
  11. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Good idea. Personally I trade.on the NYSE through HSBC HK. Mainly because I have my account there, no tax, and my portfolio balance.is considered in my global balance. Did a bit on HKSE, but the.problem is the lack of information, websites, news on HK stocks in English. But may give it another try, as the 12 h time difference with NY is a pain,.and difficult to do some instant trades. Except staying up. French market,.forget, too high capital gains taxation. Plus I prefer to stay the poor pensioner I am.in the eyes of the tax authorities.
  12. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Please do....I always like following 4 casters versus back lookers. Yeah I wish I bought bit coin at .001 who doesn't. Would be interesting to watch your picks.....actually might not be a bad idea for a couple of threads.....everyone makes 3 picks on any stocks they like traded on one of the major exchanges, and see 6 months later who is doing better as a forecaster.
  13. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Thanks I will have a look
  14. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Parky If you are interested these are 3 that I have bought into very recently. Imperative because they are speculative dont go OTT if you have a nibble http://www.empyreanenergy.com/ Came off highs last two months at around 32p now sat at around 16.5p.....due a rerate upwards again http://www.angusenergy.co.UK/ Another one thats dropped recently on delays to its production well.....again around 16/17p almost certainly will be back to around 23/24p possibly by weeks end Finally http://88energy.com/ This one is the potential "multi bagger".....sat at just 1.25p (but has been lower).......suffered a set back with its Alasken well and will likely be treading water for a while. Big potential for huge gains with this one but also complete potential for total wipe out lol Out of interest I currently have £2500 in each of those three shares so not crazy money. Just keep an eye on them if theres interest in the thread will update it once a week or whenever....All shares are on UK "aim" market available from any online broker. I use LSE but they all do a similar job
  15. The Way Forward in O&G?

    ok bear with me will put up 2-3 later today. Goes without saying oilers are quite capable of spectacular gains but also losses on the same scale.
  16. The Way Forward in O&G?

    I am aways interested in learning how to nick a pound note, a member who used to post here Campario bought some oil at quite a low price rather than oil shares , I was given one called AFREN 18 months ago a lad had the family silver in it , he said it can't go wrong ,,,, I had a tiny nibble went pop a few weeks later , poor sod lost his life savings... He bought in trebled his money never sold , then it plummeted so he bought more , I bought at 13p I think it went to 14p then went bang lol... Only a few bob ..
  17. lol ok thats in addition to the usual delight of pattaya should have added
  18. introduce yourself to the forum

    Sorry but you may have joined the wrong forum. Those of us married to girls from Isaan have been totally rinsed and don't have a pot to piss in. All our finances are spent on the next case of Leo.
  19. Any finance related articles threads etc. I did subsequently pick up on one reference oil and BP
  20. Interesting thread Sludgeguts
  21. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    I’ll tell him, looks like they are owned by the same company.
  22. what would interest you ?
  23. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    December 12th I shall be enjoying happy hour at the Kiwi on soi 8.
  24. The Way Forward in O&G?

    Plenty of decent oiler shares out there with slightly depressed SP's for those interested in investing. Quite happy to put a few up but only if someone wants to have a look obviously. Not going to ram it down anyones throats
  25. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    When you going to be in BKK? I'll try to sneak you into the Hilton Happy Hour so you can get a glimpse of how it's supposed to be
  26. Adelphi grande sukhumvit

    Agreed but you know how tight some are here
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    • Needed to do a visa run, so used the opportunity to visit Yangon together with Mrs. CampariO and her sister in law.
      Applied for an E-visa which arrived 1 day after, the ladies can get a visa exempt at the immigration in Yangon. Booked Air Asia for 2200 Bt/person, drove by car to Don Muang.

      Day 1: Flight from BKK to Yangon, Visit Shwedagon Pagoda and park

      The terminal 2 is now open

      Between terminal 1 and 2 is a large food court with a good choice of eateries.

      Checked in online, there is a remark on top of the boarding pass to do the document check (checking the e-visa) which is done in BKK at the gate while in Yangon at the baggage drop.

      Since when do they have the flight info in Chinese?

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    • We have a small (54 rai) farm adjacent to Erawan shrine at the border of NBLP and Loei provinces. It is mostly orchards, e.g., Tamarinds, Kefir, Rubber, and Maoberry but last year we started dairy farming with an initial small seed herd of 25 Heifers with a business plan to build it up to 100 milkers within 5 years.

      One year into the BP we are at 30 milkers with another 8 coming of age in a few months and a total including calves of 45 with new ones arriving every month ... including the baby bull in brown and white in one of the pictures below. Any way, a few shots from this morning after some early hours helping momma deliver the new guy. Momma has some "splaining" to do ... she's one of the black & whites being chased in another photo and the little guy is brown and white like a longhorn ... maybe momma is getting some strange on the side.

      My mate Ziva ... a 5-month old Labrador.

      Some of the bovines including new mom and brown-colored stranger
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    • I'm sat on my balcony tpying away watch my girl wrap her head in cling film..... god knows why....
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